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Birth Certificates for Jackson's First 2 Kids

6/30/2009 8:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We've just obtained the birth certificates for Michael Jackson's first two kids -- Michael Jr. and Paris.

Birth Certificates Click to view!

In both certificates, the father is listed as Michael Jackson. The mother listed is Deborah Rowe. The place of birth for Michael Jr. is Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in L.A. The place of birth for Paris is listed as Spaulding Pain Medical Center in Beverly Hills.


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is these even legal???we are talking about two innocent children lives and you guys are having a field day....i feel you need to draw the line somewhere....i mean children birth certificate????where is their privacy???do you have kids Harvey???have any family that you cared about?????sometimes you make me sick!!!!!and you are supposed to be a lawyer????how would you like you life history in some sleazy website..

1950 days ago


TMZ, can you get ODRAMA's birth certificate????????


1950 days ago

Michael Notjackson    

If this is not true that these children are not MJ's, than we will have to reteach recessive/dominant traits in DNA!

1950 days ago


A couple of questions -
I thought the first kid's name was PRINCE Michael, not just Michael Joseph Jackson...which was why Michael named "Blanket" Prince Michael the SECOND. Also, in the first certificate it says Debbie's middle name is Jeanne, in the second certificate it says Jean...just thought that was odd.

Even with all of the rumors, I still somehow think that these are biologically Michael and Debbie's kids. Just a feeling.

Either way, I hope these children have peace and comfort through all of this mess. God bless the Jackson family.

By the way, there is an RN now who believes his death was cause by a destive used as a sleep aid for Michael's insomnia...

1950 days ago


There is a big difference between a father and a sperm donor. Michael Jackson was their FATHER. The courts will not disregard his wishes. According to the will, his wishes were that the children go to his mother (his mother, not his father). The courts will also consider the best interest of the children and usually it is not in the best interest of the children to take them away from the ONLY FAMILY they have ever known. THEY DO NOT EVEN KNOW THEIR MOTHER. They will also consider how separating these children will affect them. They have just lost their father, losing their youngest brother will only harm them worse. There is alot to consider. For those making nasty comments, try to remember that there are parents that lost a son, siblings that lost a brother, and children that lost a father. If you cannot show some respect for MJ, at least have some consideration for the FAMILY who is mourning their LOVED ONE. I only hope that when your day arrives, someone is not making nasty comments about you that your loved ones can see.

1950 days ago


*caused by a sedative

1950 days ago

Couponing Diva    

OMG TMZ! Leave the children ALONE for God's sake!!!!! Jesus! It's horrible enough that these children have lost the only father they ever knew...but do they need THIS?

Nice job being the FIRST so-called "media" outlet to report Michael's death. You've crossed the line when you did this to the children.

1950 days ago

Olu Gabriel    

TMZ you should be ashamed of yourselves. You are all irritating. Whoever is trying to humiliate these kids has thier own badluck coming soon

1950 days ago

Inspector gadget    

TMZ......PLEASE DO NOT KEEP THIS INFORMATION UP......These poor kids need to be shielded from the public as does their backgrounds....This is not necessary...Let them be...Bad enough they don't even know who their real father is now....Since MJ is NOT their biological father.....Leave them alone...they need help....

1950 days ago


TMZ STOP MESSING WITH THESE KIDS THEY HAVE ENOUGH GOING ON RIGHT NOW WHO CARES WHO THE BIOLOGICAL FATHER WAS ANYWAY HE LOVED THOSE KIDS AS HIS OWN REGARDLESS--LEAVE THEM ALONE this is redicilous. As far as the person before saying he was a child molester becuase he settled out of court why dont you ask yourself this "What kind of parent whose child was molested would settle for money over justice???" she was obviously a disturbed woman and speaking of disturbed women dont even get me started about the 2nd case of child moles. that crazy woman needed to be in jail becuase she was being investigated for welfare fraud--MOST IMPORTANTLY HE WAS NEVER CHARGED WITH ANY OF IT!!! HELLO???? Seriously these are the characters that you are basing your judgement about MJ over??? All he ever did he whole life was try to bring peace to this crazy world he did so much for human kind. Listen to the words of his songs look into how much money he helped raise with We Are The World and all the money he gave to burn victims with the money he won from his lawsuit when he was involved in that fire shooting the pepsi spot. MJ was a golden person and would never hurt a soul. What a beautiful, wonderful, kind hearted, Honorable father, brother, entertainer and friend.

1950 days ago


Somebody please explain something to me... I looked at the "birth certificates" on the link in the story. However, I noticed something odd... Debbie Rowe's middle name is misspelled/different on the two certificates... on one it is Jeanne and on the other it is Jean... WTF? No one noticed that when signing the certificates? They are not legit with false/wrong info on them, if they are the real ones to begin with...

1950 days ago


What importance is it to show the entire birth certificates of these children. To establish paternity? That has already been determined. Michael Jackson was the father of 3 innocent children regardless of How? When? Where?.... He tried to protect these children from this exposure. Everyone can believe what they want. Leave these children alone!!!!!! Regardless of anyone's opinion these children are going to face a tremendous void. These children as your child deserves privacy and whatever chance they may still have at a normal childhood.

1950 days ago



GARCELLE BEAUVAISE'S twins in your google image search

THEN....shut the hell up!

1950 days ago


WOW! What a big surprise ........... NOT. I do not find it amazing that MJ would not even want to have contact with an honest to God female even through the process of artificial insemination. Now watch the rest of the Jackson family members use this likely fact in future court battles for his money. LOL!

1950 days ago


I don't care what people say, or what DNA results reveal, Michael took care of those kids. He loved those kids and did everything for them. Legally, what Debra and said guy did was give up their parental rights, so whatever Jackson wants for those kids, those kids are entitled to get.All this talk is hearsay, and should stop.

1950 days ago
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