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Debbie Rowe -- Full House?

7/4/2009 4:29 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

While we wait to see whether or not she mounts a battle for custody of her possibly biological children, Michael Jackson's ex-wife Debbie Rowe was spotted out at her mother's house yesterday after running errands.



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Just a fan    

#105 Sheila, I agree with you wholeheartedly. Sounds like you know Debbie. The Jackson family is not fit to raise the children. Joe is a known abuser and user. Katherine didn't protect the children and still aren't. Joe is ready to drive these kids to be famous like he did with his own (frightening), he sees the grandchildren as a profit, business. They have denied Michael's drug abuse, funny thing is everyone knew. They have denied Michael's emotional problems. They aren't honest with the grandchildren about Debbie, the truth is the truth even if you don't like it. Debbie kept silent all this time in respect to Michael because the love she had for him and just being a friend. I hope Debbie will break the silence in court (and it kept confidential) so all parties will hear the truth. Given the opportunity Debbie will be a wonderful mother to her children. She is not into drugs, not into violence, abuse. She is intelligent, a nurse, a business owner, great sense of humor, personality, loving, caring, generous, disciplined, etc.... her kids need love and stability not money. Debbie has what it takes to raise these children. They will have a chance to live a normal life style. They will have friends their ages and activities for their ages. She will not push them into the media, or the entertainment field, she will not use them to make money off of them. I believe Debbie wont have a problem keeping the three children together, she wants what is best for them.

1939 days ago


To Just a fan,
I'm glad another is on here showing support for Debbie. I don't know her personally, but I do live in Palmdale, and have for over thirty years. I also love animals and have two horses, three dogs, one cat, and two birds.(Plus a husband and one daughter) I have seen Debbie out and about and I was impressed with her "lack of airs", keeping a low profile, and glad to see that she had not become some prissy stuck up "name dropper". To me, her actions spoke volumes, and belied all those planted stories and untruths about her, and how she received millions of dollars for giving MJ custodial rights.
The clueless ones have a lynch mob mentality. I don't see what Debbie has ever done to fuel such hatred towards her! She's damned if she does and damned if she doesn't. She's being criticized for her attire, and she'd still be criticized if she wore designer clothes, she's criticized for wanting the children, and criticized and accused of not wanting them!
I also totally agree with what you said about her in your post. I guess some people don't understand that people like Debbie could be so generous as to want to bestow MJ his greatest desire, that she did this because she is such a caring and selfless friend/wife. You'd think most would see the big picture and see that she was never in it for the money. If she had been, she could have been "filthy" rich now. They also don't get it that it's a whole new ballpark now that Michael has passed on and won't be raising the children. If by chance the Jackson's end up getting custody, I fear that those children will end up very messed up individuals indeed.

1939 days ago


Why doesn't somebody find the nanny? What happened to her? She disappeared.

1938 days ago


The Nanny was fired by Michael. Debbie doesn't need a Nanny. I didn't know that the Nanny was "lost".

