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Michael Jackson's Estate in Court

6/29/2009 3:04 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael JacksonInitial papers have been filed with the court to probate Michael Jackson's estate. But it seems Jackson's mom and dad don't know Jackson had a will.

The petition was filed by Michael's parents, Joe and Katherine Jackson. But here's the thing. The papers say Jackson died "intestate" -- that means, without a will.

But we've learned Jackson's long-time lawyer, John Branca, who just came back on board 3 weeks ago, has a will Jackson signed that he intends to file within 30 days.

The petition asks that Katherine be named as administrator of the will ... meaning she wants to call the shots.

The papers say Debbie Rowe will be served with notice of a hearing.


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These people are sickly disfunctional. Poor Michael, poor children, He just died and they are out shopping, going to events. fighting for money. SAD!

1940 days ago


I read on another dite that the house in Encino, or "the family compound" is actually part of Michael's estate because he actually owned the house, not the parents. Plus, it's upside down on the mortgage--it's mortgaged for about 1.2 million more than it's appraised value. How kind of Joe Jackson to welcome the three children into their own house that they're now paying for via their father's estate!

Plus, to be already talking about a "tribute tour" when his son is not even buried is beyond low. He is greedya nd needs the money. I suspect that Jackson badly needed the money from his tour just to stay afloat.

1940 days ago

LUkas B. Killed    

All he wanted to say is that, they dont really care about him ... ALL HE WANTED TO SAY IS THAT, JOE WANTS JUST THE MONEY !

1940 days ago


Michael's manager Frank DiLeo was on the morning show, this is what he states....

"Strict provisions in will regarding finances for the children, for the mother, and who will get custody of the children in case of death"

You can see the interview from this morning here:

1940 days ago


The worse thing that can happen to those kids is if Joe Jackson becomes a permanent figure in their lives. And if they are blessed with talent that's even a fraction of that of their father, forget it.

1940 days ago

admirer or Michael    

Michael was a star! His Father is THE PITS! Michael not even cold, and his so-called Father is talking about a new record label. I'm disgusted & appalled!! Poor, poor Michael and his poor children. Maybe Debbie Rowe is sitting on the sidelines until the euphory has settled down somewhat.

1940 days ago


Michael's dad used him his whole life now he'll use his kids. Joe Jacksons press release today was a joke, using it to promote his record label. I hope they end up with nothing and someone who really cares about the kids will get them so they can have a normal life.

1940 days ago


Posted at 2:19PM on Jun 29th 2009 by Kevin

First The Beatles NEVER owned there Music, the Record Company Did.
Paul has been trying to Buy them for years, He had once offer over 100 mil for them.

As for Paul being bleed dry, I don;t think so, His wife only got 50 mil.
Paul is worth will over a BILLION Dollars......

He Invested Well. He has working Farms and Houses and Ranches all ove the World.

Yes, I did Say Billion !!!! 50 mil is a drop in the bucket to Him.

1940 days ago


Why don't you change your website address to michael Isn't there anything else to write about? I need a Michael break

1940 days ago


This is so sad! Children without a real parent, parents grabbing for wonder this man was mixed up. Did anyone other than his children really love him? He was a musical genius and left this earth way to soon, but he is at peace now. I did not always approve of his life style but he seemed like a sincere person. I hope with all of my heart he is happy and without pain of any kind. God Bless!

1940 days ago

who gives a shit    

Wow, these people are too much! Their son is not even buried yet and they have moving vans at the rental right away, they are going to awards shows, going to court to file for his estate to go into probate? What makes them think that Michael wouldn't have a will. Most people with children and with any assets have a will. Michael would not want his abusive parents to take control. He had to have a will and has had them updated over the years. He knew he wasn't going to live forever and would want his children to be taken care of and not by Joe abuser Jackson. These people are $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$hungry!!!!

1940 days ago


Joe Jackson is a shameless human being. He only cares about money, not that his son just died. Poor Michael to have had him for a Father... He had to know his son was in terrible trouble & did nothing to help him. I have no sympathy for this greedy man....

1940 days ago


he should have filed it right away...whay did he wait so long to talk about it and then report it to tmz instead of calling jackson family right away and inform them about the will?,,,considering there has been all sorts of concerns about not knowing wherther he had a will. and then,, he is gonna file it within 30 DAYS? you're kidding....he might have said how he wanted to be buried. and that should be known right away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1940 days ago


Someone ought to do a DNA test match on the three kids and Jackson.

1940 days ago


Oh daddy! Joe and Katherine gonna be po folks after all.

1940 days ago
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