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Clooney Caught in Bogus Celebrity Death Craze

6/30/2009 2:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

George ClooneyGood news everyone -- George Clooney is alive and well ... just like Jeff Goldblum and Natalie Portman.

For some reason, some seriously messed up people at dropped some evil rumors that Clooney was the latest star to croak this week ... and now, we've learned the fake stories have caused some serious concern within his circles.

TMZ spoke with Clooney's publicist, Stan Rosenfield, who told us he's been bombarded by frantic calls from legitimate media outlets and some of Clooney's friends who were genuinely shaken by reports of Clooney's death.

With the rash of actual celebrity deaths in the last few weeks, "death pranks" are at an all-time high -- but the people who are starting these terrible lies ... they're still the lowest of the low.


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Sounds like someone is making their "dead pool" list public! Who's next?

1944 days ago


#14..ya wasnt that rant just lovely...NOT! I cant beleive that was just looked over. But, that is another subject all together. I find it interesting that Fred Travelena died yesterday and there is nothing about him...not even a blurb about this guy...he was a great clean comedian for more then 20 years, also one of the best impersonators there was.

1944 days ago

Joy Lewis    

What a sad bunch of sick people are living in our society!!

1944 days ago


Sorry but I gotta call BS. First of all - where are the false reports that he died? I see them no where, no one I know heard these rumors. They weren't on your site, they weren't on Twitter - nothing. So how were so "many" people frantically calling to check and freaking him out? I'm starting to wonder if some of these celebs are planting this crap to either take some of the attention off the tragedies and let things settle down, OR because their ego is crushed that no one cares about them at the moment. Either way, I HAVE TO CALL BS ON THIS

1944 days ago


Has '50 cent' died yet?

1944 days ago


@ Disturbed: It's funny because I've read plenty of those rumours the very same day Farah Fawcett and Michael Jackson passed away. Unlike those sck people who have so little life they have to create such rumours, those stars have plenty to do on their own. And you should try to check a little more on the Internet before making such accusations with obviously no proof at all. And by the way Clooney or Portman or others don't need that kind of publicity... unlike the trolls who create those rumours!

1944 days ago


briskle - maybe you should check your facts closer - the only thing I see related to George Clooney being dead is from Aug 11, 2008. So if we've over looked something maybe you could point out where this (bogus) claim was in the media for all his friends to hear about it?

1944 days ago

TMZ hits a new low    

Hey #14, so you were there when Elvis died. So was I so you're not too special. I thought Jamie Foxx nailed it. What's wrong with him claiming some degree of ownership racially of Michael Jackson? Jamie Foxx spoke from his heart. He said that the media outside was saying bad things and this was their only chance to say what was right.
Claim him! Do it! I liked it.

Meanwhile, he better sure as hell have been a fan of MJ's seven days ago. I have no time for insty-mourners who sing Michael's praises but a week ago shunned the mention of the guy.

1944 days ago

Xanadu Wallace    

Well...and how sick can people get? Do not get me started.....

1944 days ago

Michael Madsen    

Nope... I still think he's dead.

1944 days ago

Michael Madsen    


George Clooney has just been signed on to play Billy Mays in Dreamworks: The Say Hay Really Loud Kid.

When reached for comment Clooney yelled: I had to take this role! They're paying me in three easy installments of twelve million dollars and they're guaranteeing audiences a barrel of laughs or their money back.
Director Steven Spielberg added.... "This movie's a great deal, call now for tickets, theatre operators are standing by.

1944 days ago


R.I.P. Fred Travalena and Gale Storm

1944 days ago


@ sigh@idioyts: like I've said if you would check better you would read rumour of Clooney's death from... last thursday. Check on google news amongst other places.Lots of those rumours were in fact create on Twitter. And Twitter erased them a few hours after. But the rumours had already begun. Some idiots pretended that he died in a plane crash. Why on earth Clooney would create such a piece of news? Here a few links :

1944 days ago


There have been a lot of these rumours going around and they truly are disgusting. While the amounts of deaths that have happened over the weekend have been surprising- no real signs of any illness that could lead to death- the people they are claiming have died are getting stranger and stranger. Britney Spears on Twitter, Rick Astley's 'death' is a new RickRoll, which I'm sure he wouldn't really appreciate.

I've even heard that Patrick Swayze has passed away after his fight with cancer, but since I haven't heard this from anywhere else except word of mouth, I'm assuming it's false.

It's an awfully sad week in Hollywood, and it's certainly most tragic to the families of those lost, and I find it astonishing, but mostly saddening and sickening that people actually find this the perfect opportunity to create false deaths by means of being funny. Truly awful.

1944 days ago


Sorry but this article didn't bring "good news" if there is anyone at all that we could do without, who would perform a service by departing it would be Clueless Clooney probably to biggest ego and biggest jerk in Hollywood. Clooney take a hint and give the people what they want, exit stage LEFT.

1944 days ago
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