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Britney: I'm on a Boat!

7/2/2009 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With her two birth children in tow, Britney Spears Jackson cruised on a yacht in Marina del Rey the other day.


Britney's ship has sailed.

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The Jackson thing scratched out was NOT FUNNY. Was that a joke? A crack at Britney? Reference to the drugs?

Whatever it is, it was LAME. NOT FUNNY,

It's comments like that, that make people think TMZ is not credible and dirty. Sometimes your reporting is so mean-spirited nobody takes you seriously.

1941 days ago


LOL...that is freaking hilarious...not only making a nice funny but making fun of your "viewers". You are awesome!

1941 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Britters heard there's a lot of 'seamen' out in the water and she's getting desperate by now! Maybe she'll get in the water, seeing as how she always needs to bathe. Just hope too many fish don't get killed by the contamination! I wonder how the fish will wash her smell off of them? Eeeeeewww! This fish smells like a Britney!

1941 days ago


opps sorry about all the re- post...dang computer

1941 days ago

Auntee Rach Rach    

Leave Britney alone......................she's young and don't know no beter.....................hopefully her people will tell her ..........or she'll read these message and find out oh yeah that is what i forgot to get for the kids.....true safety is always first.....................most young folks don't think of the dangers involved........most just live for the fun and excitement of the moment or think well I'm right here.....but u gotta always be prepared for the worst should it occur........I'm just glad her daddy got her away from all her negative forces who were feeding her drugs like the vultures who surrounded Anna, Anna's son, Elvis, and MJ..............................Hats off the Daddy Spears..............

1941 days ago


I TOTALLY agree with you #10. Only the non MJ fans care abou this crap. As much as they claim to hate all of the MJ news on TMZ, they can't stop themselves from coming to this site to look to see what new MJ news has been posted. They post their negative comments and they go on and on about how tired they are of TMZ posting MJ News. You all have a choice to go to other sites. There is NO one holding a gun to your head forcing you to come to TMZ. There are so many other sites out there that you can go to but yet you keep coming back here when you already know that TMZ is the end all and be all when it comes to anything MJ related.

KEEP THE MJ NEWS COMING TMZ...YOU'RE DOING AN AWESOME JOB. I literally have stopped going to any of my other sites that i use to visit. TMZ is it for me!!!

1941 days ago


#26 is a butt kisser. No doubt. Anyone else agree? TMZ - keep it coming. You'll need something to fall back on when they bury MJ - you can't follow the guy forever. Miss you Michael. He wouldn't want all this coverage. Not like this. Say something positive about him - and if all you "real" fans cared anything about MJ then you would rather see other news that the negative reporting. DUH.

1941 days ago


While I am happy for the children's sake that Britney is in a much better place then she was, but I must say that no life jackets on for any child this age is very concerning.

1941 days ago


Yeah aren't life jackets legally required for kids? But so are seatbelts and she hasn't followed that either.

1941 days ago


#1 Life jackets aren't required to be worn on a boat that size and, before I get flamed by all the wannabe parents of the year, reallistically, aren't needed. Most of ya'll wouldn't have your kids wearing them either. You just can't be mature enough not to pile on since it's Britney.

#2 IS SHE PREGNANT? Last time she was pregnant, I think she went back to her "natural" color

1941 days ago


So what.....

1941 days ago


People wonder why celebrities go into downward spirals...people pick on every little detail.So what she cahnged her hair color it is more like her natural, so what if she wears a wig why does anyone care??
Yes I love celebs, and i love to see what they are doing but some people have to make ever little move negative no matter how innocent. It is sick!
I wonder what we would see some of you doing if cameras were watching every moment of your life.
Leave these people alone, thats what they are is talented people, not a science project to look at under a microscope!
Worry about your own kids and lives, and let these people worry about theirs.
Also TMZ I think the Jackson crossed out was inappropriate, and I love TMZ but that just isn't right the man hasn't even been laid to rest and his family and many fans are in mourning!

1941 days ago


What's with the pacifiers? Those kids are waaay to old to have them. Be a decent mother and throw those things away already!

1941 days ago


Where'd her blond hair go? She looks 100% better as a blonde!

1941 days ago


Her kids are so cute!

1941 days ago
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