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Michael Jackson's Mom Fears Looting

6/29/2009 8:07 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael JacksonThe lawyer for Michael Jackson's mother filed documents in court today, sounding the alarm that people up to no good will try and fleece Michael's estate. The court had apparently had enough concern to make Katherine the administrator of the estate pending a hearing next Monday.

Katherine's attorney, Burt Levitch, claims there are numerous bank accounts of Michael's that are being controlled by third parties. He says the bank accounts are used "to pay expenses of [Michael's] parents' home." Levitch says these bank accounts need to be controlled so third parties don't misspend the money.

Levitch also says there is worry about Michael's stake in the Sony-ATV Music Publishing Catalog -- which includes Beatles' works -- that Levitch says is the most important asset in the estate. Levitch says no one is now representing Michael's interests and he wants Katherine to step in her late son's shoes.

Levitch says at least one person is claiming to have a power of attorney to act on Michael's behalf. Although a power of attorney would have ended when Michael died, Levitch worries that not everyone knows that and assets could be misappropriated.

And the family is questioning whether a will really exists, because no one has informed them of that fact. We're told attorney John Branca, who was re-hired by Michael three weeks ago, is in possession of a will.

Katherine has the right under the order "to control tangible personal property currently in the physical possession of a third party, and to marshall and secure such assets."


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There are so many racist people in this world. You can tell by the comments on this board. People wonder why this man was depressed and withdrawn because of all this negative garbage that people are spewing in the universe. So this man and his family the same respect that others celebrities were given.

1919 days ago


From whom? His FAMILY???? Well, mostly his so-called father.

I feel sorry for Mrs. Jackson. I bet her life has been nothing but one big hell with that old man because he's all about him and he's a huge bully - you can tell that by listening to him/looking at him even if Michael and Latoya hadn't told so much about his abuse and bullying

I hope Katherine gets it ALL and that she takes those kids and runs so far away he'll never find them to keep him from ruining those kids like he did Michael! Can you IMAGINE?

Plus I hope that SHE gets some peace. I truly believe she was the only one in that family who truly loved Michael - the rest of them can cry and snot around about how much they loved him, but already they're all talking about "world tour" for THEM and attending red-carpet events so THEY can be seen in their "grief". Makes me want to throw up.

Katherine is the one person I'm sure Michael loved most (other than his kids) and trusted and he knew that she loved him!

She should get the kids IMHO BUT she's like what? 79 yrs old or something? The court needs to also look at her age because God love her, I hope she has many many years left, but at that age, who knows? AND that's too old to be raising young kids even for a lady who has raised so many already.

I feel really sorry for HER and for those three little kids.

As far as the rest of them? PULEESE. They're counting all the royalties and plotting how much they can profit from Michael.

The old man will have HIS "record company" to fall back on since that's ALL he wants to talk about rather than the loss of his son.

Everytime he's interviewed or in his "press conferences", that's the first thing he brings up along with how the world's lost it's biggest superstar.

Joe, just once, how about saying, "I've lost my SON" and showing some real remorse and grief.

After what he's done to Michael while he was alive, he should be down on his knees praying to God for forgiveness and feeling really horrible that his son is gone.

God only knows what he's done to Mrs Jackson and the other kids because a bully bullies EVERYONE in the family, trust me I KNOW because my Dad (and Mom) was a bully and abused us kids and we weren't rich by any means and certainly not famous.

They ALWAYS pick out one child who gets it the worst too - they ALWAYS pick out the one with the most sensitive soul and spirit and they break that spirit as well as rob you of your soul. I KNOW about THAT too. I was the one in my family. Michael was the one in his.

I just (thank God) didn't go to extremes like MJ did to "mask" the hurt but I've been messed up emotionally all my life and still am in middle age.

You ALWAYS continue to hear those hurtful, cruel and mean remarks and you ALWAYS see yourself in the mirror as being what they (and others ignorant people) have always told you that you are.

So I could always totally relate to Michael's songs which if you really listened to most of them, TOLD about the abuse and terrible cruelty that was in his life.

AND these jerks who abuse you and bully you never ONCE admit it's THEM and THEIR problem. They turn it around and blame the child (or spouse) which only makes the pain and self-loathing even worse.

I hope and pray Michael finally gets the peace he deserves which he was never able to obtain during his lifetime.

I'm keeping Mrs. Jackson and those three children in my thoughts & prayers. They're going to need all of those we can send them folks.

1919 days ago


This world is so racist and this board is just another example. #421 you insensitive prick, Michael was found innocent of all charges and both boys in each case has admitted to lying. People wonder why Michael Jackson was so depressed and withdrawn look at all of this negative and racist people in this world. Some of y'all are the ones that probably love Tiger Woods, The Williams sisters and Michael Jordan to death but guess what they are all African American. Harvey Levin you should be ashamed of yourself.

1919 days ago

Rita B    

looties probably already gotten money and it bad those leech fall in hand o fpop singer life. god didnot like ugly. please work fast.
poor MJ fall in hand of crooks and leeches.

