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Michael Jackson's Doc Quit Medical Practice

6/26/2009 9:28 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We just got a letter that Michael Jackson's doctor sent to his patients 11 days ago, announcing that he will be indefinitely leaving his medical practice.

Dr. Conrad Murray
sent the note on his letterhead from his medical practice in Las Vegas. He says, "I am deeply saddened to leave you at this point, but please know my absence is not permanent." He continues, "In my absence, I will continue to manage the practice, and be involved as much as possible but from a distance."

The letter says "My absence is not permanent."

We're told AEG -- the company that was putting on the London concerts -- put Dr. Murray on the payroll.


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and the point is..........?

1943 days ago


Was this "once in a lifetime opportunity" the chance to kill the biggest star in the world?

Congratulations, Doc.

1943 days ago


Is there other entertainment news besides the news of a molesting freak???


If you ask me, the world is a better place without Michael Jackson. I feel that children are safer already. And if he's innocent, why did he pay tens of MILLIONS of dollars to these children he molested? For fun? That does not sound like an innocent man. It sounds like a child molester with money. Does he strike you as normal? He slow transition into a white woman seems like that's fine to you? Get real.

He died penniless, a freak, and a drug addict with his nose falling off, like he deserved.

1943 days ago


This doctor should be held accountable for his actions. Rest in peace Michael!

1943 days ago


The point is, this quack was given a job he obviously couldn't handle and now that the heat is on he goes missing. If the guy didn't do anything wrong, or didn't think he did anything wrong, why is he missing? He'd have to be under a very large rock not to know the cops are looking for him. It's on every media outlet.

1943 days ago


Just my opinion, but despite the appearances, I don't think this guy meant to endanger Michael.

It appears to me he had a genuine desire to resuscitate Michael, not because he wanted to 'cover his ass', but because he was devoted to Michael.

1943 days ago

say what? he wanted to let his patients know that he would be out for a while. Seeing as he was going to be MJ's personal doctor. Doesn't mean he was planning on killing him. Don't get me wrong. I think he did something but I don't think it was intentional. At least I don't think that at this point.

1943 days ago


The guilty RUN!!!!

1943 days ago


This person really needs to be investigated!

Its clear he was more interested in his life then his patients!

Michael was an opportunity to him not a patient

1943 days ago


My gosh! Can't you come up with anything better than Michael Jackson articles???

1943 days ago


So this guy essentially became MJ's private traveling physician. Why would MJ need a private physician with him at all times if he was in such "good health," and a cardiologist at that? This is sooooo fishy. And where the hell is this doctor now? I bet he 's at his lawyer's house! What kind of physician disappears when his patient dies?

1943 days ago

MJ Fan    

Dead Man walking!

1943 days ago


why was this man allowed to treat micheal in cali? He is licensed in tx and nevada.

1943 days ago


If this doctor knew what he was doing he would have had the drug Narcon I think its called which would have brought MJ back from a Demerol OD.

1943 days ago

Alexandra Datig    

Although he was trying to sound like a friend to his patients, this letter does not exactley give me the confidence I would require to have in a doctor looking after my well-being.

1943 days ago
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