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Jackson Family Feared Morphine OD

6/26/2009 10:09 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson Morphine ODMembers of Michael Jackson's family told us the singer was given a "heavy dose of morphine" prior to his death, and family members were alarmed.

We're told Joe Jackson recently wanted to put Michael in a rehab facility in Palmdale, California for what he considered an "addiction" to morphine and prescription drugs.

Family members say they felt he was unable to perform for his upcoming concerts because of his drug use.

Members of the upcoming tour tell TMZ Jackson was generally lethargic and very late for rehearsals.

There are reports Jackson OD'd yesterday on Demerol, a drug similar to morphine.

Interestingly, Jackson wrote a song called "Morphine" in 1997. One of the lyrics -- "Demerol. Demerol. Oh God he's taking Demerol."


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nikki c    

I feel so bad for the family. I am not sure if he was on painkillers or not. If you have family members with drug problems please drag them to the nearest rehad facility even if their kicking and screaming. I hope this isn't the case but if it is i pray that the guilt doesn't destroy them. I hope they see things clearly now and get back on the right track as a family.

1945 days ago


Michael Jackson's Prescription Drug Addiction And Weak Heart

Last Year Biographer Warned He Was Very Sick, But Reps Denied It

1945 days ago

Mª Victoria Velásquez    

A truly talented artist, a true idol, a true music god, a true legend is gone... I'm in shock... The man that changed my life and made it better with every lyric has died...

Thank you, Michael, for everything.

1945 days ago


Oh well, do we mourn every other child molester in the world? Nope, so why this one? Because he couldn't decide what race he wanted to be, or because he was talented but had psychological issues? So we should overlook the bad because he could sing and dance? No sorry I don't think so.

1945 days ago


I don't mean to fault the family or the family lawyer, BUT if everyone seemed to know that Michael was drugged to the gills on a daily basis as they allege, why wasn't there a family intervention?! There were children involved here, and how can a man (yes, he was a man) be considered a good, responsible father if he was doped to the gills every day?

Yes, Michael Jackson was a man responsible for himself. However, with family members and the family lawyer coming forward NOW expressing concern over his drug use, there is a problem with that. Action should have been taken to get this man back in treatment BEFORE he died!

Yes, I feel sorry for the family, but the family should have gotten together and intervened, if not for the sake of Michael, for the sake of the 3 children who depended on him!! Tough love does not mean turning a blind eye!! I don't want to hear anymore allegations from the family or the family lawyer ... you're as guilty as the doctor!

1945 days ago


michael will be missed greatly by the world. he was an amazing an phonanmanol singer an entertainer. alot of sadness in his life but he made it through until now. an what happened we will find out soon. R.I.P. michael

1945 days ago


I love michael
I am very very sad but he is in the promise land hosting a show
for our father God
I love u michael
r.i.p king of pop

1944 days ago

melvin polatnick    

Rich and powerful people do not need to use prescription drugs to get high. They use the best which is Cocaine and Opium. Rarely is there an overdose and most live to a ripe old age. It is true that the poor abuse prescribed medications but reports of an overdose of prescription drugs among the rich does not make sense. Suicide or murder in the Marylin Monroe case was the cause, but not prescription drug abuse.

1942 days ago

Jenny Gadsden    

Michael Jackson was a great Entertainer very talented.I think we should remember the things we liked about Michael.Selling tickets to Michael's memorial is the tackiest thing I have ever heard of.For god sakes the man is not giving a concert.Do we believe everything we hear,I don't think is was proven without a doubt that Michael hurt anyone.I think doctors are more concerned how to get your money than about your health. Michael was only human and made mistakes just like anybody else.Is thair anybody out thair who has not made mistakes?
Michael your beautiful smile and great talent will be missed by many.
Michael rest in peace

1934 days ago

Foot Fetish    

RIP Michael,may you rest in peace...

1945 days ago


Please stop guessing TMZ!


1945 days ago


Morphine is a highly potent opiate analgesic drug, is the principal active agent in opium, and is considered to be the prototypical opioid. Like other opioids, e.g. oxycodone, hydromorphone, and diacetylmorphine (heroin), morphine acts directly on the central nervous system (CNS) to relieve pain. Morphine has a high potential for addiction; tolerance and both physical and psychological dependence develop rapidly.

1945 days ago


Again, let's not start the rumor mill. Noone let him live in peace. Can he
have peace in his death?? Please? Anyone out there

1945 days ago


i hope this isn't true.....= R.I.P. MICHAEL JACKSON

1945 days ago


In honor of Michael Jackson I ate some little wieners for breakfast.

RIP you magnificent bastard

1945 days ago
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