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Michael Jackson Burial Mystery

7/7/2009 5:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael JacksonWe've learned Michael Jackson's body will not be going back to Forest Lawn.

The body will go somewhere else pending final burial -- we don't know where that is. If a casket goes to Forest Lawn, it's a decoy.

We've learned the death certificate lists Forest Lawn as the responsible mortuary because the body was embalmed there -- but the rest is being kept secret.


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MJ Fan    

Michael never wanted to return to Neverland. He was in the process with a partner getting the property ready to sell. It as getting it's original name back, Sycamore Ranch. I stand behind my above post. He should have a big memorial where he is buried deep so he may rest in peace and a room should be provided where fans and family can come and pay their respects. Some place with easy access. Some place befitting the King of Pop. Where would he want to be buried? Neverland? NO!!! LA was his home and that is where his family is. Some place there perhaps a cematary section where all the Jacksons can eventually be laid to rest as their time comes. What do you think?

1931 days ago


Please bury Michael beside his Grandfather John in Alabama where the "run down " Grandparents place is .How private and a fitting place for him to be PRIVATE AND SECRET

1930 days ago


if he converted to islam it might be that he was buried in mecca city or medina city in arabia saudi or maybe in bahrein .

i want to know were my heroe is buried as soon as possible and please start releasing sacd ,dvd-audio and blu rays of mj

1929 days ago

Juvy Gomez    

why don't we just pray for him. Let him Rest in Peace...MJ must be so so so tired of being a SUBJECT of contorversy.

1928 days ago

SilverScreen Star    

My best guess...Michael's body is back at the morgue where the autopsy was performed. Appropriate storage facilities, safe and out of the way of the media.
My money is also on MJ's body eventually returning to Neverland. There is enough money in that estate the family can keep the litigation going until those who want to see it happen get what they want. (Perhaps following the death of Catherine Jackson who seems to be the one who opposes it the most.

1928 days ago


I think he died a Muslim, therefore will buried as one… probably in Bahrain far from the media!

1921 days ago

world ender    

glad to see this child molester dead. he was a wothless person, he was worthless. as far as him being the king of pop. he was THE KING OF POPING PILLS. now that he is dead all the little boys are safe. MY HE ROT IN HELL. it took death to keep kids safe from him, the corts could not do it because as OJ showed us any black person with money can get away with anyting from killing peole to sleeping with little boys.

1917 days ago

Geraldine Hughes    

Redemption: The Truth Behind the Michael Jackson Child Molestation Allegation is the book that proves Michael Jackson was framed in 1993. Geraldine Hughes worked for the attorney of the accuser's father and witnessed an elaborate extortion scheme, launched as child molestaton when MJ refused to pay their requested $20 million dollar movie deal. In loving memory of Michael Jackson, his family and children, help me clear Michael Jackson's name. Get your copy on and spread the word.

1902 days ago


Everybody saw how the body off Michael Jackson was transported to the staples centre from forest lawn,but did nobody saw what happend after the memorial where the body was taken?????

1900 days ago


Please tell me why the world could say bye bye to James Brown ( beautiful burial by the way) and MJ`s body is hidden away Is it not customary to be able to say "farewell" to a loved one. Did we really torment him while he was a life? Why did he not just stop being in entertainment if it was SO TERRIBLE?
So now that his family in gathering in the limelight, do they also need Demorol? What is all this about? Micheal used the press and the press used him. I thought what counted was to be in the "talks" no matter what. MJ was good business and he profited from it just as well! Give and take right? Well somethings hurts, yeah GUYS it is part of life. Somethings people say about me hurts me what! Some also say good things about me too! I wish we could see HIM for the last time, like James Brown, there is no reason to be ashamed or is there? Well is it the way it is!!!!

1891 days ago


Please keep your bad comments to your self. And respect Michael Jackson for the talented man that he was. And if anyone of you in this world has no fault then you cast the first stone.

1620 days ago
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