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President Reaches Out to Jackson Family

6/28/2009 9:46 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

president Obama Michael JacksonPresident Barack Obama has written a note to Michael Jackson's family, a top White House adviser said today.

David Axelrod says Obama expressed his condolences to the Jacksons. He said Obama saw the pop star as a spectacular performer whose life had sad and tragic aspects.

The Prez did not issue a statement following Jackson's death.


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Like that Moron O BAMA aint got nothing else to do.

1909 days ago


Sometimes you people aren't smart. Everything the president does TMZ does not consider news worthy. I am sure he has written notes plenty of times, they just choose not to report it.

1909 days ago


dove an no_name coward, both of you needs too get a life first of all!! Farrah Fawcett has contributed too society her talent of being an actress in roles of portraying battered women in films. She brought attention too this country problem an as such laws been changed bills passed. Your ignorance becomes both of you, Micheal an Farrah in their rights were both advocates for changes for the better. Just cause she was a white female or not so well known throughout the world as Micheal, does not make her any less!!!!!! grow up an educate yourselves as well

1909 days ago

maggie mae    

Were any notes sent to the families of the service people killed ? Bet not.
Were notes sent to the families of Farrah and Ed McM? Bet not

I guess we all know by now who the President represents.

1909 days ago

showgirls fan    

I have to mention first that I am not an Obama fan. But lets get serious here folks. Why would anyone waste their time writing a letter to Ed or sausage link nips Farrah? They accomplished not evein 1% put together of what Jackson did. Jackson changed the industry, music, mtv, concerts, dancing, singing songwriting, Help people in need. and tons much more.

Ed was a friggin side kick who SENT EVERYONE JUNK MAIL!

Sausage link nips did a poster. yeah thats it. a poster.

RIP Jackson

1909 days ago

who gives a shit    

Of course he did!! He always has to be in the spotlight! What about Farrah and Ed? Did he write a note or express his sympathies to their families?? I think not....................

1909 days ago


Although it was kind of the President to reach out to the Jackson family, I just wish he would have done the same for Ed McMahon and Farrah Fawcett. MJ was the King of Unity, he loved everyone and attempted to bring all people together, I felt that the lack of acknowlwdgement for Mr. McMahon and Ms. Fawcett was telling.

1909 days ago

who gives a shit    

Also I am surprised that you aren't reporting anything about Jesse Jackson getting together with Joe (abuser) Jackson and of course how can we forget Al Sharpen (are they really reverends?) who will soon be in the picture!!! These two show up every where to keep their faces in the spotlight!!! They are nothing but a bunch of ambulance chasers........................

1909 days ago


What a dumb ass president we have...

1909 days ago


Yeah, I remember that time that Bush got out his crayons to print his condolence semi-sentences.

Those were the days.

1909 days ago


How come he doesn't have the courtesy to express same sympathies to someone outside of his ethnic group such as Farrah who passed on the same day or Ed earlier in week/shouldn't the fact that Americans tried to move past racial barriers and elect an african-american president mean that President SHOULD show same the poise and grace and not use his status as the president to show that reverse racial prejudice is okay.. racism should not be okay.. no matter what your ethnic group.

1909 days ago


MJ's sudden death is tragic, yes. But, I don't understand why people have elevated him to this worship status. Same thing with Elvis -- they are men with their own lives and blessed us with great music and entertainment. He's been more or less of a sad joke these past many years and now thta he's dead, the hypocrisy has been running rampant. I understand that he is a footprint on American culture but PLEASE, one man's death (and a little bit of Farrah's and Ed's death as well) are overshadowing what's going on NOW in the world. All the grieving in the world won't change that fact that he's gone. His family has their own issues to deal with -- none of the public's biz so why are we concerened? WE can't make a difference in the family life of MJ's kids or family. But, we CAN make a difference in the causes that are happening now that affect thousands or millions of people -- NOW. My dad always told me that the amount of time that you grieve is not a reflection of how much you loved them.

As one person commented earlier on this string "can we move on already?"

1909 days ago


thanks all

1909 days ago


One stellar President of the United States who is compassionate but balances the scales. It's now about rescuing the children so they can get the professional psychological assistance necessary to become emotionally, psychologically, and mentally strong young adults down the road. The two eldest children are at a critical crossroads in their biological and psychological development right now.

1909 days ago

you must stupid    

Aww, how sweet!!! He doesn't write the family of the slain 23 year old army private murdered in cold blood at his recruiting office in Arkansas by a muslim terrorist, but he finds time to write the Jackson family. What a surprise!!!

1909 days ago
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