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The British Are Coming ... For Jackson

7/5/2009 1:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael JacksonThere are reports as many as a million people may come to L.A. for the Michael Jackson memorial on Tuesday. We can tell you for sure -- there's a British invasion.

A rep from British Airways tells us there has been a "huge influx" of reservations in the last few days by people from England trying to make their way to the memorial. The rep says people are "flying as close to L.A. as they can and then taking connecting flights."

In addition to non-stop and direct flights to L.A., flights from Heathrow to San Francisco and from Heathrow to Denver are almost full.

The rep says they expect all flights -- direct and indirect -- to be sold out by the end of the day.


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Since Michael Jackson was going to lip sync his shows anyway and he had so much surgery that he looked like a puppet, when not build an actual puppet and go through with the scheduled concerts!

1939 days ago

Jimmy Jones    

I would not want to be within 50 miles of that place. Its gonna be total chaos!


1939 days ago


If I remember correctly, TMZ broke the news of MJs death at 5:20 EDT. The official time of death was given as 2:26 PDT. So, that means TMZ broke the news six minutes BEFORE it happened. Take that, networks!

1939 days ago


IMO it would be necessary to give MJs fans and admirers the chance to have a last goodbye from their idol.
A public lying out for one week should be easy to handle and would take the pressure from this one single day in that city.

His family and the representatives of the city should make it possible for a certain period of time, that everyone who wants to give him the last honor by visitng his casket, becomes the chance to do it. And it would be necessary that they communicate it very soon. IMO everything else would be quite disrespectful - torwards his fans and torwards the exceptional person he was.

1939 days ago


I'll be disappointed if they don't have at least 30 MJ impersonators parachute in during the memorial.

1939 days ago



1939 days ago

billie jean    

i think it just show's how many people loved michael i dont think it's stupid like some comments above they want to show there respect and ok i understand the police department have ask fan's with out tickets to watch on tv but the fan's that are coming from all over the world want to sow there respect and would also be going to neverland and other place's were there are michael jackson tribute's so give them some slack they want to say good bye to there icon. I wish i could get over but i cant afford to so i will have to watch on tv but i'm hoping the Jackson open neverland up to the public cos i would love to come over and see that at some point. R.I.P Michael! gone but never forgotten

1939 days ago


11. Where can I get a Michael Jackson bobble head sex toy?

Posted at 11:32AM on Jul 5th 2009 by Rough Daddy

Come on now...I bet you know where to get ALL types of MALE sex toys.

1939 days ago


A lesson in possessives would be handy about now.

1939 days ago


Is it yet definite that Jacko and Rowe are both NOT the biological parents of any of these kids? I argued that point with some dimwits last night at a BBQ, and my source was TMZ, but I haven't heard the final verdict.

1939 days ago


15. ENOUGH. The man was a pedifile. Don't tell me he wasn't because he settled the case by paying that boys family millions. He is a freak and I am sick of everyone acting like he did nothing wrong. For his second trial the media loved to call him Wacko Jacko but now that he is dead everyone is singing his praises. ENOUGH of the celebrity tributes. ENOUGH of his family. They are not close. He went YEARS without seeing them or talking to them, WHY, he was weird and a pedifile. ENOUGH COVERAGE. PEOPLE ONLY CARE BECAUSE THE MEDIA IS TELLING THEM THEY SHOULD. BHAAAAAAAAA

Posted at 11:37AM on Jul 5th 2009 by Roma

How close were you to MJ? Do you have any "personal" knowledge of his life? How do you know WHAT his relationship was with his family? Who's to say YOU'RE NOT a FREAK? let's delve into your miserable existence...lets see how many people speak well of YOU. How do we know that YOU'RE not a pedophikle? Exactly what have YOU accomplished that people will remember once you're out of your misery? "May I take Your Order Please" doesn't count!

1939 days ago


I know people want to celebrate MJ's life and be as much a part of this memorial as possible. But if people actually took the time to read properly they would know that there is only a LIMITED NUMBER OF TICKETS to enter this event. If you DON'T have a ticket you wont be allowed in. You''re just going to be obstructing the streets and just causing chaos, you could infact ruin the whole thing because people wont be able to move etc etc. Why go unless you have a ticket? I don't see the point... because a good few thousand other people are going to have the same idea as you and turn up. It would be ok if a few hundred did this, but it wont be... it will be literally thousands of people hogging the streets, no one will be able to move... it's going to be complete mayhem.

1939 days ago


Why aren't they having the memorial in Central Park where a million people can gather to honor the greatest entertainer of all time. The Staples Center is much too small.

1939 days ago


SAVE YOUR MONEY OR DONATE IT TO LA. You will not be able to see ANYTHING. There is virtually no

public transportation in LA. No place to park, No central area. The streets are CLOSED, YOU CANNOT GET

NEAR THE STAPLES ARENA. It is too far to walk, these people do not know LA and the large distances, complicated
freeway systems if you aren't acquainted, and Traffic that is undescribable.

But most of all MICHAEL JACKSON will not be at the memorial.

1939 days ago

Cynthia J.    

My god, how much more INSANE can people become? People from all over the Earth make a Pilgrimage to an Entertainer's (talented, yes) Circus of a Memorial, in a city and State that's Bankrupt, WTF is happening? Well, possibly the money people spend on this folly will help out the Economy in a way the Bailouts could not? Maybe Michael was/is the Messiah to the idiot masses? God help this PLANET.

1939 days ago
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