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Jackson Allegedly Racked Up Huge Rx Bills

6/26/2009 6:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson RX billsOn the subject of Michael Jackson taking too many prescription drugs...

We went back to our files and found a 2007 lawsuit against Jackson for allegedly not paying a pharmacy bill -- grand total: $101,926.66.

Mickey Fine Pharmacy in Beverly Hills sued Jackson, claiming he agreed to "pay the purchase price of any prescription medications filled."

The case was dismissed a month after it was filed -- that typically means there was a settlement.


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ohh my gooddd

1947 days ago


King of RX looks like. And with his frail frame, thousand wonders he's been with us this long. Take kids away from Jackson camp - drug whores.

1947 days ago


I may be only 12,but I have always been a fan of MJ.Honestly,,If you think about it,since the medicines are the reason for his death,it is doctors fault.Doctors should always double check and look closely to the medicines the patients are on and obviously they didnt do that.The doctors that had prescribed the medicines could and should be sued for what they had done to the king of pop.I am very devastated by everything and I have noticed cartoonists and some people in general making such rude comments.Such as "they are going to melt him into legos so kids can play with him for once."And it is so disrespectful.People should focuse on the good since there is lack of evidence on the negative.I will always be a major fan of michael jackson and I would like to be able to tell my children the good and not the negatives.He is a legend and he will always be the best musician and I will look up to him forever.

1947 days ago


Mickey Fine Pharmacy, I have not been there in a while

1947 days ago


Michael Jackson's music was the soundtrack to a generation! RIP Michael Jackson!

1947 days ago


Holy Crap!!!! He must not have had a prescription plan or else he was taking a boatload full of medications

1947 days ago

Marge Shipman    

Its always about people thinking abuse or overdose of drugs. What about the fact that he had many medical condistions from the skin condition to his diagnosed Lupus? These are diseases that require medication. Maybe his body just couldn't take it anymore. Its not always an abused drug issue.
Rest in Peace MJ.
Sympathy to his family!

Marge S.

1947 days ago


Jackson will long be remembered as the King of Pop, and like Elvis he will be remembered for dying of a durg overdose. However, Michael has the legacy of child molestation charges (acquitted and 20 million settlement 93') so he will always have that asterisk to his name. It taints his legacy.

1947 days ago


HIS FAMILY SHOULD HAVE HELPED HIM!!!! This is as much their responsibility as anyones!!!

My thoughts and prayers go out to his family, and. that's about it. I loved his music, and grew up listening to it. However, the man that he turned out to be (justified rumors or it acts like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it's usually a duck) wasn't something that I will shed tears over.

However, I do feel for his family and children...Regardless of what we think of him, he is all his children have known for all of their lives and I am sure they are grieving.

With that said, where WAS HIS FAMILY!?!?!? He has MANY brothers and sisters, his parents are living. If he was battling a drug addiction,, they should have been MORE involved...especially the cash hounds. Where were his parents, his sisters, his brothers in this mess? Were they just sitting by the side waiting on him to kill himself accidently?

This is a situation that could have been prevented, if his family had been strong enough to deal with the situation. As someone who has watched loved ones suffer from drug addictions, sometimes you have to do what you have to do out of love and NOT let the person make their own decision.

It's sickening and ridiculous... It seems that NONE of them (his parents especially) didn't mind taking this guys life and money and putting him out in public since he was 5 years old to be their own personal cash cow and when he truly needed a real "family" with support, they were nowhere to offer their stern, loving help.

This is their fault, I'm sorry. They all need to look in the mirror and realize they caused this, by not getting him the help he needed.

1947 days ago


It's so unfortunate that when an Icon dies, there are people who are on a mission to dig up personal (dirt). Sooo sorry Michael. I find it hard to believe it's anybody's buisness.

1947 days ago

Marge Shipman    

conditions not condistions. Sorry

1947 days ago


Jackson’s adult life has been that of a child molester, apparently a “gentle” one.

But still a child molester. For whatever reason, some child has suffered.

But since Jackson was famous, he wasn’t held responsible for being a child molester

1947 days ago


wow-lots and lots of pills---maybe he charged the bubble bath and makeup to that account too.

1947 days ago


How incredibly sad. MJ was obviously an addict and why his family, so-called "friends", hangers on and entourage never thought to step in a intervene is a beyond me. I heard his dad wanted him to enter a rehab -- well why wasn't there more pressure put on MJ to do just that? And WTF is wrong with these doctors anyhow? They are sleazier than most crack dealers. Elvis, Anna Nicole, Danny Gans, Heath Ledger........just off the top of my head. When will they start cracking down on these Dr. Feelgoods who will prescribe anything to any celebrity - no questions asked - for the money and vicarious fame.

1947 days ago


The bastard doctor should be charged with murder. But then his own father never had his best interest at heart either. RIP Micheal.

1947 days ago
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