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Brooke Shields -- Just Smile

7/7/2009 3:49 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Fighting back tears, Brooke Shields addressed the crowd at Michael Jackson's memorial today, telling everyone MJ's favorite song was Charlie Chaplin's "Smile" -- and that's exactly what everyone needs to do on this day.

Brooke Shields: Click to watch


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JAY J    

Why can't you negative people just bury yourselves for one day. This is a day of celebrating the life of a person who contributed so much to others. Brooke was genuine and loved Michael for who he was...."go away losers"

1941 days ago


This one was the one that got the tears rolling for me. If you were around to was a circus. And for those of you saying it was abunch of 13 or 14 year olds, she was that young, but Michael is 7 years older than Brooke. They bonded and they had a great time together, being their own people, on their own time. She obviously loved him a great deal to till this day!!

1941 days ago


She should have never been there .......

1940 days ago


If she was such a wonderful friend, why didn't she speak up to the press in his defense when he was on trial? I don't recall her saying anything nice about him when he was in legal trouble.

1940 days ago


Brooke and MJ were childhood friends.and she was his date when he needed one. I'll never forget them with Emmanuel Lewis at the Grammy Awards. I'd want childhood friends at my funeral even if I hadn't seen them in years. Obviously, the family asked her to speak. You need to remember that Michael, until recently, had been living in other countries since 2002. That's why I wonder just how close those children are to his mother

1940 days ago


Has anyone else noticed that the shape of her face and nose is very very similar to what MJ had his plastic surgeons do to his face? Weird-o-rama.

1940 days ago


Didn't she turn Michael gay?

1940 days ago


I think that a lot of "normal " folk, like Brooke, who loved Jackson had disappeared from his life at one time or another-possibly because they didn't condone his choices in life

or because when they voiced concern or disagreed with him, he dropped them from his circle of friends.

even his own family didn't see him all that much-and Deepak chopra wsaid on TV how Michael would drop him sometimes too when he spoke up about certain behaviours like the drugs

Michael was probably moody from the drugs and surrounded himself with YES people-which is what a lot of celebs do-sadly to their own detriment most times

Brooke shared a young life in the spotlight like Michael did-so thehad a tremendous amount in common in their early years
it's only natural that the family would invite her

and I'm sure she mourned sincerely for the Michael that she knew and loved-possible not the Michael that he had become-who wasn't recognizable (in behaviour and appearance) to many

1940 days ago


I think Brooke being their was wonderful. It said's a lot about her. Where was Ross, Minelli, lawyer friend's, Liz Taylor, ect. ect. ??????????? I don't buy any of their garbage about because of their grief they could not be their. Pleaseeeeeeeee !

What I found to be VERY, VERY sad about them not being their was that MJ would of been their for anyone of them in a heart beat. And because of it I think nothing of any of them. They showed me their true color's. Just a bunch of vain, shallow people is all they are. Heaven forbid you give of yourself to a friend who you say you loved. Yeah right..

I never cared for Brooke before so much. But her going and speaking at MJ's memorial said's a lot about her. She was true and it was from her heart. Thank You Brooke for being a part of MJ's service. And to all the rest of them I will not print what I think of all of you !!!

1940 days ago


Brooke was most genuine & sincere !! Of all of MJ's "close Friend's " I've listened to over the last couple of week's,( or the statement's they send out we had to hear read to us )
Brooke was the most genuine & sincere. As for all of MJ's other close friend's, Liz Taylor, Ross,ect. ect. shove your statement's where the sun doesn't shine. Action's speak louder that word's or any statement's you have written for you. Shame, shame
on all of you !!!

Thank You Brooke for helping make it special for MJ. He would of been so proud of you and the courage it took for you to do.MJ would of been VERY disappointed & hurt in his so called friend's. But now where he is at he see's Liz, Ross, Ect. were never really his true friend's.They were only his friend's because he was rich & famous. He now see's them for what they truely are & were. MJ is at peace now.
Brooke showed she was alway's a true friend weather they seen each other or not in year's. A true friend never leaves.

A ture friend is at your friend's memorial come hell or high water.Hollywood & all the lawyer friend's showed us all what it is like to have a friend in hollywood. Most of them are a much of phoney's. No wonder MJ is no longer with us.

God Bless You Brooke !!!

1940 days ago


No wonder he left the rest of the clan in the dust. go to youtube and bring up smile by Michael and it will floor you compared to jermaines version.....WOW

1940 days ago


This speech was awesome! I knew they were friends, but I didn't know they were that close. I felt so sad for her and teared up with her.

I love Brooke Shields.. she is one of the most real people in Hollywood.

1940 days ago


Many of you ask why Brooke and others were not there for him at the trial. Neverland is not in Los Angeles. It is in Los Olivos in Santa Maria County. It's over a three hour drive from downtown Los Angeles. to the Santa Maria Courthouse. For working people, it just wasn't feasible for them to be there. Other than Katherine who wasn't working, other family members took turns going to the trial.

1940 days ago


Exactly. And who's to say they weren't supporting him in other ways.. like maybe a phone call to talk about it?

1940 days ago


Didn't she say it was HER favorite song - Not MJs?

1939 days ago
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