1938 days ago


to Sheila from Palmdale (posts 105,108, 109), just a fan --- it sounds as you take attacks against Debbie personally. Like you identified with her because she is your neighbor and someone from Palmdale - so it hits close to home. Anyway... good you have a different opinion, but it is just an opinion like thousands of others. And what is that that you know about Debbie that other people don't? First of all - Debbie was paid for having children and she agreed to it as she said herself. She was given a mansion in Beverly Hills and 8.5 million $ for kids. So it was a transaction - do check Debbie's own public statements 9video taped) where she says she doesn't want the kids. Later she came back again and received another pay out and was satisfied with it. Now she is still indecisive about what to do with the custody. So this is a fitting "mother" according to you? The mother that has not even one picture of her kids in her house but hundreds of pictures of her horses and other animals - whom she calls her children? When MJ died she didn't rush to see how kids were, she didn't even come near them to see if they were ok. The very first attempt she made was only after MJ will was revealed and when she learned he left her out of it. So only then she is suddenly thinking of custody? Give me a break Sheila - you really must be in denial not to see through the motives of that greedy Debbie - yes GREEDY. You are reading it right. A very GREEDY , MONEY HUNGRY Debbie Rowe. Jacksons are as greedy as Debbie Rowe - they all will be fighting. Let them. Debbie included. And poor kids will never have a normal life - but at least they wont be damaged too much since they are all past 6 years of age when theformatiion of their personality takes place. Thank God. And Debbie is everything but a fitting parent. if she truly wanted to have kids she would never ever attempted to do what she did. She sold herself as an incubator and as such she was paid and she did her job. It was a seasonal job and it was over. Period. there was nothing before in her life to stop her from having children - she was married to Richard Edelman from 1982 to 1988 - a school teacher, but she never had kids with him. It was about money - they filed for bankruptcy and they had less than 30 thousand $ in assets. She lived in a one bedroom apartment rented for 830$ a month. And wanted money money money.... Now according to you she has no make up manicure pedicure, etc. WRONG Sheila, totally wrong. Please do check a video on YT where Debbie goes to do a makeover of herself before attending a hearing in court. You will see - she didn't just do a make-up. but a lot more. Look at her fake nails in the video where she is aggressive and extremely vulgar attacking paparazzi like she were a Doberman or Rotweiler. Look at those manicured nails. So Sheila - I understand you feel close to your neighbor, but do your homework before saying that everything said about Debbie is not true. Do check Debbie's own statements - those on videos so you have no doubt it is her speaking and not someone fabricating a story. And do put 2 and 2 together - where was Debbie Rowe for the past 12 years? Why did she not rush to children's aid like a good mother would right after learning of their father sudden death. Why did she "express her concern" only after his will was announced? Please do think a little...

1937 days ago

Just a fan    

First of all it wouldn't make a difference if I knew Debbie personally or not and I don't take it personally and I don't live in Palmdale. Yes, I do identify with Debbie, I was a serrogate and got paid for my time, I was taken care of properly. I have seen lots of videos and false statements about Debbie. I don't believe the tabloids and gossips. I have heard Debbie repeatedly state that she loves the children and they are hers biologically. I don't believe it was all Michael's doing to keep her away, it was his entourage which all tried to keep his family away from him also. What was Debbie to do? Drown in the situation and become suicidal? She chose a more positive way to continue on with her life but never forgot her children and always loved them. She is the one that pushed for the children to wear veils and scarfs because of threats she received after they were born. I wouldn't be surprised if it were Joe or the entourage. They wanted Debbie out of the picture so they would obtain more money from Michael. I know someone personally in Palmdale who lives down the street from Debbie and seen her in the community. She lives a normal lifestyle, sweet, generous etc... and she dresses just fine especially for her business. Also nothing wrong with wearing false nails, it protects the nails from breaking etc... I wear them because wear I work my nails break a lot and it is nice to have manicured nails. Nothing wrong with wearing makeup either. Facials and peals are common among women especially in California. Debbie is a normal person so why attack her when she is doing what other women are doing to take care of themselves? Debbie is not into abuse, drugs, not an alcoholic, she is educated, a successful business woman.

1935 days ago

Just a fan    

It was said that Michael updated his wills approximately every five years so there should be a more current one and it will possibly show up prior to the end of his financial ordeal. I believe it has been known that Richard Edelman was abusive and that is why Debbie divorced him. That marriage ended a couple of decades ago and she has recovered and gone on, no reason to live in the past and be miserable. When Michael took his kids out of the country how was it possible for Debbie to see them? I agree with Debbie regarding her concern about the kids being in a Muslim country and around muslims in the USA because they were born Jewish (once a Jew, always a Jew) and Muslims have a very difficult time accepting Jews. I believe Debbie knows what she wants and had made a decision already but is keeping a low profile and silent until she goes to court to have this settled. Debbie is not one to run to the media about every little thing, not into exploiting her children. She lives a quiet life. If the paparazzi was in my face I wouldn't be so pleasant to them, they had no right to touch her or to harrass her. There is nothing on her or anything that she is doing that causes attention and the pap is trying very hard to get something on her.

