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Autopsy Shows Billy Mays Had No Head Trauma

6/29/2009 12:46 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Billy Mays autopsyThe Hillsborough County Medical Examiner just announced the results of Billy Mays' autopsy -- and said there was no connection between Billy's death and Saturday's rough aircraft landing.

Billy had admitted to suffering a blow to the head when the front tires of US Airways Flight 1421 blew upon landing -- but the doc said he found "no signs of internal or external head trauma."

Dr. Chrostowski said Billy most likely died from complications due to heart disease. He said the autopsy showed "hypertensive and arteriosclerotic disease of the heart" -- which is known to cause sudden death.

The doc said Billy -- who was scheduled to have his third hip replacement surgery today -- had prescriptions for tramadol and hydrocodone, but said Mays had no history of drug abuse and "the counts of remaining medication are correct."

The doc will announce the official cause of death once all test results are in.


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His commercials are still being shown on TV - I 've seen three already, since he died. As my husband says, they paid him so they're getting their money's worth. They could lay off for a few days though, out of respect for the man.

1910 days ago


Wow, there were some real zingers in these comments. I tried my best not to laugh at most of them, but, damn them, they were on a roll. Sad news. Were his doctors aware of the condition of his heart, was he even getting any sort os treatment for this?

1910 days ago


what is it death season- Hopefully the celebrities will take a break. People magazine is going to have to put out a quadruple issue

1909 days ago


20. I cant believe some of you people. You guys are so freaking cold hearted. He left behind a wife and 2 kids and all you can do is make fun of him. Show some compassion if you have any. You people make me sick. RIP Billy

Posted at 12:38PM on Jun 29th 2009 by Safari

REALLY???? New flash Safari, He had the wife and 2 kids when he was selling that JUNK on tv to little old ladies. He nor did his WIFE and 2 kids ever complain then so what's your point NOW?
Get real

1909 days ago

Harvey Lee Roth    


1909 days ago


For every action there is a reaction. Those (including myself) who did not like the ad's, the voice, the fat man with the beard yelling or the products we are the reaction.
We have a voice here on TMZ. this allows us to be heard something you cannot be heard doing while watching ANY billy commercials(sorry could not resist)
Why can we not be heard? Why must we ki$$ Billy's a$$ now that he is gone? WTF did he ever do for his anyone other then his wife or 2 kids? Did he open ANY business up in his home town? NO? Did he donate time to under privileged kids? Anything remotely good in person and not CASH donations to his own flocks?
Tell us how he cared about his health?
Tell us how he will be remembered in 1 year?
People or sell outs like him are a thing of the PAST.
RIP only costs you your dignity.

1909 days ago

Harvey Lee Roth    


1909 days ago


so one day and we know what killed billy.....6 to 8 weeks to find out what killed jacko?...i think the 6 to 8 weeks are to get all the stories straight.

1909 days ago


Sounds like he spent just a tad too much time making burgers on the Big City Slider Station.

RIP Billy.

1909 days ago


doesn't matter how just that it happened.loud mouth bitch

1909 days ago

The Doc Is In    

Say what you want about Billy Mays but the simple fact of the matter is that you know his name and you know what he was selling. Tells me that as he was pitching you, you didn't change the channel.
He caught your interest.
Many purchased one thing or another from him.
But even if you never once purchased a thing he pitched, not from the TV, not from the local retail store, you still know his name.

That is called success.
Billy was a major success

1909 days ago


All you posters talking about him not taking care of his health......when was the last time any of you checked YOUR cholesterol level.....took your blood pressure.....stepped on a scale......went in for a check up........???

1909 days ago

too sad    


if he was about to have a 3rd hip replacement op you would assume he already had his pre op medical tests and maybe, why wasnt a heart defect detected ??????

1909 days ago

Leann Gosselin    

he was a VERY hyper hyper man!! I wouldn't be surprised if he was taking some kind of prescription drugs.... he completely got on my nerves BIG time!!!! ugh..... but may he RIP, nonetheless!!!! I pray that his wife and family can make it thru the grieving process b/c it is so hard. My father just died in April of brain cancer, and I cry almost every day. GOD BLESS that family. :[

1909 days ago


Please screen more carefully some of the a-holes that feel it necessary to disrespect a person they no nothing about . I would suggest asking them about what they do for a living so we can shred their lives like they do to someones loved ones.
I cant believe that American citizens are so hateful. It's no wonder the rest of the world hates us.

1909 days ago
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