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Michael's Doc Won't Attend Funeral

6/30/2009 6:14 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's doctor -- the one who didn't call 911 for 30 minutes after finding MJ unconscious -- won't be attending his funeral, this according to the doc's rep.

We're told Dr. Conrad Murray hasn't been watching the media coverage and has been "isolating himself" from the public. Also, Murray hasn't spoken with the Jackson family since he saw them at the hospital on the day Michael died.

Murray's rep said he's skipping the funeral to "mourn privately for the death of his friend."


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Response to: 14. Why would a Doctor call 911 quickly? That's like saying President Obama didn't call vp Biden for whatever situation in the first few minutes of the situation. Duuuh the Doctor was already there. Why call for help by ambulance peeps. Obviously when he could not be revised then they decided they need to get him to a HOSPITAL. geez tmz.

Posted at 9:54AM on Jun 30th 2009 by hype
When minutes count (not hours) and a large medical facility is but five minutes away from the patient, why would any competent doctor not call out for someone to call 9-1-1 while he gave MJ CPR until the ambulance arrived? Besides MJ's personal doctor didn't even know how to properly do CPR, which he continuously performed for almost an hour with no response, with the end result that he was already dead by the time the EMT's got to see him. Had a defibrillator been immediately available to shock his heart, as well as the resources of fully equipped and staffed emergency room, MJ would probably be alive today. I can only hope that if one of your loved ones ever becomes caught up in a similar medical emergency, you will yell for someone in the house to call 9-1-1 so you can do CPR (and not allow a trained but clearly incompetent doctor to even touch your loved one. In my opinion, MJ was dead shortly after 11:30 a.m. on June 25th; he
may have initally sufferred a cardiac arrest but he died shortly thereafter when he was given inadequate resuscitation. It will interesting to see what the DEA has to say about all this.

1856 days ago


hey HYPE...evidently you know nothing of the medical profession...Number 1, doctors take an oath "DO NO HARM"....Number 2, even a docs needs help...i'm a nurse and i'd rather have a nurse take care of me or do cpr anyday rather then a doc...they really dont like to get their hands dirty....Number 3. if this guy is a cardiologist and he knew Michael had a drug problem why didnt he have an AED on hand or NARCAN....theres just to many unanswered questions...personally i feel Michael was MURDERED...maybe at the hands of the doc but i'm sure it goes much deeper...i feel his father is in it up to his ugly eyeballs...i bet he wanted money from Michael for his new venture and Michael told him no...setting the ball in motion...AS YOU ALL CAN SEE....MICHAEL IS WORTH MUCH MORE DEAD THEN ALIVE...EVEN HIS COMEBACK CONCERT WOULDNT HAVE GENERATED THIS KIND OF MONEY.....i hope the DEA AND ALL THE PEOPLE WORKING ON THE CASE GET TO THE BOTTOM OF THIS..PERHAPS CSI COULD HELP THEY SOLVE A CRIME IN LESS THEN AN HOUR...SORRY FOR THE SARCASM BUT ITS A FREE SERVICE I OFFER....

1856 days ago


This pathetic individual named Megan whom posted a hate comment on the most sweet gentle human being that happpened to make peoples lives the world over so much pleasant with joy and excitement filling our lives with color and life, this Megan character obviously is a hate monger for black people in the lime light. She has no soul nor feelings at a time lke this, My parents are 94 and 90 and hearbroken like the rest of us on Michaels passing. I have always loved Michael Jacksons talent, the genuine gentle sweet person that he was to everyone and caring and doing for kids and people worldwide. How dare this demon character MEGAN post such atrocity at a very sad time for all the world. Even my aged parents loved Michael and still awaiting when we can go to the memorial....ALL OF MY FAMILY INCLUDING MY PARENTS......WILL ALWAYS LOVE SWEET MICHAEL JACKSON, AND OUR DEAR FATHER IN HEAVEN WILL ONCE AGAIN RAISE HIM FROM THE MEMORIAL TOMB AT JUDGEMENT DAY AND FIND HIM IN THE BOOK OF LIFE AND MICHAEL WILL AGAIN LIVE AND WALK IN THIS TO BE PARADISE EARHT FOR THE SECOND TIME AND FOREVER ACCORDING TO THE BOOK OF REVELATION....LORD SOVEREIGN ALMIGHTY GOD JEHOVAH OF THE UNIVERSE WILL MAKE SURE OF THAT. WE WILL SEE MICHAEL AGAIN UPON RESURRECTION. GOD BLESS YOU DEAR MICHAEL JACKSON. LOVE U ALWAYS, LIONEL VALLE RODRIGUEZ OF SAN DIEGO, CA

1855 days ago


TO:.....Dr. Conrad Murray: What ever happens...Your ass ain't worth 2 cents now. You will always be..."THE MAN WHO KILLED... Michael Jackson"

1855 days ago


He's better confess his part in the whole sorry saga for his own good.
He cannot hide himself forever. Remember what happened to the guy who assasinated kennedy.

