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Lawyer: Doctor Found Jackson with Pulse

6/28/2009 7:34 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael JacksonDr. Conrad Murray's lawyer is now saying that when Murray found Michael Jackson, he had a faint pulse.

Murray's lawyer, Edward Chernoff, says Murray went into Jackson's bedroom and saw that he wasn't breathing. Chernoff told the AP, "He just happened to find him in his bed, and he wasn't breathing. Mr. Jackson was still warm and had a pulse."

Chernoff says Murray immediately began administering CPR.

Chernoff says Murray did not prescribe or give Jackson Demerol or OxyContin. Chernoff says any drugs Murray did prescribe were given in response to a specific complaint from Jackson.

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1921 days ago


And why didn't he call 9-11 RIGHT NOW when he found Jackson that way? Why didn't he have a defibrilator? Why did he do CPR on a bed??? He's lying. He just happened upon Jackson like that. He knew he effed something up. Who was the caller, someone he called first and had come over to make the 9-11 call so he didn't have to, and so he could flee the scene? This man let Michael Jackson die, I'm convinced.

1921 days ago


He did not molest any kids. People like you run with something and automatically think they are guilty. This was all about people trying to get money from him. His accuser's mother was stealing fed there.

Look, I think the doc is lying cause his oldest son was with him when he colasped. This guy did CPR on a bed, not on a floor which is where he should have been.

This guy is going to lie so he is not held accountable for his death.

The toxo reports will show what was in MJ's system and that cannot be disputed by the doc....

1921 days ago


#3, see ya.

Not 15 mins ago, I listened to a report on CNN that said Michael was found in his bed, (he did not collapse as earlier reported), and wasn't breathing. There was no mention of whether or not he had a faint pulse.

BET Awards show is tonight, but they have changed it to a tribute to Michael Jackson. Sad, a freeking genius who had such a sad existance...

Soon as Sharpton starts talking at the BET awards, I'm changing the channel....

1921 days ago


The doctor still didn't have a defribrilator and he is a cadiologist. Not very bright with this client.

Most people live lives of quiet desperation and this is even true in Michael Jackson's case. Until May he had been renting a house in Summerlin, near Las Vegas, for a while. The house was left a shambles with all sorts of junk tossed into the streets when they left and two Christmas trees still up in the house. Talk about quiet desperation-i.e.- in this case drug addict behavior.

And he was still a talented guy and a real loss for entertainment although he hadn't been in top form in many years compared to that useless douchebag Billy Mays and the crap he was peddling on shows no one with a brain would watch for more than five seconds.

1921 days ago


This is becoming ridiculous. I knew as soon as the autopsy was performed and that no foul play was indicated, that the rumors would begin. There is no evidence other than that the dr performed cpr on the bed, that anyone did anything to Michael Jackson. Because we must wait for the toxicology results, the rumors are flying wild... Let the man rest in peace... Lord knows that he never got any while he was alive.

1921 days ago


Omg what a liar. THIS DOCTOR KILLED THE KING OF POP. i would do anything to have mj back but since thats not possible i want this man to rot in jail for the rest of his life.

1921 days ago


#13 GIVE IT UP....sickening individuals go out of your way to dehumanize someone.. HE JUST DIED. HAVE SOME FREAKIN RESPECT. Parents taught you well.

You act like you were proactive about kids & child molestation cases beforehand...just want an opportunity to accuse this man. You were not in the bedroom...regardless of what you think..this man wasn't charged as guilty! There's far worse people outside getting away with ish if you think he did it. SHUT UP & LOG OFF. This is an entertainment blog and this is what people give a damn about right now. Make your own blog

1921 days ago

MJ is ♥    

Where in the world does TMZ get their information from, their coverage of this is fantastic!!

It is nice to watch this defense, public relations strategy.

Please Chernoff, prep your client for testimony not public relations.


1921 days ago


Michael Jackson left his Fingerprints on our Music and he has left his Fingerprints on his children.


Fingerprints are not a sin or so it seems to me

It merely means a little tyke is looking there to see,

The big blue sky with clouds and planes

With wonderous thoughts to think,

Don't stop the dreams of worlds beyond those fingerprints can bring.

Copyright 1984 J.K. Flak

Let the dreams of all children soar to the universe.

1921 days ago


Meant #12 sorry

1921 days ago

Ut Oh    

Too bad the authorities didn't get a chance to interview the "dr: right after MJ's death. Instead, the "dr" ran to get composed and to talk to his lawyers before meeting with police. Had to get his story straight. Perhaps if they had interviewed him at the hospital they would have got the real information when it was fresh in the "dr" head. BTW too bad MJ didn't have a RN there. He would have got CPR done the right way.

1921 days ago


Meant #12 sorry ^^^

1921 days ago


Sad life..thanks Joe.........OH and have a nice day Jesse Jackson

1921 days ago


I feel very privileged and honored to have been able to spend with Michael Jackson’s his last Christmas eve and early Christmas morning 2008 in his Holmby Hills home. My father was his butler at the time and needed help with wrapping gifts. My dad called me and asked if I could help.. I immediately said “ are you kidding me? Ofcourse!!!!!” I never in my wildest dreams thought I would ever get to meet Michael Jackson let alone sit in the tinniest maids room, across the table from him and converse about many things and laugh together. We sat in that room from 10pm-4am! It was unbelievable!!! At the end he gave me a coolpix camera and $600!!! I was speechles.. he was such a loving, caring, generous man! I have written my whole story about this night with details about what we spoke about and how I felt. I would love to email it to anyone who would care to read it. Attached with a picture of the wrapping paper he wrote my name on and signed MJ. Please email me at subject box write- MJ. Thanks-Johana

1921 days ago
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