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Debbie Rowe Breaks Down Watching Paris

7/8/2009 10:43 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Debbie Rowe didn't go to Michael Jackson's memorial yesterday -- but she broke down crying while watching the girl she gave birth to, Paris Michael Katherine, give a passionate speech to the crowd.

For some reason, she was watching the service outside.


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She is more than likely crying over one of her horses...her true loves.

And I agree with most here...fugly beast!

1879 days ago


Everyone cried when that little girl spoke-feel so bad for his children-Rest In Peace Michael

1879 days ago


Well I for one don't blame debbie for any of this . her roll was giving micael children, as i understand it ,thats what there agreement was., get married have a few children and then divorce. So she got some money out of the deal, so what! She held up her side , and now micael died way before his time.way before his time.!! If I were Debbie I would fight for my children also, i'm not saying they shouldn't be in the jackson's life, of course the should be . They should also be with debbie. The more people in a childs life , the more people they have around them who love them , the better off a child is. Lets not forget that Debbie is a human being with love and emotions, who gave this great guy a familey that michael so wanted. ,and now this great father has gone on to a much higher calling .debbie is the childrens mom, no one can change that, Lets just hope that she will be a great mom, and that all the jacksons inbrace her for the children 's sake. They all # need all the love they can get through this very dificult time in there life. . god bless you prince, paris and blanket !! may you all be blessed with love and support from all your familey, no matter what happens, the three of you must always put each other first, always look out for each other, the bond you share with your daddy will live on in your hearts and soul !! NOBODY CAN EVER TAKE THAT AWAY FROM YOU !! PEACE TO ALL DETROIT, MICHIGAN LOVES YOU!!

1879 days ago



1879 days ago


She is crying because she realized now that she is as fat as the horses she is taking care of!!!
Who knows what the hell else she is 'doing' with those horses.
She is either a lesbian or she is into bestiality, which one is it?
Lets have a poll on this!

1879 days ago


With all the ridiculous Michael updates on here, it's odd that TMZ hasn't even touched on the report of MJ trying to buy Octo Mom's children. Why is that?

1879 days ago


I vote she is into bestiality, I mean what guy on this planet would want to be with her?
The horses just think she is one of them,

1879 days ago


where exactly is the tv that she's watching in this pic that she's 'breaking down' (allegedly) in? Umm...better get a better pic than that....

1879 days ago


I also vote she is into bestiality.
What a sick , sick, sick twisted woman!!!

1879 days ago


You sold your chaild for money !
You must cry the rest of your life .
GÅ AWAY!!!!!

1879 days ago


Why is everyone afraid-of letting this woman have her legal right to see her children?
Seeing that little girl yesterday just affirmed to everyone that whatever she did, the girl is a good kid-so Rowe must have done something right.
Rowe wanted to see the kids-Jackson prevented it.
Rowe fought as hard as she could. When Jackson died, Rowe had LEGAL shared custody-that was the legal status.
Jackson was the one who didn't honor that.
Now he's gone. Maybe he was making a mistake keeping those kids from their mom, and maybe this was God's way of fixing that mistake, by getting him out of the picture.
Maybe those children are why Jackson had to go, Because he was doing wrong by them by refusing to let them see their mom.
That's all Rowe wanted-visitation. But Jackson would not allow it.
She never intended to raise them but now the situation has changed.
She deserves to SEE her children.
I hope that anyone who would prevent that gets the same fate as Michael.

1879 days ago

Karina from NY.    

Thye nastiest woman I have ever seen in my life is Debbie Rowe! Her show off crying watching MJ daughter giving speach will not help her get your kids back!

1879 days ago

Billy Buck    

So, to sum up what many people are posting here is- MJ was a victim. He was powerless over the situations in his life. I disagree with that sentiment.

1879 days ago



1879 days ago

A fan    

I am not a fan of Debbie, but I have been thinking that so far she has taken the high road and for that we all should be grateful.

Debbie could have called a news conference on the day Michael died saying she wanted the children, Debbie could have gone to any media ie TV, Newspapers,etc. that would have spoke to her and badmouthed Michael(like Deepak did) and said she wants the children, Debbie could have made a spectacle of herself and gone to the memorial.

But she didn't do any of those things.
Maybe we should all give her credit for that.

She did have the children for Michael, maybe if she hadn't he would not have been able to be a parent all these years. She let him raise them by himself too. Because she gave him his children, Michael had many years of happiness and memories with the children.

I do think Debbie has a right to wonder if Joe Jackson will be back in the house with the children, and maybe she could get something in writing from the court saying Joe will not be living with Katherine.

Again, I am not a fan of hers, and I don't think that she should have the children. But maybe we should be hopeful that Debbie will continue to take the high road, and will say she wants the children to be with Katherine if that is what Michael wanted.

1879 days ago
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