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The British Are Coming ... For Jackson

7/5/2009 1:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael JacksonThere are reports as many as a million people may come to L.A. for the Michael Jackson memorial on Tuesday. We can tell you for sure -- there's a British invasion.

A rep from British Airways tells us there has been a "huge influx" of reservations in the last few days by people from England trying to make their way to the memorial. The rep says people are "flying as close to L.A. as they can and then taking connecting flights."

In addition to non-stop and direct flights to L.A., flights from Heathrow to San Francisco and from Heathrow to Denver are almost full.

The rep says they expect all flights -- direct and indirect -- to be sold out by the end of the day.


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UK fan    

And to you "Greg"....... perhaps you were unaware that Jacko's 50 concert dates sold out in just under 4 hours! He was said to have been overwhelmed by how much he "they still want to see me"
Nice to know we'll be make to feel so welcome over in the US.

1933 days ago


Regardless of what the city says or does it was obvious that people were going to turn up in LA.
As for the cost to the City, the City will make millions from the extra vistors. So stop complaining.
My only gripe is where were these people - so called fans - when Jackson was going through the tough times.

Like the media intrusion, the sickos who threw their kids at him in the hope of bring a false law suit.
Or worse those that pretended their kids were sick and dying and not only ripped of Jackson but people in their local community.
If you look at the facts - not stories - court transcripts in the cases brought there was not one piece of evidence.
The last was brought by a con woman who was a welfare fraud, liar, and a cheat, who contacted other celebs for cash. These are FACTS. And that was the best they could go public with. Please!

1933 days ago

Please Ignore Parasite Hilton    

#60 wren, you're a perfect example of a cynical American. Tell me, is your cup ever half full? Some Americans must be completely myopic to not be able to see the historical significance of this. This is HIStory, don't you understand? And, he was one of your own, an American icon, how is it possible that the whole world wants to be here and you, you are there and could care less. All you want is for the already crappy LA traffic not to be any worse. SHAME!
Michael's fans will bring a mini economic boom to the struggling California economy. You should all be thankful that Michael lived and now died there. He is still doing good things even after death.

1933 days ago


if i win a tic i will give it to a britt

1933 days ago


I have to agree with Marge too. I was thinking where are the angry kids and parents who Jackson supposedly did this to them? There had got to have been some trauma. More of them had to come foward, and they should want him put in jail after all those years where pedophiles are hated and so he won't be messing with other kids, not vast sums of money. His own kids shouldn't be that sad about missing their father if he really did this to them. I'm not a huge MJ fan, but I had no idea he had gone through so much, but if didn't do anything to kids, I think he needs to be respected in death.

1933 days ago


Ayone that tried to visit Neverland to "show their love" would be met at locked gates and an armed guard station.

He traveled with a large entourage to keep people away

After 2005, he hated Santa Barbara County, and never came back to Neverland, it is Jermaine that likes it

1933 days ago


62. Is the production company going to tape this memorial and sell them for a rediculous price to make up the loss of the tour money? Is that why they offered to do it in the first place? hmm

Posted at 1:09PM on Jul 5th 2009 by hamilTonyan
I hope so! Why not???? The sales would go through the roof! Who in their right mind is against making money..well except for the people that dont have any!

1933 days ago

hmm ha    

#11 and #15, I also read that as well. I think they drew up an agreement that they both settled (MJ would pay out and Chandlers confessed). People do this to make things go away. Could you imagine the court battle against the Chandlers for extortion and false accusations.

1933 days ago

just greg    

Joanna you certianly are all welcome here,and i did know how fast he sold out there,And we'll miss him,my point was just let people know there loved even if there not Michael Jackson

1933 days ago


Central Park in NY would have been perfect to have MJ's Memorial. One million fans could have gathered together at twilight with a candle vigil and all for FREE

1933 days ago


Coraline, sweetie, I am not cynical- I am realistic and practical.

Yes, this is historical. And for those who have nothing better to do with their time and moeny than fly across the world to attend a memorial service for a pop star they didn't even know, go to it. Have fun. Just stay the heck out of my way as I go about living my life. SDon't further umped my progress around the city, airport, etc.

What I hate is that this weird frenzy is affecting my life and a state economy that is arleady broke. No body is blaming the state's budget problems on MJ dying. CA was in finaincial trouble long before that. But the cost of security, etc. is an additional burden on a state economey that already can't afford it.

1933 days ago

PEPSI Generation    

WEIGHT is be looked at by family services THAT IS THE SUBJECT NOW and topic.TMZ had cams and bugs in the house rented and PUSHED MJ into his grave for the gravie thats hollywood mobsterism SOP SOS forever.BUILD THE STORY CONTROL THE STORY OWN THE STORY SELLS SELLS SELL~SS ^*$$$$$

1933 days ago



Ayone that tried to visit Neverland to "show their love" would be met at locked gates and an armed guard station.

He traveled with a large entourage to keep people away

After 2005, he hated Santa Barbara County, and never came back to Neverland, it is Jermaine that likes it

Posted at 1:44PM on Jul 5th 2009 by pipsqueak
Are you seriously suggesting the gates to his private home should have been "open" to the public? What celebrity allows their fans to show up at their personal residences?He was/is the King Of Pop,,,why wouldn't he travel with a large entourage to keep people way???
I would think that Jermaine would know more about Michael's feelings about Neverland than you, don't you think? Also Michael never lived at Neverland after his trail but how do you know Michael never returned to visit Neverland?

1933 days ago


I wish I had the money all these Brits are pissing away to come to LA. THey are always flying to Vegas to see Barry Manilow so I guess there is no recession in the UK. Or.....their credit cards are burning up. But, hey - if they want to spend their money in the United States - welcome!!!

Do they REALLY think they will be able to get close?

1933 days ago


Hey morons, Jacko wasn't a PEDophile, he was a PETophile!!!

He was stuffing Bubbles up the ying-yang daily!

1933 days ago
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