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Michael Jackson's Mom Fears Looting

6/29/2009 8:07 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael JacksonThe lawyer for Michael Jackson's mother filed documents in court today, sounding the alarm that people up to no good will try and fleece Michael's estate. The court had apparently had enough concern to make Katherine the administrator of the estate pending a hearing next Monday.

Katherine's attorney, Burt Levitch, claims there are numerous bank accounts of Michael's that are being controlled by third parties. He says the bank accounts are used "to pay expenses of [Michael's] parents' home." Levitch says these bank accounts need to be controlled so third parties don't misspend the money.

Levitch also says there is worry about Michael's stake in the Sony-ATV Music Publishing Catalog -- which includes Beatles' works -- that Levitch says is the most important asset in the estate. Levitch says no one is now representing Michael's interests and he wants Katherine to step in her late son's shoes.

Levitch says at least one person is claiming to have a power of attorney to act on Michael's behalf. Although a power of attorney would have ended when Michael died, Levitch worries that not everyone knows that and assets could be misappropriated.

And the family is questioning whether a will really exists, because no one has informed them of that fact. We're told attorney John Branca, who was re-hired by Michael three weeks ago, is in possession of a will.

Katherine has the right under the order "to control tangible personal property currently in the physical possession of a third party, and to marshall and secure such assets."


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.:Loki 4Ever:.    

BTW, Joe Jackson is just a fame-whore.....

1941 days ago

two cents    

The only ones that are looting are the PARENTS. Joe swept in and snatched up all of Michael's belongings, for what?? They need to hurry up and file that will to save whatever there is left of Michael's estate. Michael didn't trust his father, and now we know for sure, with good reason!!!

Death brings out the worst in people. They should be ashamed of themselves!!!!!

1941 days ago


I love Michael Jackson, grew up with him and the Osmonds and the Partridge Family. Michael was perfect and that inevitably can be a very bad trait. I hate this, I never equated MJ and Drugs, I did Anna NIcole and several others, but not MJ. MJ was always frail, he had a bad plastic surgeon and he had more public attention than he ever wanted. I believe that of Michael Jackson and any other Super Star who lived like he did, and he is a LEGEND. He will not be surpassed in my lifetime.

Gertrude, Age 50

1941 days ago


Im sure the crooks have probably cleaned out all of the cash from MJ's bank accounts by now.

1941 days ago


Why have strangers fleecing the estate, when Joe can do it.

1941 days ago

MJ is ♥    

I've read some offensive comments on this site about MJ and I have to wonder why America treated him so aweful.

Are things really that racist and exploitive in America? Thought you learned from at least US slavery, I mean don't they teach you guys in your schools about history and logic?

MJ did so much for the music industry and pop music specifically, and he was extorted and murdered like this?

America should be ashamed of their self. Where we are from we love MJ songs and dance.

I'm definately not from the USA, thank the stars.

This is so tragic and terrible hate for such a beautiful man.

My oh my.

1941 days ago


What were the moving trucks taking out his home the other day? And who authorized it?

1941 days ago


Michael & the Jackson Family have been looting other people for years! How can he buy 13,000 worth of art on a whim when he owes 400,000,000! I hope ALL the people Michael owed money to get their share before JOE & Katherine loot it all!

1941 days ago


To #6's comment "not everyone is waiting with baited breath for the next announcement". It looks like the one waiting with baited breath is YOU since you're comment made #6! HAHAHAHA If you aven't interested in the sordid details of a celebrity's life, then quit logging in to a celebrity blog! Besides... if YOU have children and specifically have plans for their life if anything should happen to you, take a look at what's going on here... obviously there's a problem with the judicial system if the Jackson family are being allowed to take over like this. MJ's body is only legally allowed to be released to the person listed as "next of kin". I'll bet big bucks that a Jackson family member is not a next of kin.

1941 days ago

two cents    

I'm betting the parents are sh!tting bricks about the existence of a will. God, I hope Michael really sticks it to them, if there is one. For Michael to have continued to support his parents? WTF? Enough.

And NO WAY should grandma get those kids. She's not going to live long enough to see them grow up into adulthood. Why traumatize them again with another death and upheaval. One of Michael's siblings should take the kids. Suck bs.

Karma's waiting for you Joe jackson. Karma. Be ready.

1941 days ago


That whole family is a mess. Joe Jackson, I cannot stand him, never did.

1941 days ago


I'm definately not from the USA, thank the stars.

seabird we are glad you are not from the US too....dumbass

1941 days ago


Didn't La Toya pull up a moving van yesterday and clean Michael's place out? Did she remove drugs and evidence as well as jewelry and cash and art? Why didn't the police tape off Michael's residence as a crime scene and not allow Jackson family members to loot the house? What did La Toya take? Doesn't that stuff belong to the kids and the estate???

1941 days ago


Mike was taking care of his family not because he had to but because he wanted to people. Family is always there for one another through thick n thin... I think of it it in this way I bet the majority of you who have parents would not lift a finger to pay for groceries I bet the majority of you is at home leaching off your parents.. But he was doing what he felt in his eyes was right, taking care of his people and you don't leach on when you are family. Why don't the people who have negative s h i t to sat go the f u c k on...

1941 days ago


SHE is a pawn, her appointment in name only - the lawyers are making all the moves and calling the shots. She is in control of nothing. She is ONLY worried about who is going to pay the bills for her house, why not let Social Security pay their bills like the rest of the elderly who did not save for their retirement and live off the government. . . .or some of her other children. This is all a mess - and the kids will be the losers.

1941 days ago
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