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Cheating Guv's Mystery Mistress Comes Forward

6/28/2009 5:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

South Carolina Gov Mark SanfordThe Argentinian gal that helped destroy South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford's family has finally fessed up to her sins.

41-year-old Maria Belen Chapur sent a statement to Buenos Aires news network C5n, admitting she and the married Guv have been having a relationship, according to the AP.

Chapur says she refuses to talk about her private life -- and that the 200-word statement is all she's gonna say about the affair.


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1944 days ago


Sanford, you should have been zipped with cement but knowing you men are pigs you would have jackhammered yourself out of the zipper in order to screw your mistress, destroy your wife and family. RESIGN and ride off into the sunset to Hell.

1944 days ago



1944 days ago

What the Hell?    

Well,"theres a surprise"!

1944 days ago


yes, Gov., resign like Bill Clinton did!

1944 days ago

uNclear hysteria    

Sanford should resign NOW!!! If he doesn't resign, then i hope he's impeached and they DRAG his sorry ass out of office and the governor's mansion!!!

1944 days ago

Linda Mott    

Most of the time when an affair happens, the girlfriend or the wife are put up to ridicule. The wife either doesn't pay enough attention to her man or the single girlfriend is a slut and money grubbing pig. Why don't people put some of the blame on the man? It is really sexist to always say the woman is his mistress when that really means a kept woman. (financially) which we know she was not.

1944 days ago

uNclear hysteria    

i can't stand to look at his smug,smirking face any longer. He doesnt want to resign because he stands to lose so very much financially..Just think... alimony, childsupport x4, marital property division issues...maybe even OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE issues???

1944 days ago


I just had the same thing happen to me, for the second time. Nomore,what the hell do they think? Public sympathy? That Bobbit girl had it right the first time. Go girl ! Only thing wrong was she should have BBQ'd the piece and fed it to the dog,

1944 days ago

The Man    

Can you blame an American man heading out of the country for some trim? Look at how you American women look and conduct yourself! Most of you females are overweight and your attitudes suck!

1944 days ago

you must stupid    

If slick Willy Clinton could get his pole smoked in the Oval Office and not just lie about it to the American people, but also lie about it under oath to Congress, then this nut should be able to serve out the rest of his term as well!!!!

1944 days ago

you must stupid    

FINALLY!!! A break from Michael Jackson bs!!!! Thanks for getting back to your liberally biased as hell "reporting" Harvey, even if it's for a minute!!!

1944 days ago

you must stupid    

Even though this prick is a complete putz, I hope he doesn't step down just to drive the leftist Communists nuts

1944 days ago


How do you solve a problem like Maria?

1944 days ago

you must stupid    

Not sure how to take this. He didn't cheat on his wife with an underage girl or boy, she's actually very attractive and close to his own this normal when cheating?

1944 days ago
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