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Michael Jackson -- Best Man

7/4/2009 10:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

How'd you like to have had Michael Jackson by your side when you exchanged your wedding vows?

Michael Jackson

Check out this photo of Michael Jackson with his lawyer, John Branca, at Branca's wedding in 1987. Jackson served as best man.

Branca worked for Jackson from 1980-2006, and was then re-hired by Jackson weeks before his death. Branca was named co-executor of Jackson's will.


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So good looking in this picture. I wish this is how he would be remembered, instead of all those other hideous tabloid pics they have of him over the years!

1901 days ago


Uh, Poster #8, Michael Jackson's lawyer is one of the top entertainment lawyers in the entire world. Do a search for John Branca dot com and read all about this outstanding lawyer. Yes, Michael sure could pick 'em and, in this case, he picked 'em well. John Branca is the reason that Michael Jackson's estate is as wealthy as it is and Michael's children will be financially blessed for having John Branca running the show from here on out.

1889 days ago


This is a beautiful pictures of happy times in MJ's life...I think his longtime friend John Branca is doing the the best he can for MJ's interests.

1879 days ago


michael jackson looks damme hot here i so would loving him in that sute

1483 days ago


michael jackson was so nice looking, i wish he looked this way in his last days, and his children could of seen him this way. If mj looked the way he did in 1987 the bad era, people wouldn't have accused him of child molestation or not allowed his records to sell with sony. People would of treated him with more respect, you see how he's best man at his friend's wedding.

I truely hate the illuminati, i can't wait to they go to hell, God came up with a good idea for evil people to go to hell. MJ got plastic surgery and while he was under the knife someone did something to him for him to vitiligo. MJ was not born with this disease it was planted in him by the illuminati or some evil caucasian person while he was knocked out cold during plastic surgery. People can get vitiligo not only hereditarily, people can get it from the sun, stress, from skin trauma, etc. I don't know who America think their kidding, but I'm not fooled at all!, America can hide all the secrets of the world all they want, I still don't believe their false claims of anything from the getting of vitiligo, so-called uncureable disease, etc. After all this is a country based on lies, it's a stolen country-so called based on God. God said in his ten commandments thou shall not steal, kill, etc., and American was given to the Americans through theft and death, etc. Americans were and are still hyprocrites of God. It's worst for someone to know the way of God and disobey his way than not have known it. America knew the way of God and departed from it for their own selfish needs. And the only reason why America is still prosperous was only for the sake of those Americans who really lived by God's law and who didn't kill and steal, other than that America would of been destroyed or taken back by it's original owners- (the Indians) a long time of go.

Don't get me wrong I love America and those who are totally innocent (caucasians) form theft and death of the birth of this now white owned country. I just hate the white illuminati or the white secret government- there just like the devil, selfish and heartless- can't wait to go to hell with their father the devil.

Rest in peace dear michael jackson- all he wanted was to be happy- hope God will allow him in heaven's door on judgement day for the sake of Jesus mercy.

1452 days ago


i love u micheal jackson

1392 days ago


Okay @LooooL you are stupid Michael Jackson is not white he is black so stop calling him white when he isn't he looks lighter than others because of his skin disease Vitiligo.

And wow he has been friend with Branca for so many years I respect Branca for his work in Michael Jackson's Estate but IDK

1161 days ago
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