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The Stage Is Set for Michael's Memorial

7/7/2009 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The front row of the Staples Center is decked out with flowers for Michael Jackson's memorial today.

The Stage Michael Jackson's  Memorial


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Looks like Staples is gonna have a fine house party. Bring on the gin and juice, Al Sharpton, and some sweet hoochie-mamas.

Only a molester would be caught dead at something like this....

1935 days ago

P Brown    

Let's not pretend, shall we? He wasn't convicted because he's a celebrity!!

1935 days ago


There are a lot of uneducated and ignorant people leaving comments on here. First and foremost NO ONE is PERFECT. He who is without sin cast the first stone. Judge not or you will be judged. Do unto others as you want them to do to you. The case with Micheal was handled in court. Therefore if you understand law if he was acquitted of ALL charges then that means he was found NOT GULITY by a group of his peers. All of you ignorant people that continue to say dumb and stupid things have no clue. No one is perfect which includes Micheal Jackson and people who talk bad about him. Be respectful no matter what you think about him. He has passed away and his family is going through a lot. Do act like you are better than him, his family or anyone else. Those who keep leaving ignorant comments about the case with him and those boys let me ask this. Where any of you there? So how do you know he did that? If you had a brain you would stop and think about how Micheal NEVER had a child hood and thats the reason his actions seem somewhat odd to a lot of us. What if this was your family member? I am sick and tired of stupid and ignorant people thinking they are God, Jesus or The Holy Spirit and act as if they have a heaven or a hell to place people in. If you don't like Micheal cool thats your God given right but don't be ignorant about this. For every odd thing he may have done I can point out ten good things he did. If people came to your house and watched you privately I know you aren't as Holy, or good as you display you are in public. So unless you are Perfect and Blamesless SHUT THE HELL UP and stop hatin!!!

1935 days ago


Maybe some kid who was molested will burn the place down before the crowd is let in. We can only hope.

1935 days ago


I will watch the whole thing I grew up listening to his music and even though I never met him I will miss him much and his music.Rest in Peace u are a legend and u will forever live on through ur music and our memories.You will forever live in mine and my kids hearts.The tears I shed are for you and ur family.God Bless you,your family and especially ur children which was one of ur greatest accomplishments in itself.RIP Lori James

1935 days ago

cassandra, uk    

Can someone tell them to remove the floers it looks spooky, don't like to believe he's dead. Something tells me this thing is too big no one is really in charge. The death of any human being is not nice

1935 days ago


You know, now that I took a closer look, it does look kind of tacky...the floral arrangment I mean. And if Michael's casket is going to be placed in between,'s just looks, well, really bad.

The family could have picked out flowers in MJ's favorite colors and did something spectacular with them, know what I mean?

Oh well...

1935 days ago


Is that blue the same color TM z posted previously and the color of the interior of MJ coffin.

1935 days ago

R.I.P. MJJ    

It is sad that the only thing you people can say is he was a pedophile. He was proven innocent by a jury of YOUR peers. Case closed. Get over it. Michael was a kid in a man's world. He never had a crack at a real childhood. That is a sad idea in itself. Now he is free to play in the streets of heaven. He can play frisbee, toss a football, play hide and seek and host pajama parties without the criticism of people like you. I am sad he is gone, yet happy his soul has now been released from the harshness of this world. He has been called home and we all could only be so lucky.

Now, as far as the setup at the center, I don't care for the flowers too much either. I would have expected it to be a sea of flowers. But then again, that would be very wasteful considering there is not much you can do with them after it's all over. Perhaps allow the fans to take them and preserve them? I don't know if I'll be watching this today as it is becoming very, very painful to watch and I still can't take it all in. But I may,,,

r.i.p. MJ, we love you!

1935 days ago

Ms Carter    

RIP Michael..........


Ms. Carter

1935 days ago


Not convicted - not guilty - YEA just like OJ - right people!

1935 days ago

Hollywood's a Hazard    

What... No 21 gun salute?

1935 days ago


Are you kidding with the flower comments? Get a life or foot the bill already.

1935 days ago


all you losers crack me up!!!!!!!!! can not stand mj want the news off tv but yet you are on every sight you can find to watch and comment. who is sick here? i wish someone would follow u ppl and dish the dirt on you ! al your bad habits you have behind closed doors and you know who you are!!!! you ppl make me sick!!! now go watch something you care about and comment else where because you do not have any affect on us ppl with respect for THE LATE GREAT... MICHAEL JACKSON!! R.I.P MJ

1935 days ago


this looks cheap!!!! With all the over the top life styles of MJ they decorate like this............come on these flowers look like they came from a grocery store ....................

1935 days ago
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