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Nurse: I Warned Jackson of Drug Risks

7/1/2009 8:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Cherilyn Lee, a registered nurse who Michael Jackson allegedly begged to supply him with the dangerous drug Diprivan, was on "Good Morning America" -- saying she warned him about the medicine, telling him "you might not wake up the next morning."

Cherilyn Lee: Click to watch
As TMZ first reported, Propofol -- the generic name for Diprivan -- was found in Jackson's house after he died.


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Poor Michael!

1939 days ago


why didn't she speek up before his death?

1939 days ago


Mark, for the same reason NO ONE spoke up! They were on his payroll.

If someone had spoken to the media and told all of us about his "addiction" then maybe, just maybe, he would still be alive. However, everyone associated with Michael enabled him. They never said, NO for fear of being fired, The really sad part about all of this is the fact that some are still defending him! Sick, just sick!

1939 days ago

Truth in advertising    

Another self-promoting person seeking out their own publcity over a sad situation. She is not different than Jacko's dad or Rev. Sharpton. What idiots the way they are parading around . If you had information, go the police and tell them. Then you really didn't have to go schedule a Good Morning America interview. My god, you had to go get your hair weaved, put on false eyelashes, find a new outfit, when it appears you had cut off your relationship as his "nutritionist" becasue you weren't paid. How convenient you come back now. And we think white trash is bad. These people are disgusting.

1939 days ago



All of these people are so disgusting. She didn't speak before because she didn't care. Now, after he's dead, she pretends to care to get her 15 minutes.

1939 days ago


THIS IS ONE UGLY BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1939 days ago


"It's not as safe medicine"... as opposed to all the other
pain-killers and drugs that were found. Celebrity doctors who supply
these drugs need to be dragged through the mud! Put them in jail!

1939 days ago


BITCH ROTT IN HELL........................................ R I P MJ WE LOVE U

1939 days ago


I think she is looking for her 15 min. of fame.
I doubt she is an RN - likely a CNA only and regardless you don't inject that drug it has to be through and IV
She is lying to get on tv

1939 days ago


Lots of people like her will try to claim their 15min of fame. The truth may never be known. How do we know she is not just trying to cover her own bases?

1939 days ago


First of all. Michael do not have to beg for anything. Tabliod Junkie. This woman is being payed to say such things because she no longer have a job. moreover all of this is speculatory B-S. Lets wait for the final reports to come back then we will see. FILTHY RUMORS and SHE SHOULD BE ASHAME TURNING ON HIM LIKE THAT. What a DRITY- CURSE WORD. I called her a Name I wont say.

1939 days ago


She did speak up to HIM he was hell bent on killing himself. Who else was she supposed to speak up to? His family was already aware of his drug addiction. She couldn't go to any authorities because there was no crime in his asking for the drug Legally she couldn't talk to anyone about it as Im sure she signed a privacy clause when he employed her. It's Michael's fault and the doctor who gave him the drugs nobody elses.

1939 days ago


Yeah...see now that quack doctor can say " I said I didn't give him demerol!!" That's why the lidocane!!!! To combat the effects of the diprivan. That HAS to be given in a hosp setting. The doc knew that and that's why he didn't call medics soooooo long and tried to save him so much. Also why he disappered. Thank God this nurse put it all together and the coroners know to look for it in Michael's system. Now we gotta put Michael to rest. What shape will he be in when they finally stop this insanity. He has been used as just a money maker since Joe Jackson couldn't make it with his own band back in the 60's and found Michael's talent. The world ate him up and in pain he continued to give back to us til death.

1939 days ago


Check out my video of Michael Jackson's sleazy dad pimping his new record company at the BET awards.

1939 days ago


I might be mistaken, but wasn't the name of Anna Nichole Smith's nurse, "Cherilynn"?????

1939 days ago
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