I feel so sorry for him and his family if he's got any, they must be living fear...
I cannot imagine how the doctor sleeps at night, he must even jump at his shadow, he probably goes out
in disguise like michael used to do....sooner or later he'll become mental wreck.

Who knows he too may resort to taking least he can inject himself...or he could end up in a mental insitute.

Poor sud!!

1855 days ago

Uylanda Jones    

Megan is a nobody, the police need to look more into that doctor. How in the hell can you go 30 minutes not calling for help. That what make me think he did something to him. MJ family really need to probe more into that doctor.

1855 days ago


I believe that this doctor has done more than he claims to have done. I also believe that the reason that he was not wanting to answer the person whom was asking a question did he see what happened or was anyone with him....the person talking on the phone said that the doctor was with him, then attempted to ask him if he saw/was there with the person when this happened he screamed for someone to just come. If this is something that is very much like the Anna Nicole Smith incident...then I hope that everyone that was enablers as well as shoppers be prosecuted to the fullest. The doctor does not want to attend the funeral, to so call mourn by himself. I think that the doctor is scared.......he knows people believe that there is more that happened that day, that he's covering up something and that the family and even some fans..may beat him down. The media is focusing on all the negative stuff and not the good stuff. Joe Jackson may have in some way abused his children, but only Michael spoke up and out about it. I like his brother Jermaine Jackson believed that Michael was 100 % not guilty of the charges that was brought against him. It was said that the second accuser has claimed that Michael never touched him. A little too late to want to tell the truth now. That time during the trial took a toll on Michael. When he was found not guilty, I was celebrating with him. Michael said that he was innocent and I believe him from jump start, way before he did the special report that aired before the trial begin. People took advantage of Michael and you can see that even when he agreed to do the interview with Bashezar, the man twisted so many things that Michael was saying. I have been following this horrible time as it folded out June 25th 2009, I have been so upset with the media, people who are coming out of the woodwork making claims that they knew he was abusing drugs. Well, if you were witnesses to him abusing drugs, I should say painkillers and prescription drugs, you too are just as guilty as the person who provided these drugs when there was not a need for them, you too were enables and a new law needs to be put in place for celebrities to be more protected. I guess money can buy you anything... for the enablers you provided for Michael and you took advantage of him in many ways. To the so-called friends who stood by and watched him take prescriptions when there was not a need for them..shame on you. To the people who are now talking about what Michael was taking, what you saw and you stood by and watched and did not do anything...shame on you as well.Stop coming out now that Michael has passed talking about what you was not important enough for you to tell while he was alive, then don't come bringing this to the media or world now. I am a big fan of his, always will be. God Bless you Michael Joseph Jackson. I love you and miss you tremendeously. I have never ever met you in person, never been to a concert in my life, but I have watched and followed your career and lives for years. Although you have been in the entertainment business many many years, as long as I can remember your music was played in our house when I was a child, now I am 41. I can remember all your songs, the Jackson Five, the cartoons and all. Gone too soon and loved unconditionally, the world is shocked and still morning and will be mouring for a very very long time,

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1855 days ago


of all the people in the world, murderers, etc, they have to take mj, docs not going to funeral cos he guilty, made mistakes on mj, afraid everyone will be calling him murderer, instead he hiding, if you ain't done anything wrong then come out instead of making up stories

1855 days ago


Your stupid megan if you don't know who Michael is! to hell with heidi and spencer, they are the most rediculous reality couple in tv history. Thousands upon thousands will agree with me! Rest in peace MJ, you will always be loved and remembered, unlike heidi and her lame husband spencer who acts like a girl with all his drama. Live on in our heart Michael!!! We wont stop till we get enough!

1855 days ago


There are conflicting stories here.
Did he collapse and was found on the floor and one of his kids saw it? Or was he in bed and had a weak pulse when the Doctor checked on him? Which is it?

That doctor is a jerk, said he couldn't call 911 because there was no phone in Micheal's room?
Yeah right!
I'm sure he had a cell phone, and he said he didn't know the address?
Well while he was calling 911 he could have asked one of the many people that were in that mansion, after all he did get one of them to call after waiting more than 30 minutes.
This is all bull.

He shouldn't go to that Funeral.He knows what he did.
He didn't even know how to give CPR, what kind of Doctor is this person?

I know that this is getting a lot of coverage, thing is it gets sadder every day.
RIP Michael, we will miss you.

1855 days ago


doctor death more like

1855 days ago


doctors fingerprints will be everywhere in that house or did he clear away the evidence before calling 911 and that is why the delay was in calling 911 cos he made mistakes on mj, what goes around will come around , it will all come back to haunt him, doctor assisted suicide on mj, it's criminal homicide, murder, that's why he not go to funeral cos they all after him and will hound him to his death

1855 days ago



1855 days ago


Whom every made that comment about Hadi and Spencer. Sorry but who gives a damn! Micheal was an ICON and trust it's going to be on every channel for a while. So get use to it. Thanks to TMZ for keeping me updated

1855 days ago
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