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Strange Jackson Coincidence

7/7/2009 12:42 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson signed his last will on 7-7-02, seven years to the day he will be memorialized and buried. Michael was the 7th in a family of 9 kids.

Michael Jackson Will


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let's consider just this:
1. This is clearly, without a single doubt, a win - win situation
2. Where's his dead body? Did you see it?

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. Rest in Peace Michael-you will be missed. And to all of you that keep saying the nasty comments about this man remember Karma will come back to get you-Michael Jackson was ACQUITTED of all charges regarding the child molestation charges-so when you pretend to know what you are talking about and sounding like an idiot-read up on it before opening your mouth.

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Michael Jackson (both 7 letters) was born august 29th (9-2=7) 1958 (1+9+5-8=7) and was the 7th child. He died june 25th (2+5=7) 2009 (9-2=7) 7 years after signing his will on 7/7/02. Strange huh?

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I don't believe this is a coincidence; I believe it was his calling. "This is IT", last show and will be bigger than ever, right? MJ died at the age of 50, in reverse order it's "5" as in the Jackson 5, numerical order is "05, signs his will on 7/7/02, seven years to the date of him being memorialized. It was his calling; he suffered enough in life and it's time for him to be free of his prisoned life that he lived in. It was his calling. We have lost the biggest star ever; we will always have music, but, not like Michael Jackson's, he was a genious in his industry and we can only hope that his children will receive the love and privacy from the media and allow them to live a peacful life so that they can be strong in this society we all live in. They are innocent the same with MJ when he was a child. Let's remember that his father wanted to live his life through his kids because of a lost musical career so he generated this family to bring in the $$$$ to get out of the steel mills in Gary, Indiana. I am from Chicago, and I can tell you first hand there isn't much in Indiana when it comes to jobs, not back then or now. So, Joe Jackson creates this plan to have a bunch of kids, blessed with Michael Jackson, God Giveth and Takes It Way when the time is right and for Joe Jackson to be exposed of his verbal and physical abuse towards his son Michael Jackson. If you look closely when MJ was a child, you can see the sadness and despare as well as fear during some of his child life performances. So, Joe Jackson, God gave you a gift and you destroyed the gift he gave you and Michael Jackson changed and became self-destructive, reclusive in his world of isolation. Joe Jackson, I hope you are happy, you remain to be a self-centered and gained person no matter what Michael has gone through; with your spectacle in the media promoting your new record label. That was a shame, so, I presume this was your big chance on the red carpet for you to become star since you were never there. it was all Michael..., you received your wish, it came true, but, at the expense of a child that God gave you and you lost the only son that had musical talent, a true humanitarian, provided help for those children that have cancer, gave them joy, allowed them to live a life of happiness before their final resting days. Then the media turns this into freaken circus based on false allegations because they want $$$$ too; it was a let get rich scheme and I am sure the truth will expose itself with the first kid that started it all and the second one lost to the story being completely false. When one has the abundance of money, evil is out there to destroy it, the demons are sent and to used humans in such a fashion. God takes away his suffering child and brings him back to the heavens until the next musical genious is born and it will not be any time soon. Rest-In-Peace MJ, I love you and you will never be forgotton.

1897 days ago


... movement at the Hall of Liberty at Forest Lawn... a bright red casket has existed the building and loaded in the back of a hearse... numerous folks are now walking out of the building and moving toward a large contingency of black vehicles.

1897 days ago


All are not coincidence, it's God's special plan on him and you and me.

1897 days ago


7 is spiritually considered the highest of numbers. it is said to represent God and divinity.

1897 days ago


additional info about transporting MJs casket... i will be via hearse in the procession. the helicopter staged near the Hall of Liberty is a Medevac helicopter in case something happened with those attending the private service.

1897 days ago

J C    

He must have been high on his Diana Ross fixationwhen He wrote that.

1897 days ago


This is way to weird !!

1897 days ago

remember REALITY    


1897 days ago

susan blackstock    

He can sign those kids over to anyone he wants. I want a DNA test done. Those are not his kids. Where is the curly hair? The black gene was lost somewhere in transaction. I am the Aunt of six great nieces, and nephews. On of there dads is indian and black, and the black gene pool comes out in the kids. You people are so ignorant. Michael hated so bad being black, he bleached his skin. made his nose so tiny that he didn't have the flared black nose anymore. The daughter PARIS, has blue eyes, that right there should tell you he is not he father. He had Prince Micheals hair bleached blonde when he was 5 or 6. Come on people thats cruelty, and that also shows how much he hated being black. You can morn a PERV if you want , but he facts are the facts. I am not ignorant to them like some of you idiots are.

1897 days ago


Actually he died 5 years to the date. however in numerology. 5 PLAYED A BIG PART OF HIS LIFE.

1897 days ago


7 is also a number of PERFECTION (which we all know he was a perfectionist.)

The meaning of seven reminds us that there is symmetry, reason, and order within the structure of the Universe. Even when things seem chaotic, there is a pervasive network of structure that is comfortingly consistent in its behavior.

1897 days ago
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