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Jackson's Doc -- I Am Not Responsible

6/27/2009 3:39 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Conrad Murray -- the personal physician to Michael Jackson -- is certain he is in no way responsible for the death of Jackson.

dr conrad murry

TMZ spoke with one of Murray's lawyers who told us Dr. Murray will meet with the LAPD today at 4:00 PM. Murray's lawyer, Matt Alford, says Murray is NOT considered by cops to be a suspect, and at this point it is not a criminal investigation.

Alford tells us cops want Dr. Murray to help piece together a timeline of the day's events.


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There are a lot of questions concerning this case. Listen to the 911 call. (1) A doctor SHOULD know better to perform CPR on a bed. (2) How long did the doctor try to perform CPR before calling 911? This is a BIG LOST. I feel the media along with the public should allow this family some type of peace. Michael seemed to have a hard life; we didn't know his at home, but we knew him on stage. For once, please allow him some peace along with his family. He will ALWAYS be remember.

1907 days ago


that guy is so fake..... that's b......... did he really believe that??? i tell you what i know for sure, something its going to happen, when the results of the analysis to michael's blood comes to the public light

1907 days ago

Whaz Up!    

..."Doctor's pour drugs of which they know little, to cure diseases of which they know less, into human beings of whom they know nothing!" - Voltaire

1907 days ago

Sue Wong    

Perhaps he injected Mj and then went away instead of monitoring him afterwards. When he returned Mj was already dead, if he wasn't he would've been brain damaged. No amount of CPR would help. He then pretended to perform CPR on the bed because he knew MJ was already dead. After that he panicked and headed for the hills to contact his lawyers and come up with a story. How the hell is he going to explain being a doctor and doing CPR on a bed. We learned that you can't do that in basic first aid for heaven sakes.

1907 days ago

Truth Hurts    

This doctor would make way more money keeping Michael Jackson alive versus killing him. This is nonsense that you attack the doctor without any hard evidence of foul play. We all have to die someday and everyone knows Michael has been frail for years and probably hooked on a lot of "medications". I don't see any strangeness except that he doesn't want to be in the spotlight. I would probably get away to collect my thoughts too after witnessing the death of a mega-star and being unable to do anything to save him. I will miss Michael; he was truly a star and touched the world. Can we not just honor his legacy instead of dragging his death through the muck!

1907 days ago


Conrad Murray will forever be remembered as the man who killed Michael Jackson.

1907 days ago


Of course he's not a suspect yet, MJ didn't die from a bullet from a doctors gun. This is going to take time and the medics and police need to take this in baby steps, not moon steps. When the info is known, the response can be chosen.

1907 days ago

two cents    

Sure, he's not a suspect. They ALWAYS tell them that until they get them into the police station. If he's not worried, why is he laywer-ing up? LOL

Rot in hell, you POS. You killed Michael Jackson just as if you had but a bullet in his head. I hope you are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. These "doctors" need to be held accountable, as we have lost too many talented artists to the legal drug pushers.

1907 days ago

Princess Fea    

I always thought people were innocent before being proved Guilty??? All of you fans were incensed with rage at anyone pronouncing Michael Jackson Guilty BEFORE or DURING his trial which as we all know he was eventually found INNOCENT on ALL CHARGES. Respect for justice is a two way street, so have the same respect for Dr Murray as you demanded for Micheal.

Let the police do their job contrary to public belief they usually know what they are doing.

Just for the record if I'd read things about me on the internet that Dr Murray must be reading about himself I'd hire a lawyer too.

1907 days ago

Politico Pablo    

Sounds like it's time to CYA, and blame the patient.

1907 days ago


The guy may be guilty but I, for one, wouldn't talk to anyone involved with the LAPD without a lawyer(s) present.

1907 days ago


lets not point any fingers yet!!! God bless MJ!! / referral

1907 days ago


Michael Jackson, Anna Nicole Smith, and the list goes on off pill poppers and junkies who abused the prescriptions given them, Then the doctors get the blame. If you know anything about addicts they pester and manipulate the doctors that they are in horrible pain and need the painkillers to get through the day. Addicts manipulate the family and friends around them, and make life a living hell around them for the people close to them like alchoholics. Noone feels bad when they drink themselves to death, so why feel sorry for drug addicts? If they didn't get their prescription they would just get it off the streets.

1907 days ago


I didn't do nuffin' to Michael! Ain't nobody here 'cept us doctors!

1907 days ago

Jeff Dranetz    

Dr. Conrad Murray should open up a practice with Dr. Jan Adams, Kanye West's mother's doctor! Two of a kind. Star chasing, publicity seeking, quacks.

1907 days ago
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