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Jackson Doc Was Under Investigation Before

7/9/2009 2:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Conrad MurryDr. Conrad Murray -- the doctor who was at Michael Jackson's home the day he died -- was once under investigation for an alleged botched surgery.

In 2007, Dr. Murray drained fluid from the heart of a 67-year-old Las Vegas patient. The patient died after surgery. According to the coroner's investigation report, his wife was told by one of the docs her husband's heart was punctured during the procedure -- so she complained to the coroner's office.

The investigation report confirms that, during Dr. Murray's surgery, the patient suffered a puncture to the right ventricle of his heart, which was eventually listed as one of four causes of death on the autopsy report.

We spoke to the family, who told us they wanted to file a malpractice suit but it was too expensive -- in part because pursuing that kind of legal action requires testimony from another medical expert, and that costs a lot of money.

Altogether, the suit proved to be too much trouble and the family stayed quiet ... until now.


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There is no statute of limitations on murder. That family may still get justice.

1927 days ago


For the family in Vegas, look for a malpractice attorney that will take your case on contingency. If you could not find that then, you will probably be able to now. I am now wondering if these are the only 2 cases that we know of. HOW MANY MORE ARE THERE????

1927 days ago


This is my theory... Michael was put out with the drug to sleep. When the doctor went over to bring him out of the drug induced sleep, Michael was already gone. I put this time at 11:25 am. After seeing no pulse, he spent the next hour cleaning up his mess, then he called 911 at 12:21 pm. Did you hear the 911 caller. He was too calm. "We have a 50 year old male without a pulse." Wouldn't you have been screaming for paramedics and not be so calm? Joe Jackson was on Larry King and I caught him saying, "Michael went to sleep on the drug and the doctor couldn't bring him back."

1914 days ago


on a personal note.. my uncle had a procedure on his neck performed in florida to remove blockage...... months later he did not feel good and decided to go to los angeles ucla center..... they found 95% artery blockage due to left over cartilage.... the los angeles doctor made the personal comment that who ever touched him in florida should not be doing this procedure....................although for my uncle to have a legal case ... he would have had to die and the blockage found during autopsy.....

Posted at 2:08AM on Jul 9th 2009 by anthony

Anthony, Whomever your uncle's laywer is/was did not know what he was talking about. He can sue the retards in Florida, a state with the CRAPPYEST health care.

1913 days ago


As to "flat-lined"....I actually WITNESSED my handicapped son's heart .."fLAT-LINING"! He was in ICU at the time....& a TEAM of medical PROFESSIONALS ...brought him back! It CAN be done...IF..there is SKILLED medical care .near by! IF the "DR" was in charge & RESPOSIBLE for Michael's life...WHY in GOD'S NAME...didn't THIS "DR". have it set up to have his room & IV EQUIPTMENT....MONITORED with ALARMS??!!
I also witnessed my handicapped infant daughter .FLAT-LINE ...because of medical staff malpractice....& I found HER..& ran & got the DR. out of the hall & threw him in her room! All they had was an AMBOO BAG....but it worked! It's HELL to witness this kind of thing....but you REACT! NOT play GOD!
I think Michael COULD have been SAVED! I ALSO think there are a NUMBER of people INVOLVED ..BIGTIME!
ALSO.WHY was there a clause in the contract with AEG .....that DIDN'T cover "natural death" on Michael....but did cover "drug overdose".for $17 MILLION DOLLARS???!! Hmm...& THIS man gave a "STELLAR" proformance the night BEFORE & PASSED a 4 HOUR medical test..2 months PRIOR???......UUUUH...I don't THINK SOOOOOOOO!.;(
Where there is MONEY......A LOT of it.......there will ALWAYS be....GREED = EVIL!
Let us NOT forget that the "good Dr. was OVER..$40,000.00 BEHIND in his own CHILD SUPPORT! Sounds like MONEY & LOTS of it was THIS "DR'S" AGENDA! Not his OWN CHILDREN......Much less..Michael's...........:(
I HOPE the autopsy will DEFINATELY PIN POINT the TIME of DEATH!! I think the "good Dr." will end up DEAD from "suicide"......??????I WONDER if HE has such a "clause" as AEG...??????

1913 days ago


What is worse, a famous person that is a drug addict that few will say no to... or a negligent Doctor that says "yes" to said celebritie's pleas for dangerous drugs?? What a sad, sick story... I say punish the Dr. and strip him of his medical license if accusations are proven in court. Manslaughter yes--intentional murder likely no.

And all relevant info/testimony/settlement info concerning MJ's possible pedophile activities should be made public. We all need to know whether or not this tremendous entertainer was incredibly naive or a actual pedophile. Hopefully, MJ can RIP.

1911 days ago


I tell you what, i think if a doctor were to treat Michael Jackson he'd have had an extensive check before being allowed anywhere near the 'King'. History and background checks and surerly if this story is true then it will all come out during the trial and Dr Death will be heading straight for a cell for a very long time. Something like this does not go un-noticed.

1651 days ago


I hate to break it to ya TMZ, but this is not news!

1650 days ago
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