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Birth Certificates for Jackson's First 2 Kids

6/30/2009 8:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We've just obtained the birth certificates for Michael Jackson's first two kids -- Michael Jr. and Paris.

Birth Certificates Click to view!

In both certificates, the father is listed as Michael Jackson. The mother listed is Deborah Rowe. The place of birth for Michael Jr. is Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in L.A. The place of birth for Paris is listed as Spaulding Pain Medical Center in Beverly Hills.


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I am a true Michael fan and will truly miss him. However with all this talk of drug abuse I do find it interesting to see that his second child was born at a Pain Management Clinic....

1886 days ago


maybe the cops should be questioning that doctor

1886 days ago


On Prince Michael's birth certificate, Debbie's middle name is Jeanne. On Paris' the middle name is Jean....

1886 days ago


I think thoes kids look like a Brando!

1886 days ago


Two children born to a woman over 40, and only 56 weeks apart. Hmm....Seems plausible Ms Rowe was the carrier but not the egg donor. It also seems very clinically managed as a woman of her age does not usually conceive that easily. It would also explain Ms Rowes emotional detachment. Hope the Jackson's are keeping these children away from the internet and tv right now. Having said that as their images were starting to emerge after years of mask wearing the questions about their parentage would have arose due to the insatiable interest in their father. I fear a turbulent time ahead for them as Katherine Jackson is an old lady...... so what happens after she goes. Stability is what they desperately need right now and with the help of counsellors total honesty about their parentage as its not inconceivable (no pun intended) that the real egg and sperm donors will emerge. Children should not be bought and sold like this and in M''s case Im sure it will turn out these kids were engineered to look a certain way. It seems if you have great wealth ethics dont matter. But Im sure in La La land Jackson wasnt the only one
Check out the kid's dyed hair - I'm having a hard time thinking about this little person getting layers of peroxide shoveled on to his head at 5 years old.,As for the butterfly masks, we'dbest ask a shrink about them and the naturalness at which these kids tolerate them. Also Jackson has no clue that the way he describes taking Paris home from the hospital might be odd to some people.

1886 days ago

CJ Phoenix    

I think its really odd to come to a gossip site like TMZ and then complain because it is loaded with gossip.
On the other hand...TMZ broke the story about Michael's death 2 hours before any national news agency/cable or print media. Michael had been dead about 3 hours before anyone announced it...and dead as a door knob at least two hours before they finally quit doing CPR.

The only way to be absolutely sure of the Jackson kids' genetic relationship to Michael is to have DNA testing. I doubt that the Jackson family would be willing to do that-those kids are worth millions because Michael had attempted to provide for them and willed them a portion of his estate (if there is an estate left to pass on to anyone!).

Joe and Katherine Jackson would be insane to allow DNA testing unless they are 100% sure of the kids' biological link to their son.

Although the kids look "white" appearances aren't the entire story. Joe Jackson has beautiful green-gold eyes (I met him in person), The Jacksons are also part Native American (I grew up about 6 blocks from their Grandfather Jackson), and the color range in their immediate family goes from medium brown to light brown. With a nordic-type white mother (extremely fair) and a medium brown father (Michael's vertiligo change to translucent doesn't count) those kids could be anything from very fair with nearly straight blond hair and light eyes to olive complexion with very dark eyes and kinky-curly hair.

The kids, in my opinion, are gorgeous, but they really need to stop dying that eldest child's hair-that boy has had brown hair, black hair and white hair.

1886 days ago


Mike and Debbie are their parents and THAT's ALL.OMG leave them alone!!!...

1886 days ago


I hope the judges will ensure that MJ's parents keep their hands off
his assets and children. Shame on those who are now investigating on
who are the egg or sperm donors of his three kids! Even if they were
green, nothing can change the fact that Micheal loved them deeply as
a father and mentor. I think the best for them would be to have a
tutor who cares about their education and patrimony, and that they
live in a college where their inclinations or talents can grow. Once
adults, they'll hopefully be strong enough to face the sorrows that
made their father's life so difficult. If Michael is still with them,
he'll soon be proud: he chose them as his children, and I'm sure his
choice was motivated. One day Prince Michael I, Paris and Prince
Michael II will show us that, more than sperm cells, Michael's love
and lesson are seeds of a beautiful flower destined to blossom in the
gardens of their souls.
Looking forward to that day, my heart goes out to them.

1886 days ago


people grow up what if were you and your parent passed and someone started dragging them thru the dirt would you be so pleased about it , of course not so shut up and let the man rest in peace, and dont try and drag those kids any further than they are already they have just lost the only father they have ever known. so why amke it worse for them those of you that have children keep in mind what you are doing cause one day that could be you yea you may not be an entertainer or singer or any thing other then an average joe blow but think what your kids would feel if it were them, Michael jackson was the best ever and there will never be another.

1886 days ago


I am glad I am not the only one who feels compassion for the children.Michael Jackson may have had his faults but he DID love and protect his children!!They will need people to keep their world from being rocked worse than it is now.A man is taken from his children, and family.Please have some understanding.I wish the kids can watch his videos or dvds and listen to his mucic when they are a little older and remember how much that he wanted to protect them.Michael Jackson you did a good job in your music and the kids!!

1886 days ago


It is no surprise that the same people who kill Michael are still after him in death. So what about his Kids, So what about his belief and Live style. "If it was easy to be Michael a lot would choose to be him and die at 40"

The press should thank His Legend for giving them a Job and respect His Spirit by leaving Him to rest in Peace because he still has the Creator to clear himself With.

Michael! You are the best in all area that you touched, despite how you lived the Lord truly Loved you. Rest In His Bossom.

1886 days ago


I understand you print stories . Please when it comes to MJ Children can't you be more caring . Those kids don't need to hear all this stuff about who Kids are they . All the know is that there Father is gone . Let them deal with that . THey are Children . ANd young ones at that .

1886 days ago


Even if they are not his biological kids, if he stated in his will that they get everything then they get EVERYTHING!

1886 days ago


What would be the purpose of having some one bear u children that are not urs biologically? He could have adopted 3 kids legally or illegally, if he just wanted to show the world he had children. D Rowe and the unknown Mom were the conduit for the introduction of Michael J Jackson's children into this world PERIOD.

1886 days ago

Mom-to-be by IVF    

Do you realize what you're doing to the thousands of women who have babies with donated eggs in vitro? I can't have kids normally because of numerous problems, and am using donated eggs. Are you trying to say that if something happens to ME, that the person who donated the eggs can come take the child(ren) from my family? No no and NO. Debbie Rowe gave birth to the kids, she is the birth mother, period. The genetic parent(s) (egg/sperm donors) have zero rights. She is not required, by law, to adopt the kids as they are hers. Between you guys and Octomom, you're going to kill the IVF industry and force all of us to be judged unnecessarily.

By questioning this, you're breaking more hearts than you realize. I've already got one doctor looking down his nose at me, I don't need to worry what will happen to my children that I gave birth to if something happens to me, I'm really disappointed TMZ. While you've done a lot of questionable things, this is just painful.

1886 days ago
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