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Sarah Palin a Quitter? You Betcha!

7/3/2009 3:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Failed vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin sure likes to finish what she starts ... she just announced she's stepping down as Governor of Alaska later this month.

Sarah Palin: Click to watch
Palin also said she won't seek a second term in 2010 -- Lieutenant Governor Sean Parnell is set to take her place.

It's not clear exactly why she's turning her back on the citizens of Alaska, but people suspect she has her sights set on the White House in 2012.


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Sarah Palin would have done 100 times better than Obama has these last 5 months. Our economy is going down the tubes and will get even worse with all his spending!
And if you think government run health care is the answer, you're wrong! Talk to the people in Canada or Great Britain!

Obama has NO CLUE what he is doing!

1901 days ago

perry santos    

I'm glad to see that Joe Jackson has come on board to manage Palin's career. Jermain Jackson and Sean Hannity will be taking us on a tour of her Wasilla home, 'Delusional Land', this afternoon.

1901 days ago

First whores!    

82. What a moron who wrote that she is a quitter - big difference in not running - get the crazy out of there already!!!

Posted at 4:13PM on Jul 3rd 2009 by Melissa

Congratulations Melissa on winning the biggest idiot of the day contest!
Palin is not completing her term and is turning control of the state over to the Lt. Governor. That means she is a QUITTER. Idiot

1901 days ago


She is really smart . Not!

1901 days ago


Stop ragging on TMZ, I just watched her conference. She has quit, she kept babbling about that kid of hers and yadda yadda yadda, I'm still not paying attention to what that moron has to say, but yeah, she quit. What a loser.

1901 days ago


Poor Liberal CNN!! They are going nuts with Sara Palin's resignation as Alaskan Govenor!! Candy Crowley needs to calm down, it is obvious how she absolutely hates poor Palin :( Sarah Palin for 2012!!! Watch out B. Hussein Obama!!!!

1901 days ago


I'd like to point out that seeing her for what she really is and pointing out the obvious, does not mean someone is liberal. It means they pay attention to details, which is something she herself cannot even manage to do. Republicans dislike her just as much as anyone else. She's the main reason Obama won by such a landslide.

1901 days ago

First whores!    

90. Finally a woman president!! Go Sara Palin!! Shred up the liberal sheep and their socialist media!! I wonder if all you liberals can handle our next President Palin??? I love that sound!! President Palin!! Woo Hoo!!

Posted at 4:21PM on Jul 3rd 2009 by condor1

I wish your parents would have worn 1condom.

1901 days ago


Melissa ... next time you might want to actually read the whole story before commenting on it. Yeah ....she's quitting! Sheeesh.

1901 days ago


Oh I hope she runs in 2012 - certainly bringing on the apocalypse - the jokes would be limitless! What's up with all the Repubs getting their panties in a bunch on here anyway? I can't bad mouth a woman I find morally corrupt and if I do I'm automatically branded a "liberal"? - Like Liberal is a bad word? Ppl have different opinions - it makes America what it is. I don't care if you like her, that's your business. But I don't like her and If you don't like it and feel the need to demonize and censor me, then you can go F'in join your buddies in Al Quaeda.

1901 days ago


Sarah the sociopathic caribu slayer needs mental health help..You Betcha !!

1901 days ago


So what's wrong with being half black, like it's such a bad thing?
What being white, killing all the Indians, stealing Hawaii and the Indiand and Mexicans lands is something to be proud of?
If you don't like blacks in america blame your ancestors for stealing them and beating them into slavery!
Hah! You make me laugh. You racists and bigots are stupid!

1901 days ago


For all the people who want her to run for President why would you want someone who Quits dont finish out her yrs as Gov to be President she has two yrs left that to me isnt a person i would want for President

1901 days ago

First whores!    

To all of my fellow conservatives. Why do we defend Palin? We may not like Obama's views but is there anyone who really thinks she is the answer? Please! There are way too many qualified conservatives for us to choose to be our leader. Defending Palin is not the answer.

1901 days ago

Crystal S.    

i honestly could care less about Sarah Palin but I am ust so happy that there are other things going on in the workd besides michael jackson's death funeral burial will drug use etc. etc. etc...

1901 days ago
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