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TMZ's 21st Birthday Bash -- WINNER!

7/8/2009 2:09 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The tribe has spoken and Joey's drunken dressing skills scored him the $250 prize in TMZ's 21st Birthday Bash Photo Contest!

Birthday Contest pictures

** This week's contest is Pierced People so be sure and email in your best punctured piercing pics for a chance at the $250 prize and a secret gift from TMZ! **


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I Will Take Being Born White Any Day - Thats Worth Much More To Me, #6    

PLEASE show nipple piercings on chicks. You can do it - we won't tell the law. That's a very hot thang. That, belly piercings, and of course, tongue piercings just for those special moments.

But metal south of the Equator...oh, God no.

1910 days ago

Well Duh    

Do you ever notice how the winners always seem to be the main picture shown on the page?

1910 days ago


These contests suck!

1910 days ago


#1 that is wishful thinking.....try some "other" sites if you are that desperate. This picture sucked, and these contests are totally rigged. The "tribe" has spoken? More like this stupid pic guy's friends voted. I don't see anything new on this one except that he is wearing some girls

1910 days ago

R.J. Johnson    

$250 for that? Come on!

1910 days ago


The "Iraq Birthday" picture was in the lead to win, and she should have. This punk-ass 'voting' system is rigged. I demand a recount.

1910 days ago


Wow, Willamina...I think you need to chill out! It was clearly the best picture out of the 4 finalists. He won the contest fair and square. Deal with it!

1910 days ago


some people are a little to serious about stuff like this !!Willamina you must be a 40 year old virgin still living at home..just waiting to just dawg these people if they win..nice work Willamina you got everyone.....your the man im sure you 21 st birthday picture was awesome celebs everywhere just partying have the best time ever not some guy holding a purse your right you probally had WAYY more fun.

1910 days ago


#10 LOL!! Thanks, I am not 40 but I will let you know if I am still boring when I get to that age. And for the record I wasn't trying to be serious about this, I just thought there were other pics that were funnier! Excuse me everyone for having an opinion!

1910 days ago


I have to agree with those who think that this picture was not the best choice. That's a purse?? I thought it was a suspender or something?? The whole picture makes no sense at all. Where does it even show anything about a 21st birthday?? I don't get it at all?? I agree that the Iraq birthday pic was the best!! I just do not get what is so funny about a guy holding up a mug of beer with a green shirt on?? I usually agree with most of the winners on these weekly pics, but this one just didn't make ANY sense at all??

1910 days ago


definitely the best picture, it makes me smile every time I see it. pictures with vomit were disgusting, not funny.

1909 days ago


WTF??? This was NOT the best picture. What is so special about this guy?? Maybe he has a lot of friends who voted for him, but come on... that picture could have been taken ANY DAY or weekend... and it could have, because he looks a lot older than 21..
IRAQ Birthday was THE BEST
Shame on you, TMZ...

1902 days ago

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