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No Plans for Neverland Ranch

6/28/2009 4:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Neverland ranchThe future of Neverland Ranch is still up in the air, according to an associate of the company that now owns it.

Tohme Tohme -- Jackson's longtime friend and a partner of Colony Capital, part owner of Neverland -- tells TMZ so far no decision has been made about what do with Michael Jackson's famous former home.

We're told one of the options being discussed is to make Neverland some sort of museum or shrine to Jackson.


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you must stupid    

Ok, seriously Harvey, enough is enough. This is bordering on a Messiah-like obession here. Jackson hasn't been relevant in nearly two decades. The only headlines he's made over the past 20 years aren't the kind you celebrate and mourn. Had he passed during the 80's I would see the need for the overkill of coverage, but this is getting ridiculous.

1882 days ago

Daniela R    

This ranch was his dream, his wonderland, you can't tear it down, people took him away from there for those horrible stuff they said and the money that cost him... he wanted people to be happy, make that possible again.

1882 days ago

you must stupid    

If there are some former Nazi concentration camps that are open as "museums," then sure, open up Neverland, but if not, then don't. Since they're basically the same thing, I see no reason why one should be open and the others aren't.

1882 days ago


Sane person here!
I say make it a museum. He was found innocent, period. I doubt any of the nay sayers have any other proof then what was shown to the court or jury so what makes your opinion fact?? You all have no dea what happened just as I don't but I am entilted to my opinion just as you are yours and I feel he is innocent. Yeah, Elvis was a real saint *eye roll* EVERY single person in this world has skeletons.

1882 days ago

cosmo in texas    

Oh Yes, I would drive across the country to see "Never-tell-a-soul-Land" on my vacation. NOT!

1882 days ago

Sand D    

Keep it with all the tresures he collected, in memory of his love for beauty and children.
It works for Elvis
It works for Liberace
It will work for MJ his fans are world wide...........good luck with that!

1882 days ago


Oh good grief!! Now we have the Jackson nuts saying that Neverland is another Graceland!?!?!? Yeah, I don't seem to recall Elvis luring and bribing little boys to Graceland so he can sleep in the same bed with them. You people are f'n desperate!!!!!! Posted at 4:09PM on Jun 28th 2009 by make me gag!!!
And how old was Pricilla when they got together?? 13?

1882 days ago

you must stupid    

Sure, put it on the same tour as OJ's, Robert Blake's and Phil Spector's houses.

1882 days ago


Following that old wives tale saying that "Death comes in 3s," people seem to have forgotten that this celebrity passing cycle began with David Carradine earlier this month. Therefore, it was 1) David Carradine, 2) Ed McMahon, and 3) Farrah Fawcett. Now, another celebrity passing cycle has begun with: 1) Michael Jackson, 2) Billy Mays, and 3) ?????????????. Last week, it was announced that production on the highly acclaimed drama series "The Beast" starring Patrick Sawyze has been cancelled. The last pics I saw of Patrick -- sadly, he didn't look too well. Miracles do happen and I hope one happens for Patrick. However, I think the next celebrity passing will be another unexpected shocker. These are scary times in Hollywood . . .

1882 days ago


I think all of you who are calling him a pedophile are arseholes. It is your OPINION. you have no proof. were you there? or did you read an article/hear a story and take it for fact! he was found not guilty. all of you all who judged him and didn't understand his eccentricity contributed to his death!
Lesson to be learned-- you can't believe every damn thing you see in print. Just because a reporter prints it doesn't mean its fact. Trust me, I learned the hard way when a reporter wrote a fabricated article about my family/loved one..

1882 days ago


Please make Neverland into a museum!!!!!!!!!! I would love to visit!!!!!!!! People from around the world would travel there to see the home of the KIng of Pop!!!!!!!

1882 days ago


I had the pleasure of going to Neverland Ranch in 2004 for several hours. It was one of the best days of my life and everything I ever thought it would be x 1000. It would be hard to recreate it now as the park has been disassembled and most of his items sold off, but the owners of the property would be stupid not to realize the possibilities of turning this into a tribute museum. I'm sure it won't capture the magic of the real thing, but hopefully they could find a way to theme it together into a fitting memorial and retrospective of his life and career.

1882 days ago

San Diego    

I would go see it.

1882 days ago


For posters linking to News of the World--it's a tabloid and a pretty unreliable one at that. For instance, they did an article today portraying Evan Chandler, father of the first boy to allege molestation, as a devoted and protective father. The actual facts are in stark contrast. Here's an article about the case from GQ magazine (at least it's not a tabloid): and info about the 2005 restraining order against 'loving dad' Evan Chandler who tried to kill his own son with a 12-pound weight to the back of the head:,2933,209470,00.html. These are not credible people and neither is News of the World.
Always amazes me that people will believe anything they read without considering the source or doing their own basic research.

1882 days ago

Ryan Stevens    

Who will get Michael Jackson's estate?

1882 days ago
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