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No Plans for Neverland Ranch

6/28/2009 4:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Neverland ranchThe future of Neverland Ranch is still up in the air, according to an associate of the company that now owns it.

Tohme Tohme -- Jackson's longtime friend and a partner of Colony Capital, part owner of Neverland -- tells TMZ so far no decision has been made about what do with Michael Jackson's famous former home.

We're told one of the options being discussed is to make Neverland some sort of museum or shrine to Jackson.


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Please turn it into a special memorial! My father took my younger brother to Graceland- he came back with Elvis CD's and an appreciation and education that is unmatached--- until now- MIchael is THAT SPECIAL TOO!!! Please honor him- he LOVED Neverland Ranch- it was all him... make it his special place again!

1909 days ago


He was found innocent on all charges. You may say that because they settled out of court that is admitting guilt but really, if your child was molested would you want to SETTLE or would you want to get the man off the streets and into prison?

1909 days ago


The very idea of turning a place like Neverland Ranch into any sort of "shrine or museum" is completely disgusting on all levels. Only in California, where common sense & decency are foreign concepts, would such a ridiculous proposal even be considered. To all the idiots who blindly continue to proclaim MJ's innocence and make asinine statements like..."I'd love to take my kids on vacation to Neverland Ranch"'re delusional & sick. Please get help.

1909 days ago


2 things; Mikey was forced to sell Neverland. A golf course nearby, and Santa Barbara County are the owners. Jackson might be denied burial at Neverland, unless his lawyers can coax Santa Barabara County and the owners of the golf course to let the burial happen. But, that might not happen. Whereas others own Neverland, if Jackson is buried there, Neverland could be torn down, and something built on top of it.

1909 days ago


I would definitely keep it open to the public and make it a museum or an amusement park.... I would take my children there. Michael was acquitted and people do not do their search we are quick to "judge" and Jesus says pull out the beam out of your eye before picking on your brother's speck in his eye" Which include "evil thoughts" even if no action was taken, God will judge us for our thoughts also... Anyways, I think Neverland should be open to the public just like "Hearts" Castle, etc... Michael's was more elaborate and interesting and they could sell records and stuff and have an eatery etc.. and it could bring good revenue to the town etc...

1909 days ago

Shanker potimi    

Michael Jackson was an amazing and a rare person. He now is the biggest person on the planet. I can't think of anyone else if they dropped dead today that would attract so much attention. That by itself is amazing. He did have a creepy side though but I'm a fan and God bless him

1909 days ago


The parents or guardian of those children that accused michael were "coached" I've heard and seen parents do this all the time from all back grounds... i.e. while in line at Disney the parents were coaching their 5 year old son to lie about his age that he was three (3) years old so his parents would not have to pay for his Admission ticket... Children are free up to three (3) years old etc... The parents went as far as stuffing him in a stroller and covering him with a baby blanket and giving him a pacifier! Now comment one that?

1909 days ago

Laure H    

Tear neverland down who the hell cares? Michael jackson big f-----g deal. He was NOT anything that great. ELVIS was 100% per cent better then jackson ever was or EVER could be. Cannot even compare the 2.Good riddance.

1909 days ago


A Museum is the best idea. I would like to see Michael buried there too. What a wonderful tribute to the King of Pop

1907 days ago


Michael was the star of stars. But he never grew up. Some persons took advantage of his love of children to extort
money from him. The 1st time he was advised to just give them some money instead of a long court battle. That
was a mistake. It left a huge door open for the next time. The second one the boy admitted his mother coached
him what to say. If you recall she was a real piece of work. Welfare cheat etc. People tend to judge others by what they would do in situations. So I guess those who still think Michael was a molester are themselves potential or perhaps
really child molesters. Michael was one of a kind very unlikely another will come along.

1905 days ago


Would be great to see it opened as a museum. there is a petition here at

1873 days ago


OPEN NEVERLAND. Let the world come and have closure. Bring all of Michael's amazing items, costumes, jewelry etc. Turn it into MJ's memorial.

1848 days ago


make it a meseum please.

1347 days ago

Edward Jackson    


1273 days ago

lewis wilson    

i think you should bring the them park back and a musem withe all of his stuff in it xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx i love u mj rip xxxxxx

863 days ago
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