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LAPD -- If You Don't Have Tickets, Don't Come!

7/5/2009 1:27 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Michael Jackson memorial in downtown Los Angeles on Tuesday is expected to draw a huge crowd, but the LAPD is trying to talk people who don't have tickets out of coming.

Michael Jackson

Assistant Chief Jim McDonnell addressed the press today and reiterated time and time again that people who aren't lucky enough to win the drawing for tickets to the memorial should just stay home and watch it on TV -- or (CHEAP PLUG ALERT) watch it live here on TMZ.

The LAPD will also block off several square blocks around Staples Center (see above) but may expand the area based on the size of the crowd.

McDonnell also said the LAPD is working with the Jackson family on a "private family function" at the Forest Lawn cemetery. He had no other details.

To help reduce costs, McDonnell said they would try and send as many cops home as quickly as possible -- crowd size willing -- and that cops making OT would be the first to go. So far, he said, no private entities have step forward to help alleviate the cost.


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Oh My Goodness    

Jamie Fox is a racist? I hope that is not true. How could he call himself a MJ fan and be racist at the same time? That is really messed up.

R.I.P King MJ

1933 days ago


This could turn into a real nightmare. Crazy fans aren't going to have consideration for safety. I think it's odd that people who probably wouldn't cross town to see someone they DO know, will cross country and state lines to go to a memorial of someone they don't know. Priorities are whacked.

1933 days ago


Any truth the rumor that it will be a stinky open casket? Of course Mike will have his face covered by a mask and the pallbearers are from going to be 2nd graders....

Just a few more days of this bafoon then we are done with him forever....

Pedophile Freak!

1933 days ago


pickup tix at Dodger's Stadium
Event is July 6th
Live La or sumpthin'

1933 days ago


64 you are a sick person. MJ was found innocent because he was innocent.

1933 days ago


Has anyone gotten confirmation of a ticket yet?

1933 days ago


They should have held the memorial at the Rose Bowl which is much more equipped to handle ultra large crowds (inside and outside). A basketball ball arena in downtown LA is utterly stupid.

1933 days ago

Oh My Goodness    


MJ= 50 Billion Percent INNOCENT

1933 days ago

Law 34    

There is going to be a riot...

1933 days ago

rights junkie    

This is The United States of America. You can not tell people not to come to an event, city, or any other place. We go where the hell we want to go. F the LAPD and what they want. Los Angeles is about to go crazy. Be prepared. Be very prepared.

1933 days ago

Oh My Goodness    

No confirmation of tickets so far .....still waiting.

1933 days ago


THE JACKSON FAMILY shouldn't have to pay a DAMN DIME (they are having a private funderal for family & friends ALONE)! AEG came up with this GENIOUS idea to have a MEMORIAL SERVICE for the fans where Michael held his last REHEARSAL so let them HANDLE this EVEN for what it is worth!

If the DUMB ASS LAPD think that all those millions of Michaels fans are going to NOT come out simply because they were told not to, or because they didn't get a ticket they are so sadly mistaken. I will be glued to my television laughing my ass off at this one!! Because there is no amount of security in the world that will be able to handle a CROWD of that MAGNITIUDE that will be out there in LA that day.

1933 days ago


That is why its beneficial to get a room near the event to walk and view and if not just go back to hotel bar or room to watch in your convenience and go back after for I'm sure of a candlelight vigil.

1933 days ago


I would have love to come and so would the rest of the millions of fans in in England.It is going to be one sad day which should not have happened until he was a old man. I have cried so many tears and i am still so deeply sad that he is gone.
Michael was a very special human being who did so much for others and expected nothing in return. All these people now speaking out should have done it sooner and should of been there for him when he really needed them.Now it is to late !
Michael was right when he said he could count his true friends on one hand. He knew his fans loved him and he loved them.
He was a gift from god that was taken to soon.Even my young children are so sad and are making a scrap book so there can always remember this gifted,kind,beautiful human being - Michael Jackson.
I will be watching and saying my goodbyes but he will always remain in our hearts and his music will live on in us all forever.
RIP michael xxxx We love you and will never forget you. Your beautiful and special children will be all that you want them to be and will make you proud.They know like us that there Daddy was a very special beautiful human being. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

1933 days ago


#64 I so SO SO SO agree with you! Everyone thinks I'm absolutely nuts, but my gut feeling is that MJ is not dead.

1933 days ago
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