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Jackson Family Doesn't Trust Michael's Doc

6/28/2009 11:56 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

michael jackson conrad murryMichael Jackson's family has its suspicions about Dr. Conrad Murray and what went down on the day Jackson died.

A source close to the family tells TMZ they feel Dr. Murray should not be cleared of any wrongdoing just yet. The family requested a second autopsy to find out what the last drug Jackson took was. We're told the family feels once those results are known, a criminal investigation will take place.

We're also told the family is questioning Dr. Murray's abilities as a doctor. In the 911 call, first published by TMZ, the caller says Dr. Murray was performing CPR on Jackson on a bed; CPR is routinely performed on a hard surface.

As our source put it, "If you're a doctor, how can you not know how to do CPR?"

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1945 days ago

Dee Dee    

dude is guilty. the police aren't naming him as a suspect so he won't flee. when the tox comes back, the truth will be told. he od'd mike under orders from the hit squad. just watch...

1945 days ago

Liberals Hate Free Speech    

Oh Please! MJ has been on a death slide for 15 years. His FAMILY should be sued for malpractice.

If this doctor didn't do exactly what MJ wanted, then another doctor would be hired who would.

MJ, Elvis, John Belushi, Anna Nicole, etc., etc., etc. Too many people in awe of "celebraties" who are afraid to say Hell No once in a while.

Loved his music, but what a horrible, pitiful life he turned out to have. I know so many of my friends who never grew up, did whatever they wanted and are dead.

1945 days ago


The doc played a role in his death, end of story!

Now, any confirmation this story is true?? He's FINALLY admitting he lied! A little late, dontcha think?!

1945 days ago


Because Micheal was probabely already died for a good while. The Doctor knew it because he gave him the shot that killed him. After the injection he would have died within minutes or not much more. He probably went to check him and found him cold. The CPR was for show, for the others in the house and when the other man called 911.

It was said the Doctor gave him a shot of demerol at 11:20 a.m. or so, and 911 was called at around 12:30 p.m.

Think about it.

1945 days ago


Michael, I will always love you, you are the best and always will be! No Dr. should be allowed to write out a prescription for so much drugs to one person, responsibility? No question about it.

1945 days ago


Better yet what doctor, let alone Cardiologist, wouldn't have a defibillator on hand (if you're there for specific reason because you sure aren't an internist) or perform CPR for 45 min before getting help??? Common sense ..10 min is the limit for Cardiac arrest... this man was covering up something or freaked out but still unacceptable!!

1945 days ago


MJ's family wants somebody to sue.

1945 days ago


Why did Michael, a white man, choose a black doctor I want to know?

1945 days ago



1945 days ago


Not just any doctor either....a cardiologist no less!!!!!

1945 days ago


so is anyone here, who could give us a link (perhaps youtube) containing the recording of the LAPD-interview with the doctor?


1945 days ago


Come on you fruitloop people dive on this crap.It will be stated that MJ had a sex change so all you girlies that loved him are now GAY.

1945 days ago


Not many of us trust him either.

1945 days ago


I really hope that Joe Jackson and his wife don't get custody of his children. I see dollar signs in Joes eyes, and he will exploit those grandkids just like he did his own kids..for the almighty dollar!

1945 days ago
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