1919 days ago

edward k    

The only thing that kept theyr well being was what their son´s made...
I hope that all the money is used to pay MICHAEL bills, attend that his children will have a future ( because THEY ARE THE VICTIMS IN ALL THIS CASE),and don´t give a penny to this family of vultures!!!!!!
My God, stop toying with people´s lives, let´s get real!!!!!!
All is about money, now, and we are forgetting about the most important thing: the children of no one!!!!

1919 days ago


Lubertha & LA-
I don't agree with the "it's normal" to beat your kids if you want them to turn out right notion.
Joe Jackson ABUSED his kids in every sense of the word. Emotioally, Mentally, Physically and I truly believe Sexually.
If you want to justify that as Normal, then I feel sorry for any kids you may raise.
I come from an African American family too, and I know that nonsense was not tolerated, but we were never exploited, we got lots of love and we knew when our parents or any other relatives mean BUSINESS.
I feel you are trying to downplay the damage Joe Jackson caused. I cry for Michael that he went through that sort of nightmare. Hitting, whooping, yelling at kids to intimidate or control them as a automatic punishment is a sign of weakness on the so called parents part! I am not saying I'm against spanking because I am not. But I am saying that there is a huge difference between good old fashioned discipline and ABUSE. RECOGNIZE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
RIP Michael... You are SOOOO LOVED!!

1919 days ago

DomGotHerMemorialTix =)    

1. MJ was NOT a pedaphile! To make a long story short, basically, those boys LIED just to get money out of MJ.. Go get your facts straight because if you still think that he's a pedaphile, then you're a dumb ignorant fool because HE'S NOT. MJ was very eccentric.. And one of the reasons why he's like this is because he did not have a childhood.. remember that song he wrote Have You Seen My CHildhood? Even Smokey RObinson and a few other people that personally knew MJ say that he's like a little boy.. Since he didn't have a childhood, he tried to have one when he's older.
2. MJ did NOT have pics of little boys in their underwear! Who the fu*k came up with that?! That's the lamest rumor I've ever heard about MJ!
3.The statement they got from that little boy about MJ's private parts were SIMILAR but NOT A DEFINITE MATCH u idiots
4. If you're tired of hearing about MJ's death, then just do not come to this website anymore because it's obviously PRETTY MUCH all they're talking about.. All the media is focused on this great man because he touched so many people's lives in the WORLD.. not just this nation, THE WORLD.. He's like a King.. Not only is his death a shocker, but it's sad, it was so sudden, people wanna know who's gonna get custody of his kids, his estate, what's up with that damn doctor, how did he die, etc. ALLLLLL KINDS of things are going to need to be done since he passed away. It's a mess and I believe that this is going to be going on for a long time.

***DO NOT SPEAK UP ON THINGS IF YOU DON'T KNOW THE FACTS (I.E. MJ IS A PEDAPHILE. BECAUSE HE'S NOT) NOBODY knows if he o.d. on drugs or not.. Some evidence is leading to coroners saying that he did, some evidence is saying that it's that damn doctors fault.. Anyone can speculate and say 1 or the other just based on what they believe. But it's that doctor's fault.. He used that 30 minutes to try to cover up his mistake! He did SOMETHING to MJ to make him go into cardiac arrest and that's why it took him so long 2 call 911. Its THE DOCS fault!

1919 days ago

Janice Wemyss    

I hope MJ's Kids go with his Mom. I am unsure of his father though. The man looks down right mean and he don't look like he has a sympathetic gene in him. His face always looks the same. Mean and ready to take charge and if you don't follow his orders you'll get your head knocked off. I bet he did beat the crap out of Micheal when he was little. His Dad was evidently more concerned with the money HE was making at the time his boys were still juveniles and busting their little butts on stage instead of playing with other children and interacting with others their age. Basically robbed of their innocent childhoods. I wouldn't leave my Dad anything either nor would I have associated with him after grown up. There was abuse in my childhood that leaves me now with no contact with my Dad. It wasn't sexual abuse. It was like living in a home where you can tell and feel that you're not wanted. My Dad kept me cause he got social security from my Mom's death, which was suicide. The money was all he wanted. He called it HIS Check.
May you rest in the best peace that God can offer Micheal. I have cried several times. I can't believe he is gone. Especially the way this has all went down. You will be missed tremedously. I hate to see people die. And you have to say Goodbye without a choice.

1919 days ago

Breaking News    

Has anyone other than me heard the rumor that Michael is not dead and he faked his death to make BILLIONS of $ with the plan of having his face re-done so that he will be able to come out in public and live a less restricted life?

1919 days ago

Earl Wendell OFlaherty    

Michael Jackson came into this world and came from being a poor black son of a brutal no good wannabe hustler and overcame all that negativity to become a mega superstar in his own right, if thats not being touched by the hand of God then nothing is, he put all his critics to shame with their false accusations (he was found not guilty on all counts) and he was still on track to making another fortune as well as the millions he still had in his estate, all over again God blessed you Michael your legacvy will live on when you return again and again forever, world without end Amen.

1918 days ago




1917 days ago
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