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Jessica Biel

Unleashes the Hound

7/9/2009 1:12 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Can you spot what's missing in this picture? How about the leash around Jessica Biel's pit bull, Tina!

Jessica Biel
Though Jess held tight to Justin Timberlake's two boxers as she left Runyon Canyon yesterday, a third leash for her own pooch was mysteriously absent.

According to Pit Bull Rescue Central, the stakes are "always higher" with this kind of dog, and "while they may not instigate a fight, they won't back down from a challenge."

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his boxers are adorable, but look a tad overweight. oh well, i'd be too if i had a personal chef =) boxers are the best breed in the world, i have two myself. there are a ton of ridiculous comments people posted on the article. someone said "there are thousands of homeless dogs, why would anyone ever want 2 dogs?!" ummm... maybe because then there's one less homeless dog? i have 2 boxers and a boston terrier, and they light up my life. someone also said "she obviously didn't bring them water" i have 2 boxers, they always have their tongues hangin' out when it's even a little warm. i'm sure she brought water. as for the pit bull thing, any dog can be trained to be a good dog. pits have higher instances of biting than some other breeds because their owners don't train them not to bite. my best friend has a huge, solid, mean looking pit. he is a TEDDY BEAR. i sit on him, roll around with him, pull on him, etc... he would NEVER bite me. i do feel pit bulls may be naturally a bit more aggressive than some other breeds, but with training they can be some of the best behaved dogs you've ever seen. some said "you think pits aren't bad dogs, tell that to the mother of the mauled toddler." THE DOG WAS NOT THE PROBLEM IN THAT SITUATION. the owner was. anyone who knows anything about dogs could tell you that. pits are banned in miami? i think it'd do more good if they worried more about the illegal aliens, drugs, & gangs and less about the pitbulls. if pits are banned, violent people will just find another breed to teach to be mean.

1877 days ago


I dont belive jessica is doing anything wrong.. trying to classify one breed is completly wrong it would be like classifying one race which is even more wrong!! get a life!!

1877 days ago


The only reason people own Pitt Bull's is because they think it gets them attention. People with weak personalities love these ridiculously ugly ,dangerous worthless dogs. It doesn't surprise me that the likes of J.B. would feel the need to own one. What a looser A-lister wanna be.

1877 days ago


Pitbulls are mean, aggresive and unpredictable. The breed should be banished. Only those who have not had one turn on them yet are defending them.

1877 days ago


Jessica is way too much woman to be wasting herself on that little "boy band" twit!

1877 days ago


As far as I know people can have their dogs off leash at Runyon Canyon. Everyone does it. She probably doesn't have as much control over the other 2 since they are not hers, so she has them on the leash.

1877 days ago


Miserable/mopey looking broad, must be so tough having millions of dollars, that she can't ever smile or act happy.

1877 days ago

jenny mo    

Pit Bulls are more dangerous than other dogs. They may be no more aggressive, but they are more dangerous because if they get pissed off (which can happen with any breed) they can do way more damage. There is no way in hell I would risk owning one. Its too much of a liability. They are cute, though.

1877 days ago

Dog Luvr    

Runyon Canyon is an off-leash dog park. Frankly, I've never had a problem with a Pit Bull there, but I have had a couple of Weimaraners try to hump my Beagles!

1877 days ago


You having a no news day. Jessica always has Tina on a leash so I'm sure she put one on her.

1877 days ago


I used to have Pit Bulls, so I am no hater of the breed. But they often are aggressive with other animals and it is
irresponsible for her not to have her on a leash. Besides, doesn't everyone have to follow the leash law? Let them
get away with this, and before you know it they are getting massive amounts of drugs in other peoples names. Something
that you our I would go to jail for. Laws are for everyone, not just the great unwashed masses.


1877 days ago

to little    

I don't see one pit bull in that picture. I see what seem to be two boxers and a mut that doesn't have any pit in it

1877 days ago


I hate pitbull, bull terriers, staffordshire terriers and mixes of these. I have a 9 year old boxer, his brother died late February. boxers are the least aggressive breed towards humans. I don't care if statistics say that golden retrievers -or any other nice dog- are most likely to bite someone, pitbulls and the like kill. yes, kill. kill babies. BABIES. I read it all the time in the British press, and they are dog lovers. if you add that they allow any retard to own a dangerous dog, then it's wrong. why oh why there are so many retards who think having a dangerous dog is some symbol of status? the authorities should take away those dogs from said morons. yes, you know the kind I'm talking about.

1877 days ago


These are most definitely NOT pits... BOXERS are one of the best breeds to have!! Too bad people who aren't familiar with dog breeds get them confused because of their coloring and build... but who could mistake the friendly, wrinkled face of a boxer!!! :)

1877 days ago

Linda Mott    

It looks like she took the leash and made a strap for her purse, or the third dog is the agent for the first two and only has a 10% leash (collar) People should know better than to walk dogs without a leash.

1877 days ago
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