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Michael Jackson -- Who Gets What

7/2/2009 7:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael JacksonWe've learned who's getting what in Michael Jackson's trust. Here's how it breaks down.

Katherine Jackson will get 40% of the assets.
Michael's 3 kids will get another 40%.
And the remaining 20% goes to several children's charities. We're told the charities have not been designated yet and are not specified in the trust.

We've also learned the California Attorney General is filing legal papers right now in the probate case -- the docs relate to the charitable gifts. The A.G. regulates charities in California.

A lawyer for the A.G.'s office will be in court at the next hearing.


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what was the point of giving an old woman who could peg it any time 40% and the care of those kids? white kids i might add who need to be close their own culture they are not black kids so how do they relate to the jackson family who have issues anyway about their skin tones what with the endless bleaching and terrible surgery most of them have done... its amazing just what money does to the human mind.. it mainly empties it of all common sense..WE ALL KNOW JOE JACKSON IS IN THE MONEY.. cos he still will have CONTROL THRU HIS WIFE... i feel a bit sorry for jackson now.. no wonder he went bizzaro with the all white family that he never officially adopted!!??? he hated his father SO MUCH that the thought of bringing another person into the world WITH JOE JACKSON'S DNA must have been too terrible to bear...BUT IN THE END JOE WILL GET THE MONEY... because anyone who has charge of the children, has charge of the monies... full stop.

1941 days ago


They (Joe and Katherine) were married in California and are still married today. California law is 50/50, therefore he really wasn't left out. Michael disliked him so much he didn't want to utter his name. Can't say I blame him.

1941 days ago


lets say that he isn't biologically the kids fatherhe has still raised them from birht, similar to adoptive parents...are you saying that adopted children should get nothing, when the parents die.? are a moron! and what does race have to do with anything.....why would the neices and nephews be first in line, they don't have jobs and or their own sorry that the rest of the clan never made rpovisions for themsleves, but it is time to grow the hell up. MJ is dead and gone and won't be supporting people anymore....also i am glad that katherine can't leave her stuff to joe in death, it goes back to the kids...woohooo i can not stand joe jackson....he was abusive and everyone knows it....and for the last time MJ did not molest anyone!!!!!!!

1941 days ago


I am horrified that he left only 40% for the kids. Now that horrible old man will get the rest after Katherine dies
I'm sure that the conditions of the will specify that upon her death her 40% will revert back to the Trust and his surviving children. An inheritance is not community property unless it is intermingled into the marital accounts which these monies will not be since they are being distributed from a Trust. He will however, be eligible to receive whatever Katherine leaves in the bank.

1941 days ago


TMZ is no longer celebrity gossip & info..its all about the Jacksons these days..

1941 days ago

oh my    

I read that the entire thing was going to the kids! WTF? One min. Rowe doesn't want the kids the next min. she does., one min. she's not their real mom and she's admitted it, the next min. she does another interview and says that she is. One min. their's a viewing the next min. it's called off. Next came the fake autopsy and the secret lover and drug claims! I don't know what source to believe anymore. What a big media circus!

1941 days ago

Obama Lovers    

The kids should have gotten more. What does Mom need it for? She never worked a day in her life.

1941 days ago



The cause of death has been was food poisoning. Doctors found a three-year old weiner in Michael's mouth!!!

1941 days ago


i am pretty sure that joe and katherine are is my understanding that she resides in CA and he lives in NV...please get your info correct....also the first time he thought it would be better to pay the family off, the second time he did go to court and was found not guilty. also in the first case the mother said that the boy told her it never happened and maintained that story, and the boy has recently said that he lied and his father made him....i think MJ was too trusting.....i just think it is odd that in all those years of kids visiting him and people visting neverland the police could only find one boy to accuse MJ of not counting the 05 "victim" at all as his claims were ridiculous, and his family was known con artist......

1941 days ago



I'm shockewd at your accusation! Everyone knows he choked on a couple of small nuts!

1941 days ago


I thought he was going to be cryogenically frozen to be the King of PopSicle!

I heard they were going the melt his plastic parts into Legos so kids could still play with him.

No wait, he's going to be cremated and have his ashes put into Etch-A-Sketches so little boys can twiddle his knobs!

1941 days ago

Cory (yes Feldman)    

38. They (Joe and Katherine) were married in California and are still married today. California law is 50/50, therefore he really wasn't left out. Michael disliked him so much he didn't want to utter his name. Can't say I blame him.

Posted at 7:20PM on Jul 2nd 2009 by carolinarivercricket


Inheritance is NOT community property.
It is Katherine's and hers only !

1941 days ago


Don't forget women generally outlive men. More than likely Katherine will out live Joe. And she may will her portion of the trust back to his children and/or her other grandchildren. Michael obviously had trust in her judgement to leave her with that amount. She may have been in the background all these years but now she has the power.

1941 days ago


::I am horrified that he left only 40% for the kids. Now that horrible old man will get the rest after Katherine dies::

Wow, some people are so lame. Never satisfied with anything. That is a massively generous will, and depending on how much he still has, that's a LOT of money. Not to mention, he left his kids over 200 songs that will be worth hundreds of millions of dollars whenever they want to sell it. Joe is older than Katherine and probably won't outlive her (hopefully) and either way, they don't even live together so I'm not sure I see the point. I'm amused no one mentioned anything about the 20% left to charity, but that's just typical of posters who just want to be negative.

1941 days ago


All of you and the pedi crap! NOT GUILTY PEOPLE DO NOT BUY PEOPLE OFF

Those parents knew where they were sending their kids and thought MONEY! I would never leave my kids alone for a sleepover ANYWHERE! Lets not forget the millions he gave to starving children in his life and now still after his death! Let the man be appreciated

1941 days ago
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