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Jackson's Kids: 'We Want to Stay with Grandma'

6/27/2009 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources close to the Jackson family tell us Michael Jackson's three children -- Michael Joseph, Jr., Paris Michael Katherine and Prince "Blanket" Michael II -- say they want to stay with their grandparents, specifically Katherine.

michael jackson Katherine Jackson

Sources say MJ's kids will continue to live with Katherine Jackson at the family's Encino home. We're told the family is 100 percent behind this -- feeling that Katherine and Joe Jackson are the only people who can help the children understand who their father was, help them grieve, and teach them to deal with life in the spotlight.

We're also told the kids are healthy but, as expected, they "miss their daddy." They have no relationship with Debbie Rowe, who is the biological mother of Michael and Paris.

All of this will be critical to the case if, as expected, Rowe fights for custody.


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DNA testing is always neutral, never prejudiced. It will show beyond doubt if Michael is the father or not.
If he isn't the father of the two oldest kids, the mother's legal claim is strengthened.
Either way, the CA courts will rule on this, regardless of public opinion.

1910 days ago


Michael was a severe victim of abuse. To what degree none of us will ever fully know the details. His sisters spoke of sexual, physical, and verbal abuse. IF Michael was indeed a sexual abuser he may have learned it some where. We are all products of both environment & genetics. Michael was the result of two sick people who never should of been allowed to have kids.

QUOTE: " Pedophilia has often been linked with previous emotional, physical, or sexual trauma. This trauma becomes so painful that it results in underdevelopment or a stifling of future development(Groth, Hobson, and Gary,1982). According to this line of reasoning this underdevelopment will not allow a person to mature emotionally as his or her body matures. The pedophile is the emotional equivalent of a child, and thus depends on them and begins to view them as sexual objects as well(Langevin, 1983). Using children in a sexual manner to cope with anxiety is reinforced and becomes a normal behavior pattern."

Michael's children don't deserve the same fate as he and his siblings received. We don't know the details to Rowe's contact or lack there of with her children. None of us can correctly or accurate judge what her motives are, what her feelings are. But the law can and will. What will be interesting is to see what Michael's will states. I think we are in for a long hall of a series of law suits and court battles. Those children didn't start with normal lives and I don't believe they are ever going to have one.

Michael was an amazingly gifted performer. He was also a very disturbed and sorrowful human being who hated his own image enough to change it for the worse, and constantly seeking happiness, crippled as a child due to the lifestyle his parents forced on him. Does anyone realize that a common trait in a sexual abuser is their connection with children because some where they were crippled emotionally as a child and don't have the social or emotional maturity to relate to adults? Adults in Michaels life were never safe. Who can blame him for wanting to be Peter Pan and remain a child where you don't have to try to trust anyone who is an adult. No adult was to be trusted in his life.

QUOTE: "Most experts regard pedophilia as resulting from psychosocial factors rather than biological characteristics. Some think that pedophilia is the result of having been sexually abused as a child. Still others think that it derives from the person's interactions with parents during their early years of life. Some researchers attribute pedophilia to arrested emotional development; that is, the pedophile is attracted to children because he or she has never matured psychologically."

Everyone is screaming that we shouldn't talk about the sexual abuse charges against Michael since he is dead. I understand that's because Michael invokes such intense emotions as a performer. However, to deny the charges or possibility that he was a sexual predator is to deny a potential important part of the victim part of his existance. There were simply too many children stating he had done things to them. Michael's own words displayed a very inappropriate way of thinking around children, including open statements he had them in his bed. What healthy well adjusted adult male has children in his bed? NONE! His infatuation with childhood, children, Peter Pan, his child like qualities and innocence also show he was crippled emotionally and would be more comfortable around children. We can attribute it to his upbringing and the abuse we know occurred in his home growing up.

If Michael was a sexual abuser in life, that concept does not change with his death. Go ahead and honor the good he did and his talent as a artist. We also need to stop denying the undeniable misery he lived his life. If he molested children, our denying that possibility is an insult and hurtful to those victims. None of us can know for sure, but it definitely looks like it was quite possible.

I frankly see Michael as a talented human being who was a big victim of abuse, who suffered most of his entire life, and may or may not have caused some suffering in others. If he was a child sexual abuser, he was sick himself. He should be pitied, not hated.

I am a recovered survivor of heavy sexual abuse. I am the last person to want to show empathy for Michael. But as a sexual abuse survivor, and as the former wife of a pedophile (who I helped to convict and imprison for his molesting our son) I have a certain perspective that comes only from experience. My husband was a sick man. If Michael molested children, he was as well.

Whether alive or dead, We need to look at the entire picture of who Michael Jackson was. We lost a genius of a talent. I hope in death Michael lost the misery that was his life and found peace at last.

