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Debbie Rowe Almost Goes Kung Pow on Pap!

7/6/2009 6:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson baby bearer Debbie Rowe was swarmed by paparazzi outside a Lancaster Chinese restaurant yesterday -- and when one dude got too close, she flipped, screaming "Are you ready to have your butt kicked? Don't f**king touch me!"

Debbie Rowe: Click to watch
According to reports, Rowe will attend the Jackson memorial ceremony at the Staples Center tomorrow.


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WHy can't you paps leave her the h*ll alone??? If you got into my face like that I'd wanna kick your @ss too! SHEESH!!!

1878 days ago

not- buyingit    

This is a private ciitzen. She didn't expect jackson's death or cause it. Leave her alone. And stop calling nasty names to a person you don't even know. Shame on us for this kind of treatment.

This woman was a surrogate and was compensated, happens every day, It was an agreement between the two of them and then they decided to marry. 8 M is Not an unusual settlement in any ceebrity divorce. If she wants money again, she will take it and leave, fine. If she wants her kids, fine, maybe they will have a better life on the horse farm than with the show biz clan!!
None of our business at all.

1878 days ago


#82, you believe that SHE is the ONLY reason MJ didn't go to jail? Umm.....I don't mean to sound rude, but, are you serious? How about, it was a fabricated story? How about the accuers family needed some money? While her testimony may have been helpful because she came off as so 'honest', she certainly isn't the ONLY reason MJ didn't go to jail/prison. While I agree that she shouldn't be called all kinds of names no matter what she looks like.....however, as a Mother, that'd be a cold day in hell that I carry and birth my children then give them up for money. That would be the day that as a Mother, if my child were TRULY molested, I would take your 20 mil to keep my mouth shut, no sireee.....I'll see you in court and after they throw your azz in jail, THEN I'll take your 20 mil!

She (Debbie) has stated herself that she is NOT the motherly type...they are what they always were, dollar signs. I NEVERr received a 'gift' that I had to pay for!

Just my personal opinion....

1878 days ago

There is no such thing as reality tv    

Can't stand this woman-selling her kids off. If they even are her kids. She is a low-life.

1878 days ago


Oh, I get it: Michael Jackson is a saint and the people he paid to do his bidding are evil. Makes sense.

1878 days ago


Man, that chinese food place sucks arse, seriously bad food! The indian place down the walkway is fab though. Who was her walker saying "don't talk Debbie" ? You think they would get a backup walker or at best get the person driving the car to meet them out the back (there is an alley there) I'm sure paps would be there too but at least it would be an out the door in the car thing.
DR is a bit rough around the edges eh? I get paps are a pia but hold your tongue lady, they live for an outburst like that. Do what your handler/walker tells you.

1878 days ago


Is Debbie Rowe, really Boy George ?

1878 days ago

blues fan    

Nyte Tiger, I believe that the fact that Debbie Rowe sold her children to Michael Jackson and told the world "they aren't my kids, they're Michael's" tells us a LOT about her -- in fact, we know all we really need to know.

1878 days ago

Psyclon Nyne    

How classy. And this greasy side of beef wants custody of the children? Besides, I wouldn't even touch her with a ten foot pole. go back to tending after your farm animals.

1878 days ago


See, I'd want her protecting my kids. She does NOT play. I totally believe that she can and will kick someone's ass if they mess with her, and good for her!

And btw, people who love and are compassionate towards animals are usually kind and compassionate towards children as well. I think she probably would like for someone else to raise the children than Katherine (and Joe), and she also does not want to break up the siblings. She's in between and rock and a hard place, so it's no wonder she's angry and defensive. I truly wish the paps weren't such ghoulish fiends. No one can think and respond the way they need to with a pack of wolves on them 24/7.

1878 days ago


She SOLD those children to Michael Jackson, he was a better parent than most. No judge is going to separate those children, because she wants MORE MONEY NOW. She clearly said, she did NOT WANT those children, not to even send them a Christmas card. Who cares, that these children are white and the grandmother is not. The only parent they ever knew was Michael Jackson and the only family they ever knew was his family. He has left his three children a legacy of being a MUSIC GENIUS.

1878 days ago

vile comments    

Not Debbie's fault..., paps were stalking her. I would hate it.

1878 days ago


TMZ.... leave the woman alone!!! Give her some space and privacy. Where are your hearts?!

1878 days ago

mickey lou    

Good for her!

1878 days ago

What the Hell?    


1878 days ago
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