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Neverland Reps: Watch Out, Santa Barbara

6/30/2009 5:57 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The part owners of Neverland Ranch have released a letter to the residents of Santa Barbara, warning of the impending madness that will engulf the county if a public viewing of MJ's body occurs later this week.

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The letter -- sent by a rep for Colony Capital, LLC -- calls Neverland a "temporary sanctuary" for Michael Jackson fans who "will come, with or without permission or an invitation."

The doc also addresses Neverland's dark past by saying, "As we all know, the impressions left by Michael's last interaction with Santa Barbara County were not positive." But it goes on to say, "Michael was accused, tried and acquitted in our county and found innocent on all counts."


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As a California resident, my only concern is that my tax dollars had better not be paying for all the extra police they're going to need!

1950 days ago


#72 where did you read that there was money involved in the memorial service??? You said this all about $ I just want to read what you read.

1950 days ago

I Will Take Being Born White Any Day - Thats Worth Much More To Me, #6    

Where's there's smoke, there's fire. And there was gobs of smoke.

Get your head out of the sand - and out of your ass.

1950 days ago


MJ did still Own Some of the Rights to Paul and John's songs.

But it was reported a few years ago that MJ had Left them to Paul.
I am guessing that MJ thought Paul would pass before he did, Oppps....

1950 days ago

Kooky Fan    

Wow - he is more popular than Jesus Christ. All hail Michael - king of FREAKS.

1950 days ago


I meant to type #71, where did you read that there was money involved in the memorial service??? You said this all about $ I just want to read what you read.

1950 days ago


I'll bet Joe will be out there charging admission

1950 days ago

to little    

Look people, you have to look at it this way. Michael had the mentality of a 10 year old boy so of course he is going to sleep with other children. The wine they drink well the adult supervising Michael and the children is responsible. His drug problem is the fault of all the Doctors he had and not Michael for seeking them out.

Even tho Michael could sing like a adult and act like a adult when he wanted to or was singing and putting together his masterful works of art (laughing) he was only in reality a lil boy living in a grown ups world and should never be held accountable for his actions.

Shame on all of you it is a common thing for 10 year old boys to drink wine and teach each other how to masturbate, nothing wrong with that is it.

Shame on all of you Michael was a wonderful man and it is terrible he had to die at 10 years old. He was the greatest artist of all time but yet he was just a child. Just imagine what a difference Michael could have made had he lived long enough to grow up and mature. It is a shame Michael didn't even live to reach puberty, he would have made our country even better then it is now.

When Michael was 7 years old he was even smart enough to figure out how to acquire kids on the black market. Had Michael not died so young he would have made Einstein look like a uneducated kid who grew up in the ghettos of Indiana. Michael was a genius.

I must stop here I can't quit crying. Michael if you hear me, where ever you are be it with God or Ala I hope you have plenty of 10 year old boys to play with.

I love you Micheal and will always miss you

1950 days ago


14. I've always believed in Michael's innocence.I wish i could go to Neverland to say goodbye.I will always miss you Michael

Posted at 5:24PM on Jun 30th 2009 by Maria Says ....

Maria do you still think that OJ was innocent also....


MJ was acquitted NOT found innocent.. There is a BIG difference...

Acquitted means that there was Not enough proof to find him guilty It does Not mean He was not GUILTY....

1950 days ago

sad over losing another icon    

It saddens me to think about how his kids must feel, they are at a age where it is hard to keep certain things from them..they are having to hear about how his father may of or may not of been addicted to drugs which may of cost him his life but they are having to hear reports that their own mother is now saying in papers (even overseas papers) that Michael wasn't their father..He was the only Father and for that matter only parent they knew and loved, why take that away from them ..shame on you Debbie to never know the special gift that was given to you and you choose to spit on them two gifts....It was all good for Michael to be the kids father when he was alive but no so when he is much more do you want to take away from these two innocent kids, they are after all the only innocent ones involved in this case. I do hope the Jackson family is able to keep much of this uglyiness away from the children, and the grandmother is able to protect and if what has been said in the past about her husband (and i say that word wanting to throw up by his actions) is true about the abuse he put on the kids (all of them) i hope she is protecting them THIS TIME AROUND you have been given a second chance to make things right by Michael... We as a whole will never know if he was guilty or innocent I liked what michael did with the music and what he did for viedos in a whole but as for his private life who knows the whole truth.... greed and misunderstandings live in ALL OF US...let the first without sin cast the first stone, and i am willing to bet the line will not be that long to throw that stone..but regardless Michael is God's embrace now and I hope he finds the peace, love and acceptance he so badly wanted while on earth, I am sure he has found that in God's Arms.

If his 3 children take anything away from all the maddness that has been associated with not only his life but death as well I hope it will be that Michael Jackson was a person who loved his children and had a love for music that was unlike any other, and we the fans of his music loved him and will feel his absence very much, but his music will live in all of us for he had touched a part of us that when we hear Thiller or Beat it it takes us back to our teenage life and for a brief moment we get to feel like we did then..The song Black or White for me that song was saying it dont matter what color you are and Michael never saw anyone in color he was truly a man with the power to move you in song. Much has been saifd about the Black commuinty taking him back, but really again it doesn't matter do to Jamie Foxx I say shame on you cause that was so not Michael he never saw anyone in color black, white, brown didnt matter....the best legancy for Michael Jackson to Love and Power to Be One Voice, after all We Are The World..... Close your eyes Michael and lay your head on god's shoulders Michael for your trials and sorrow are now over....

1950 days ago


I think that it is very honourable of the Jackson Family to allow the fans to pay their final respcts to a LEGEND of our time, by allowing a public viewing! I would willingly travel from the UK to attend and pay my respects to Michael. Never again in our lifetime will we encounter a superstar of such proportions. We were honoured and those who CHOOSE to do so can feel close to him for one last time! RIP and may god be by your side xxx

1950 days ago


Thank You Lindsay!! My thoughts exactly, what real parent would take a payoff from someone that molested their child instead of seeing them tried and convicted. As a mother Hell would freeze over before I take money from someone who molested my child. It was all a hoax. I hope that they are living well off of that money, because money that is received by ill gotten means, will leave your hands in the same manner. Those people will burn in hell for what they did to Michael. That man could not hurt a fly much less a child. The sick ones are the parents of the children for pimping their kids, where is the outrage for that.

1950 days ago


What a beautiful letter!

1950 days ago

Karen Ann    

Farrah Fawcet died and went to heaven last week, and when she got there god looked at her and said you led a great life Farrah, id like to grant you 1 wish.
Farah thought about it for a minute and said i think id like to save all the children in the world from harm.
God immediatly said Done! and Micheal Jackson died!!!!!!!

1950 days ago


Wow, may I ask what in the world did poor ole Elvis ever do to you to cause such hatred on your part? Great day the man has been dead for almost 23 years. Who cares how many records have been sold. It is trivial.

1950 days ago
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