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Debbie Rowe Breaks Down Watching Paris

7/8/2009 10:43 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Debbie Rowe didn't go to Michael Jackson's memorial yesterday -- but she broke down crying while watching the girl she gave birth to, Paris Michael Katherine, give a passionate speech to the crowd.

For some reason, she was watching the service outside.


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I Love Rihanna    

Hey Whadda-Do you uneducated chimpanzee, you do know Michael Jackson had Lupus you insensitive imbecile! The medications used to treat lupus cause sterility, go look it up. Sterility means your sperm is not usable when making babies. He also had Vitiligo (the skin condition that gradually turned his skin white with blotches over-time), and he had a respiratory disease (Alpha 1 Respiratory Deficiency or something) which caused him to have to wear masks all the time (basically a Lung disease). But really anyways, would you want to try to have children when you know you have THREE autoimmune disorders that could genetically be given to them? He COULDN"T HAVE CHILDREN ANYWAYS BECAUSE THE MEDICATION FOR LUPUS CAUSES STERILITY. NOW GO BURN IN HELL YOU TROLL, AND DON'T RIDICULE THE DEAD!

1940 days ago


It's pretty obvious the family made, or at least insisted, that the daughter say something. They're desperately trying to get sympathy from people so they don't focus on his child molestation cases. Totally staged.

1940 days ago


Comme tous ceux qui l'ont vu et entendu !

Like everyone else who was watching and listenning Paris.

So sad...RIP and Michael...we love you and we love your kids .

1940 days ago


82. With all the ridiculous Michael updates on here, it's odd that TMZ hasn't even touched on the report of MJ trying to buy Octo Mom's children. Why is that?

Posted at 10:56AM on Jul 8th 2009 by jules


She's irrelevant news now. You're really gullible if you believe the words of any UK tabloid rags such as The Mirror and The sun as gospels. All she has to dread is that looming court battle vs. Allred and Peterson to decide on an appointed guardianship over the financial welfare of her children as she has squandered so much of the donated monies and paid interviews. She'll be back in the news again on July 27th unless her latest plastic surgery stunt at such a suspiciously convenient timing is going to end with another continuance.

1940 days ago

I Love Rihanna    

BUT anyways, what I'm saying, since LUPUS medication causes sterility, that is why he had to have a SURROGATE mother (Debbie Row) who went to the sperm bank (he paid her to do this) and have kids for him (He knew her anyways she was his dermatologist). There's nothing wrong with that. He may of not wanted to adopt kids like how some celebrities do it, because he wanted to experience witnessing the birth of children (like how a normal family would). When your sperm becomes sterile (because of many medications/ treatments hell even Chemotherapy causes it), then you'll realize how Michael Jackson felt, when he wanted to have kids, but couldn't because his medications for LUPUS, caused it. Lupus is one of the most annoying autoimmune disorders, now go read up on it before you come back here and troll. EDUCATION IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS, OTHER WISE YOU GET DUNKED ON BIZZOTCH!

1940 days ago


Yeah Debbie took the "high road"- when Michael died and the media went into a frenzy- Debbie's attorney(s) were all over it- Debbie's attorney(s) "claimed" Debbie was not sure if she would file for custody... Debbie took the "high road" by not attending the memorial yesterday BECAUSE THE MEMORIAL WAS FOR MICHALE'S FANS & FAMILY & FRIENDS.
Taking the "high road" doesn't serve any purpose when you've sold your children. I agree Debbie is the Biological mother and that alone will speaks volumes on the judges decision BUT it still does NOT buy her security into gaining the two children. The judge will decide and I am so glad that Paris spoke yesterday at the memorial- this little angel will certainly be heard in court when it counts.

1940 days ago


everyone is bashing her for ~selling~ her kids...but what about Michael...~buying~ his kids? I mean stop and think...why would michael pay off their mom to leave them alone when he said himself he cant imagine any child growing up without a mothers love (about his mom) there must have been a damn good reason so lighten up, im fairly certain we dont even know HALF of what went on, and quite honestly its none of our damn business!!!!!

everyone wants ppl to be so ojective and ~innocent until proven guilty~ about mj yet we turn around in the same 5 minutes and bash someone exactly in the way that makes us pissed about ppl who bash mj!! LIGHTEN UP PPL WE DONT KNOW EVERYTHING THAT WE THINK WE DO, OPEN UR MINDS AND STOP BEING HYPOCRITES!

1940 days ago


She is such a fat money grabbing low life cow. I was not that great of fan of M.J.'s but I liked his music. But this lady takes the cake. To sell your kids like that and be forced to stay away from them because of M.J. and MONEY, what a loser, She does not deserve those kids. They need to stay with the jacksons and maybe Janet can oversee their ruling father.
I enjoyed the Memorial yesterday and I think he was cremated and his ashes are with the family or spread over Neverland.

1940 days ago


I don’t care what nobody say’s, those children are Michael’s!!! Especially Prince Blanket, he looks just like Michael when he was a child, just look at those eyes and then that big round head. These children are beautiful and I hope and pray to God that they are all his seed so that the haters and disbelievers can SH** on themselves! Black people come in all kinds of shades and in the beginning the two oldest children looked like Debbie fat funky azz but now I’m starting to see that they are mixed and could be Michael’s.

You people need to stop, the kids only knew Michael as their father and that’s how it should be. The children are already suffering with the lost of their father so y’all need to stop this CRAP who is the daddy, y’all are not F**Ken Maury, this is not a show this is real and the children don’t need this SH**!

1940 days ago


Paris was very moving, even to me, a stranger. Can't imagine being her mom and hearing that. Feel for ya, Debbie.

1940 days ago


Irrelevant news? Hmm...MJ trying to buy Octo Mom's kids is VERY relevant actually. The fact that TMZ wouldn't even report on that is alarming enough. This is a GOSSIP site, and that is gossip. So why not report on it? Harvey is definitely on the side of the Jacksons. It's as obvious as anything.

1940 days ago


97. Is it just me or is it odd that the older brother, and only boy of his, didn't care to speak? We all know MJ didn't like little girls as much as he likes little boys. He didn't really look that upset either.....

Just sayin'

Posted at 11:13AM on Jul 8th 2009 by Iron Shek

Michael had 300 little boys sleep over in 1 year. No little girls. Just sayin'...

1940 days ago


She was crying becasue she saw the dollars fly right out the window. She sold her kids - need we say more.

1940 days ago


Prince was the only one of the three that appeared to not shed any tears. Not that he isn't grieving. Just noting that he appeared to hold himself well in duress. Looks like a handsome boy. Blanket looked so adorable and I caught him wiping the tears from his face. Poor baby.

1940 days ago


She should NOT ever get these kids. She has sold them for money not once but twice. She is a terrible example for these kids after having such a loving Father. Crawl back under a rock at your horse ranch that MJ paid for after you SOLD your kids, and STAY there!

1940 days ago
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