His children deserve a completely neutral and safe family away from all of the Jacksons. Any other choice

1910 days ago

Umuhire Rda Africa    

He was the man whose music was able reach the most inaccessible parts of the world. In the heart of Africa where there is not such thing as fairy tales he was our prince charming, he made us dream as little girls and unbelievably my daughters who have been exposed to fairy tales, prefer him as well. His humanity and unique love transcended all barriers and borders, we knew that he cared about the poor, the sick and the disadvantaged of the world; we knew that he participated in more than 30 charities and that made him like a messenger of God to us.
My son was so in pain when he heard the news and few hours later as we were following the news on CNN, a certain Diana D. declared that she knew she would outlive M.J because of the way he lived!!! I did not believe it when he told me the news, but they replayed the same segment and hour later, and I could not believe it myself.
In a moment of grief like that when most of us where still in shock and tears, one individual dares to make such a comment. My nine years looked at me and said: Well mom at least now no one can hurt him. He said that he loved the children so much because when he looked at their faces he could see the face of God. Now he is in peace with God and he is taking care of him.”
Well, sadly to us Michael’s Body is gone, and it is a tragic loss for the whole world, because for me for example I was hoping to see him perform once in my lifetime.
But his spirit is forever with us, and will live on. His unique music and moves, his kind gestures and words that have inspired the whole world for decades, are going to live on for ever. History is being written right now and nothing that is happening in these tragic days will be forgotten. I know my children will remember Diana as the woman who thought she outlived M.J. His life was dedicated to reach perfection, either when he was writing music of coming up with a new dance move, or volunteering in a charity, and as perfection is out of reach as humans, he had attained it now, and that is how our family will remember him: the man walked this earth on search for perfection and while on his search, he has achieved what no human being had been able to do before: He is the one and only true international, global star. An African American from Indiana is known in the most forgotten places of the world.

1910 days ago

Linda Mott    

I hope she protects them better from Joe than she did Michael.

1910 days ago



1910 days ago


I think that Janet and Jermaine Dupree get married and take all three. They could afford the nannies and Janet seems to still have a sensible head on her shoulders. She could talk to them about Michael without malice. I hope she steps forward.

1910 days ago


Joe Jackson is as tough as cow hide leather and that's how he raised his family. Obviously Michael was a sensitive person and Michael was of course the lead singer for the Jackson Five which made his experience much different than his older brothers and sisters who were obviously older and had more of a normal childhood; but at the time it was either now or never, they had to strike while the iron was hot.

HOWEVER, Joe Jackson has always taken care of business and took control of the situation when Michael went through the trial; and there are countless stories of that like years ago when there was some disturbance in New York City, maybe a power outage, but Joe still got the entire family, plus relatives, etc., out of New York by renting buses and hiring professional bus drivers (they were big professional buses and I don’t remember how many he got but it was quite a few). It was written that Joe Jackson (for whatever reason), is allowed to carry several police badges which expedited their exit from the City.

Joe is a hard nut but he meant well, and Michael’s children would be living with Katherine, Michael's mother anyway (she and Joe are divorced) but as usual Joe has stepped up and is taking care of business after Michael’s death, it was reported that he has been going to and fro from the coroner’s office, the hospital, police, etc., and reporting back to the family at the Encino house where Katherine lives and where Mike’s kids are.

Love him or hate him at least Joe won’t sell his grandkids for a buck like Debbie Rowe did in the first place.

1910 days ago

TMZ Staff    

Debbie Rowe, is suppose to have parental constitutionally protected rights, which suprecedes all others -but money talks-look AT THE MOTHER IN Milwaukee, SHE WAS RAPED BY HER EX, A Ugandan IMMIGRANT, she was NOT marri3d to him., and the judge took her INFANT and gave him to the rapst because she refused to give the rapist her address, she is now in jail facing 12 years for interference of custody-MONEY corrupts, the Ugandan bribed the judge,

1910 days ago

Luke skywalker    

Oh! So the Gandparents can tell the kids all the stuff about their dad!
Lets start with how Grandpa Joe would smack around their dad just because he missed a step or sang out of tune...or what about Grandpa Joe making fun of their dads natual nose while growing up..which caused we we have all seen the pictures..or Gandpa Joe sneaking women into the room for his older sons and Micheal had to listen to it..

And what will happen if these kids have one ounce of talent in don;t think Grandpa joe will try and recreate lets call them the Jackson 3?

1910 days ago


The grandparents are too old and Debbie's rights were never terminated. She should get her own kids, provided she petitions the courts for them.

Those are the things MJ should have taken into account Before he decided to have kids. Now the CA courts will decide for him.

1910 days ago


I believe The Jackson's should get the children, that is the only family they've know and the kids shouldnt be seperated. I know everyone is saying they wasnt Michaels biological kids but he raised them as his own, so they are his children. He is the only parent they've known!

R.I.P Michael Jackson

1910 days ago


He may have been a victim of abuse but it is still NO EXCUSE! millions of people in the world have been abused,neglected and grow up to be wonder sucessful adults not molesting kids.Micheal Jackson is and adult he knew better but used his fame and childhood as an excuse. HE IS A MONSTER

1910 days ago

Monteen McCord    

As Diane said in an early post; these are the very same parents that abuse was alledged when The Jackson 5 were coming up. They have (or at least one of them has) a Godfather. Isn't that his job?

1910 days ago


I am sure Michael had a Will and determined who he wanted to raise his children if anything happened to him! Michael along with La Toya has stated that Joe Jackson abused them...he should not have anything to do with those children!!

1910 days ago


Debbie deserves NOTHING, and neither do MJ's parents; specifically Joe Jackson. If those kids go with him, they'll end up just as screwed up as Michael was. I read where they didn't even know those people, so why would they say those things? Besides, it's been Michael's wish for the kids to stay with the nanny. Even he knew the kids shouldn't go with his parents.

1910 days ago
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