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Jackson's Kids: 'We Want to Stay with Grandma'

6/27/2009 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources close to the Jackson family tell us Michael Jackson's three children -- Michael Joseph, Jr., Paris Michael Katherine and Prince "Blanket" Michael II -- say they want to stay with their grandparents, specifically Katherine.

michael jackson Katherine Jackson

Sources say MJ's kids will continue to live with Katherine Jackson at the family's Encino home. We're told the family is 100 percent behind this -- feeling that Katherine and Joe Jackson are the only people who can help the children understand who their father was, help them grieve, and teach them to deal with life in the spotlight.

We're also told the kids are healthy but, as expected, they "miss their daddy." They have no relationship with Debbie Rowe, who is the biological mother of Michael and Paris.

All of this will be critical to the case if, as expected, Rowe fights for custody.


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also listen to the kids alot children arent listened to when thye need to be its their lives we are talking ablout and they want to be with their grandma so let them. they dont know tht woman called mother much whne they grow up she is going to explain i sold you you and then later when michael died more money coming i stepped back in come on. its all out in the open.

1937 days ago

Heather Silva    

THOSE KIDS NEED TO BE IN THE CARE OF THEIR GRANDMOTHER that correct i saw already their Granmother took kids have fun for shopping it wonderful, Don't want to close to Debbie Rowe that is scary at her!!! we want to leave mj's kids alone. Have Be Strong Jackson Family ! Grandmother and Grandfather belong to kids ! i am glad !!! From Jean

1935 days ago

JAY J    

468. I would love to write Katherine Jackson. Does anyone know the Encino address. It looks like on the news many do! Soooo, thanks for sharing, if you do.
Posted at 3:32AM on Jul 2nd 2009 by Lynn
Hi Lynn...forgot where I saw this address for Katherine Jackson but I do believe this is a correct one:

Katherine Jackson
4641 Hayvenhurst Ave
Encino, California 91436
good luck!
Katherine Jackson would make a wonderful guardian. I wouldn't be concerned about her age. In 6 years Prince Michael will be an adult followed by Paris 7-8 years later. People live well past their 80's and the way she looks at age 80 proves shes got lots more years ahead of her. I know that this is the way the judge, guardian ad litem etc will see it....It was scary watching DEVIL ROWE the linebacker today threatening to kick butt and then harshly yelling to F---- OFF! something like this would scare the hell of the kids after having a soft dad like Michael.

1935 days ago

Nazifa Paikar    

I am 37 years old mother I lost my beautiful face by getting injuries in afghanistan and my x husband left me alone with my baby. I had very hard and sad time with my kid . i was suffering pain and had 5 times surgeries on my face and nose.
but i never eccept falling down. i came to USA . after long time my X husbend found a father feeling and he was back for my child but i never eccept him. because he wasn't back for my child he was back to enjoy comming to USA by me.
and noe Debbie Rowe after this long time she left Micheal and his kids and now she is back because she got mother's love NO she is back because of Dollar's love. please do not give the kids to her. she even does not know how to speak infront of TV camra. please this kids were with af sweet father like Micheal she will get sick with a mother like her I gaurantee this in advace. please give her the money she is dreaming of it but dont let her to take the kids. love you my sweet kids please stay with your grandma. my heart is with you because my heart has all feelings of your father feeling inside .love you .

1935 days ago


when I saw that clip with Debbie Rowe yelling at the media I shuttered to think of her raising those children. Nasty woman I think she only wants the money not the kids. If she hasn't had contact with them in the past she is nothing but a stranger to them. Let them stay with Katherin she can give the love they can hire out for help she doesn't need to do anything but be a presence in their lives.

1935 days ago


I feel sad for the children. They just lost their father at such a young age now are placed in the custody of MJ's mother who is 79 years old. What happens to these kids when they will face the second loss in their life ? How long will the mother live for ? I only question is if fair to subject them to such huge losses at such a young age ?

1935 days ago

JAY J    

Why would you think that these children will face a second loss anytime soon. Paris is 11 and will be 18 in 7 years, Katherine will be 86...Prince is 12 and will be 18 in 6 years and Katherine will be 85 and Blanket is 7 and will be 18 in 11 years, Katherine will be 89, Paris will be 22 and Prince will be 23 so Blanket will then have his adult siblings and Katherine if she is still around and lots of uncles, aunts and cousins...Figure it out folks. If Katherine was a younger 49 or 59 year old grandma she could drop dead at any given time from a stroke, heart attack or cancer so stop obsessing on age!!!!

1934 days ago


I feel that the kids should go with Janet. She's the youngest of all the Jackson children, has no children of her own (that we know of), and it was plain to see that she's had a relationship with them just by how they clung to her during the memorial service @ the Staples Center. I feel that although she's been a good mother and grandmother, Katherine is just plain too damn old to have the responsibility of raising children who are 12, 11, and 7. Although tomorrow is not promised for any of us, the chances of Janet raising all 3 kids to adulthood is more likely than Katherine doing the same. Don't put them in the position that they'll lose another caretaker as they have their father. And the sisters are not "all wacko"! LaToya is the most outlandish one, and compaired to Micheal, she's perfectly normal.

1926 days ago


my heart goes for the kids and katherine. all of them are grieving. with the kids around, katherine's grief will lighten. the same is true with MJ's children. the jackson family are all they have. no one can love them more in the absence of their father. their uncles and aunts are very warm and supportive of them and i hope they stay with them where they belong. their loss is great and their grief is insurmountable. let us be more understanding of them by not letting them go through difficult times again. they have enough to last them a life time. TO THE JACKSON FAMILY, GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS.

1925 days ago

Diane G    

Even tho someone claims that she wasn't going to sell her children& was going for spousal support AGAIN?? Wasn't that already ordered & paid for during the divorce? Only one would think so if it was court ordered ! Or ,has he been in contempt of court all this time? ~~Katherine Jackson I whole heartedly Respect what you are doing for Michael & his children ! In my opinion What kind of Mother would sell her children over & over again??? Hopefully the judge who presides over the decision of who will get the children will be you but will NOT allow you to give their birth mother Not ONE MORE RED CENT as In my opinion she took him for enough money & will see this & award any money that she may request to the children As I feel that they deserve it! Once you give in to giving her any money for the kids trust me she WILL BE BACK FOR MORE unless you right her off to a one time payment only clause so she cant say that you didn't pay her eather ! Well God Bless & May He Be On You'r Side when it comes to the children & the Money ! I am so praying for you !!!~~~~~ dnd

1915 days ago



1500 days ago

Jean Deaux    

Debbie says:

I need a dollar, dollar,
Dollar is what i need,
hey hey.

1200 days ago
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