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Michael Jackson's Will Surfaces

6/29/2009 2:13 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael JacksonWe've learned Michael Jackson's lawyer has a copy of the singer's will and he intends to file it with the court.

We're told the Jackson family doesn't have a copy of the will in attorney John Branca's possession. It's unclear how many wills Jackson made but Branca believes it's the most current.

Branca has a long history with Jackson. In 1985, Branca brokered the deal for Jackson to purchase The Beatles' publishing catalogue.

Branca and Jackson stopped working together in 2006 but the singer hired him back just three weeks ago.


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Some Faustkateer    

Wonder if it says anything about the kids? Katherine didn't do all that great the first time. How old is she, anyway?

1940 days ago


Oh, this is just delightful.

I'm looking forward to seeing what this says in relation to MJ's kids, money, family, etc.

Should be enlightening.

1940 days ago


Wow interesting. Three weeks ago, lucky lawyer!

1940 days ago


Those Poor Kids...........MADDNESS!!!

1940 days ago


well, as the will surfaces there is hope that this mess will be sorted out in one way or another. has Al malnik spoken to you because of the pics you pilfered? Another question is whether childcare will step in and appoint a legal guardian for the children as long as all is being sorted out....At least we know for a chance that prince Michael II is born on 21 january 2002, this small tidbit has never surfaced before. perhaps other skeletons in the closet will emerge? lots to learn here....

1940 days ago

juan locdog    

why was the king of pop taken from us so soon!!!!!
High maintenance venereal diseases like paris hilton and lindsey lohan still get to breath, wtf!!!? I wish these promiscuous attention whores would drop off the planet.

r.i.p. Michael you will be missed forver!

1940 days ago


Good. The will should definitely give guidance for the kids' custody. There must have been godparents named.

As abusive as Joe Jackson was with his own kids, and as Katherine didn't prevent it, they shouldn't get the kids. Debbie Rowe was only the surrogate and shouldn't get them either.

1940 days ago


the poop is about to hit the fan...

1940 days ago


Well that is good news. I thought I had read somewhere that his family has just retained Michael's lawyer and I thought that would be a conflict of interest. I hope this is legitimate.

1940 days ago


It's a shame this will all come down to the almighty dollar, but they are no different then most families in that way I suppose. Joe was a real piece of work, and plugging his "recording label" last night was a joke, seriously how crappy can you be Joe, it's bad enough you are trying to say the cops are trying to cover up a murder so you can't collect insurance, there is a member of the Jackson family that could have died and very few people would have cared, too bad it was the wrong one that passed away.

1940 days ago


I really hope all of his remaining assets are given to the Children and not wasted on his greedy relatives...

1940 days ago


Its Amazing when a story like this comes up none of the petty tifts of celebrities matter. You have done an awesome job reporting this tragedy. His death has actually bought people together when we were all fighting over petty issues these seem to not matter now...

1940 days ago


humm three weeks ago.. Did he make changes in his will in those three weeks? I hope that those kids will be well taken care of with protection. Hope no custoday battle will follow. those kids do not need to be tossed around.

1940 days ago


So, MJ's dad beat him....and now the kids are supposed to go live with his mother and dad...hmm...makes a WHOLE lotta sense. Yeah, she should be granted custody for sure. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE?????? HIS FATHER IS CRAZY!

1940 days ago


Funny on the bet awards Joe's lawyer said there was no will ---and MJ manager said their is a will----Joe sees $$$$ signs, he talked about his rnew ecording studio on award night---didnt sound like a greiving father to me. AND NOW, they want the kids. Those kids will never be the same if they stay with grandpa!!!
aybe one of the siblings couldtake them NOT the grandparents they are TOO OLD ---and what happens when they die

1940 days ago
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