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Michael Jackson's Demerol Tonic

6/27/2009 10:59 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael JacksonMichael Jackson had a habit of getting Demerol injections -- he even had a special name for them.

We're told Jackson called it "health tonic." He would have a doctor inject him because, we're told, he didn't like needles.

Our sources have told us Jackson was injected with Demerol at 11:30 AM the day he died. Shortly thereafter Jackson went into cardiac arrest.

You'll recall, Jackson also had a name for wine -- Jesus juice.


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So, if this MD was present. And injected him with Demerol? And did not have NARCAN (narcotic antidote) readily available? And did CPR for 40 minutes (ON A BED) prior to the 911 call? And, probably with the funds involved, he could have had a defibrillator available if he was thinking. So, my take, is that Michael had a death wish by employing him, OR Conrad is a joke for an MD, and will soon be charged with something, as soon as they can find him?????

1912 days ago

Jesus juice    

Eh.............A::OW me to interject..............or allow my sperm to proliferate the egg............Michael Jackson was a queer. Hear me???? And those childrens of his will proven to be NOT his DNA. Amyones unnerstand money or the concept of it? Good!!! I knew yous wood. This is gonna take away from Jonathon adn Kate and their 16 and that fat piece of crap..Octomohavmy nailsdone for a LONG time---think they are losing sleep??? Thought so!!! Until lattes!!!

1912 days ago

Michael Madsen    

HI, Im Megan Fox, and neither I, nor my fantastic ass, approve that last remark. You all know that TMZ stands for The Megan Zone... don't be jealous.. buy my used underwear at www.meg'*m.
Now hit it, Boys!

1912 days ago

Jesus juice    

Yo Megan.........I tapped that arse 2 days ago at Michaels house. Member? MJ taped it hile we waz a;ll shootin up on some demerol. Wooooooweee..........u shore got a fine azzz. MJ got that recoder hooked up to his Cabbage {Patch dolls in his bedroom. Wanna meet up l8ter at his home? Lots of "ohhhhs' JJ

1912 days ago


He should have stuck with the Jezus Juice!!

1912 days ago

Jesus juice    

I gots the power to fibruillate you vajay jay honey!!

1912 days ago


Well now,Look at his demise though his eyes....I can not do what they are expecting of me. I am a 50 year old man...expected to be the Michael J. of 1982....I am trying my hardest...working out...Taking steiods??? Rehesals are grueling...I can not compete with the MK they expect... all the steps,turns, spins, I used to do!!I am tired..Two weeks until the tour... Take pills...take more my dr.. for daily shot of demerol....Noone knows I have taken pills this morning...Given my demerol....So calm now... see you all......later....

1912 days ago

Jesus juice    

Vodka would have done it fo me.............buttttt ya gotta know Michael...he liked it young and rare..............kind a like his boys................OOPS. Did I say too much???? I mean't he liked his tubesteak youngr than 7 years old. THAT should clarifi everythang

1912 days ago

Jesus juice    

Now that I'm dead and daddy can't whip me..............I will say he made us take it up tehe va jay jay.....................Waz that? I thought it was my anus. I got 2 holes tho

1912 days ago


Who uses Demerol i.v. for longer times is what people usually call a JUNKIE - so watch your step, even your mother may be ... there is no difference to a heroin-user -- just addicts greetings from Germany dieundie

1912 days ago

who dat    

***************NEWSFLASH **************

In addition to his 3 time daily demerol shots, he was also taking the ultra potent Dilaudid. This will come out in the following days. A truely great performer. Its a shame.

1912 days ago


god TMZ!!!! you and your sources,

i have to praise TMZ for not even missing a wink of this story, i mean jesus! what do you have you reporters and paparazzi cut off fingers for all this great info?

reminds alot of an episode of DIRT, she stopped at nothing to get the inside scoop she even had him cut off his own finger for it!!!!

1912 days ago


Dang! It takes me about as long to load these comments as it did to try to resussitate Michael!

1912 days ago

Buck Farack    

Well, I think this drama has played itself out for the time being. I would like to get some news about Farrah Fawcett please. You know - the straight lady that was an icon herself? This Jackson thing was interesting at first, but I find myself yawning now. Get over it people. The guy literally dropped dead. What better way to go?

1912 days ago



1912 days ago
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