1935 days ago


Just another money whore like Heather Mills, never bothered with the kids, never visited them (even though she had visitation rights), it's all about the money and this will be the third dip at the money trough - disgusting - trading kids for money!!

These kids will grow up and remember what a money whore you really are!

1935 days ago


Treed, excellent point in your post # 111.
Also posts by "Just a fan: #106, # 113, & # 116, Excellent valid points.
Post # 112 and # 117 are the same, but different names. I agree that everyone has their own opinions. You wrote an intelligent rebuttal to mine, and did so without attacking others opinions, or being mean and vulgar. You brought up some valid points as well. I wish others that have done the bashing showed as much sense and style as you have. I do respect others opinions if they are not ignorant rants and biased ravings.
I have taken heed to your comment, maybe I am seeing Debbie through "Rose colored glasses". I did comment that I thought it would be best if both sides, Debbie and of course the children, were all in agreement as to who would get custody. If they all are, of course the Jackson relatives, (Joe excluded) would have generous visitation rights, if they choose to.
As for taking the " attacks personally", I don't, but I will come to the defense against unwarranted bashing that is downright mean and uncalled for.
I do and did like MJ, I haven't based him at all, however if one were to bash Joe Jackson, I think he deserves it and would never come to his defense. Debbie has led a very low keyed lifestyle and is well liked and respected in the A.V. You can't judge her by only how she's been portrayed by biased interviews. They are very clever in twisting and bending the facts, and leaving words out that misrepresent what she intended to mean. I am aware that she stated she didn't want the children because they are Michael's and he is a wonderful father, but it was also known about stipulations... as post #111 pointed out..
["In the divorce settlement, it states, that if Michael is incapacitated for three weeks or longer that the children are to go to her."]
In defense of Debbie for the comment... ["aggressive and extremely vulgar attacking paparazzi like she were a Doberman or Rotweiler. "]
That's very exaggerated. Her actions seem justified for the constant harassment she had to put up with, and being hounded prior to this. The media had come in hordes planting themselves outside of her home, some even bold enough to trespass. Everywhere she went they hounded her. She is not a "media whore" and tries to shun the publicity. They followed/stalked her to the restaurant as she went in and when she came out. She finally had enough of their unwanted and intrusive behavior and finally snapped at them AFTER a local yokel, part time, wanna-be photog made the first move by making physical contact with her. I just may reveal his name...he lives in Q.H. which us locals know what that means, in the A.V. He's a real piece of work, and he's lucky he didn't "get his but kicked"

1928 days ago


I don't get why TMZ doesn't delete some of the filthy stuff on here; I like TMZ but it should clean up some of these comments. Many are not only derogatory toward the subject of the posts but also towards women.

That said, Debbie Rowe risked her life for MJ giving birth to THREE of his children, if what is online is correct. The first attempt ended in a miscarriage. The second resulted in Prince and the third in Paris. After Paris, Debbie Rowe said it was no longer possible for her to have children. Thus, Blanket was born via the Unnamed Surrogate.

I am not a resident of the A.V. but I was a resident of the V.V. for a very long time and still have lots of family there and still visit a lot. I travel through the A.V. to get to and from the V.V. and from what a native of that area (me) can see, Debbie appears to be living a quiet life and one that may be very beneficial for the children. They are still close enough to Los Angeles to visit their grandmother and they will be safe from their grandfather. They can have the childhood on Debbie's ranch that Michael always dreamed of, without the drama, the trauma, and WITH the mama that is really their own. Childbirth may be a cakewalk for some, but it isn't for everyone; it's very risky. Debbie risked all and made a choice that gave MJ probably the happiest times of his short life. The choice should be to give all the kids to Debbie.

1927 days ago
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