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Jackson Riddled with Injection Marks

7/1/2009 6:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael JacksonMultiple sources tell TMZ Michael Jackson had dozens of injection sites all over his body.

As we first reported, Propofol, a powerful anesthetic, was found in the house after Jackson died. Various medical experts tell us there is absolutely no medical justification for Jackson to have had this drug in his home -- it is used to knock people out before surgery. It is administered through an IV.

We're told Jackson wanted the drug to sleep and that he had cravings for anesthesia -- whenever he had even the most minor medical procedure ... he had the doctor put him under.

It is increasingly looking like Propofol may have caused Jackson to go into cardiac arrest and die. The doctors we spoke with say it's reckless for any doctor to supply Jackson with Propofol and especially reckless to administer it to him at home.

The fact that Jackson had dozens of injection sites on his body would have made it clear to any doctor that Jackson had a drug problem.

Criminal manslaughter is defined as the reckless disregard for human life. The talk in law enforcement -- this case seems to fit the bill.


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Have we not all learned by now to not trust the media until a reliable source confirms anything having to do with MJ not just now but his entire life???

MJ was and will continue to be a wonderful person, remarkable singer, kind, and giving man (and not in the way some of you one track minded people are thinking). There is no need to come down on any of his family, friends, or fans. Michael has made is peace/ forgiveness with these people and the ones who have done him wrong will get what they deserve (or dont) No matter what the relationship had with MJ in some way these people are hurting including is father.

I would like to know what happened to innocence until proven guilty famous or not... This is a part of what makes US so wonderful. Just because you dont fit the "typical" person does not mean your a freak or anything of the sort. How many celbs and regular people have different looks, beliefs, struggles even painkiller problems... and how many of these people are torn apart and ridiculed by media, the public...etc. Not many and not close as to as much as MJ and half of it is not true.

If you really look at the actual evidence in his cases against these children and who MJ really is as a person; the things he stood for, the lyrics he wrote, all the people he helped and yes his childhood maby it is possible to see past how the media and others destroyed him... and he still didnt want to give up. The first child was in court not much later with his own father over abuse and who gets the money...and for that matter what parent in there right mind settles for any amount of money if there baby is hurt like that...

All this right now is not important and everyone is entilted to there own opinion however, it is discusting to see all these blogs/ comments all over the internet of what is supposed to be a tribute and way for people to share there heartbreak being misused to disrespect his family, friends and true fans. It is also very sad to see how many supporters his has now after all hes been through and its too late. If you are on these sites to cause problems and disrespect MJs memory why? Do you have nothing better to do with your time then check up on websites about someone you never cared about and to hurt others feelings in a time they should be aloud to morn this wonderful man?

I am not a huge MJ fanatic, however I am a fan who has grown up with him who feels deeply for him and everyone in his life going through this difficult time. I have never doubted MJ not even a second even though his way of doing things and looking at things was different, he would not harm a child and "would slight his wrists first."

On a more on a personal note I believe someday maby not today tomorrow or even the next few years that these children will come forward to "officially prove" in the eyes of those who still doubt him his innocence... only it will be too late. And if not will get karma... wrong doings always come back to haunt you.

I wish MJ to finally rest in peace and be able to see how much he was is and always will be loved remembered and idolized by all those who truly love him.

1939 days ago

True Fan    

"If You Enter This World Knowing That You Are Loved And You Leave This World Knowing The Same, Then Everything That Happen In Between Can Be Dealt With." Michael Jackson

1939 days ago

Queen Of The World    

This just in ... Micheal Jackson is still dead.
Can we move on now?

1939 days ago


Propofol is a powerful drug and when combines it with other painkillers can be mortal because it produces heart attack.

1939 days ago


The police know that the world is watching and they have to ensure that all details are correct before proceeding with any type of prosecution of individual/s - if necessary.

If they rush in, like many are suggesting, and start throwing accusations around (like so many are), they would be in serious trouble - especially if there is no EVIDENCE to back it up. Just because it's reported in the media doesn't mean it's fact - like the Nanny pumping MJ's stomach.

There are a variety of reports being thrown around, people making various statements etc etc.

This is a HUGE investigation.

Give the Police time and let them get it right.

It's better to be thorough now than rushing and regretting it later.

1939 days ago


Dr. M preferred the one-handed CPR method. Does this sound like a competent doctor capable of overseeing someone knocked out with Propofol?

1939 days ago


Mmm, hay que esperar al informe oficial, mientras, todos son rumores

1939 days ago


Michael is alive and well, moonwalking with Elvis in Hawaii drinking pineapple juice and living in a hut .. and Lisa Marie drove the getaway car !! LET THEM BOTH REST IN PEACE FOR CRYING OUT LOUD !!!!!!!

1939 days ago


38. I bet I know why MJ liked anesthesia. He was obsessed with living forever and I bet he thought that your mind/body aged slower while you were "under". Anyone think of that? I bet that's what he was doing: trying to "preserve" himself by putting himself into suspended animation. Either that, or it was some sick pleasure he got form the feeling of dying and coming back to life.Posted at 5:45PM on Jul 1st 2009 by JD

You could be right. I was thinking that with all the cosmetic surgeries he'd had, he got used to being knocked out & not having to deal with his inadequacies. In fact, maybe that's WHY he had so many ELECTIVE surgeries. He wanted to be anesthetized (knocked out).

1939 days ago


This is horrible if it is true. I'm not seeing any source quoted that any of this is fact, but it is not the first time since he died that I heard he had many needle marks on him. What a horrible father to be on all those pharmies and have that deadly anesthesia drug in the home. He could not have been providing a fit environment for those children. I'll bet his staff raised those kids. Shame on him. He should not be worshipped.

1939 days ago



1939 days ago

Read this article from 2004 . it mentions an anesthesiaoligist was hired to get him off of demerol and that other powerful drug.

hello! this is very similar. I think he was detoxing and died. .

1939 days ago


"The fact that Jackson had dozens of injection sites on his body would have made it clear to any doctor that Jackson had a drug problem." = DUH !!

1939 days ago


Why must it be Dr. Klein who supplied Propofol? Do a Google search. Anyone who wants it can get it online.

1939 days ago


If this is the cause and it looks like it is, I feel so sad for Michael and everybodyelse, family, friends & fans. It is truly heartbreaking to know that he is gone, and however much we want to know how it all ended - there is also this part of you that doesn't want to know, and kind of try and pretend it hasn't happened. Lets hope that, being that it is likely to have been an anesthesia drug, lets hope that he didn't suffer - just went off to sleep and not awoke. The most tragic thing about this is, if he was addicted to this anaesthesia drug, then surely it sounds like he would rather be asleep in life than awake - that this drug gives him the peace that he craved, even if it was just a short time of the day/night. What does that tell you? His state of poor mental health, should have been addressed and monitored by somebody for his, own good. He may have been a great, singer, dancer, writer, all round entertainer, but at the end of the day, this guy was a man - made of flesh and blood, with feelings just like everybodyelse on this planet, and a pathway of problems that were drawn up for him, right from a young age, for many differn't reasons. What a terrible shame - he began as a cute good looking little kid, to a handsome young man, who was sadly, dis-satisfied with his looks, for a myriad of reasons - and we shouldn't judge him for that. Maybe some can identify with it, some will not. It makes me feel so sad that someone, felt that badly about them self that the become intent on what he did with all the surgery - it is just another way of self-harming. God Bless x

1939 days ago
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