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SWAT Team to Escort Jackson Body

7/7/2009 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael JacksonWe've just learned law enforcement has launched a plan to escort Michael Jackson's body from Forest Lawn to the Staples Center.

The plan calls for a "heavy motorcade" with the LAPD's SWAT team as part of the escort.

There is also a contingency plan to helicopter the body to Staples if there's an issue of safety.

We're also told approximately 100 people will attend the private memorial at Forest Lawn -- mostly family members. After the service the plan is to follow the body to Staples.

Michael jackson Launch photos


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The same three losers posting their garbage non-stop. Must be nice not to have a job, huh.

1903 days ago


If L.A. is paying for this, for this circus, I am furious. We taxpayers better not be paying for the protection/motocade of a child molester. This is outrageous. Please write to the mayor, call the mayor and STOP this adulation, deification of a child molester and animal abuser, deadbeat, junkie.

The whole family is trash. He'll pollute Forest Lawn for eternity.

1903 days ago


It would be cool if they played the theme music from loud speakers.

1903 days ago


What an obscene waste of money and resources, not to mention an absolutely racist spectacle, i.e. virtually no whites, except for Justin Timberlake, who thinks he's black, This whole things turns my stomach. And can you imagine what an ugly corpse he makes? I mean, he wore a death mask while he was alive. Disgusting.

1903 days ago


#46 You need to seek some mental health seriously dude.

1903 days ago


SWAT? What a waste of tax payers money. What do they think? Someone's going to kill him? NEWS FLASH PEOPLE...He's already DEAD!!!

1903 days ago


Another wonderful use of taxpayer funds. If there was any question how the budget deficit came about, take a look at the stupendously idiotic wasteful decisions. These decisions will be remembered for a long time.

1903 days ago


Mrs Jackson better crack open her check book and pay the city of LA
for the cost of this sham. This could have done quickly and simply
soon after he died. A public memorial televised from MTV...

NOPE ...the Jackson's want a show to increase Micheal's commercial
value in death...



1903 days ago


One thing everyone needs to remember is that MJ was never convicted of these accusations. Anyone can say someone did something. Those people out there saying he did this are probably molesters theirselves. As far as his "makeovers", just about all of the movie stars out there have had surgeries and yet no one says anything about them. Shame on you who continue to convict this man. You are not the jury and you are not god to judge this man. You probably enjoyed his music growing up.
RIP Michael Those true fans will miss you and your music.

1903 days ago


Michael was NOT a child molester!! Stop the rude, jealous comments!!! He is a legend, an icon and he will be greatly missed. Yes, he was child-like and displayed bizarre behavior but the only thing he is guilty of is loving and giving way too much.

God Bless him and show some respect people.

1903 days ago

Michael Jackson    

Maybe, as a high point to the memorial, they will roll Michael over and allow one of his fans to greek the freak.

1903 days ago

R.I.P. K.O.P.    

This is a day to remember someone who transcended race, class, gender and nationality. The story of Michael Jackson is a uniquely American story.

1903 days ago


A SWAT Team???

This is NUTS!

1903 days ago


Michael Jackson was not a child molester. It takes weak men to criticize the dead when they can't defend themselves. He was found not guilty because the two "accusers" lied so that their parents could get huge monetery settlements. (which they took). If my child were molested, I would never take money, I would defend my kid and prosecute. Why do you think they didn't? Those people lied and ruined an innocent man's reputatation. What is wrong with all you people?
It is funny how wek-minded folks are so jealous and envious of other people's success, that we attempt to destroy them!

1903 days ago


If you weren't there when something happened, then don't say anything and don't judge either ( There are always two sides to the story). People should have a little respect for the dead. I love Michael and always will. My prayers are with him. For those who don't like him, he couldn't care less cos he is dead and we couldn't care less either cos it's not our problem.

1903 days ago
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