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Obama: Baby Got Barack

7/9/2009 8:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

While in Italy for the G8 summit, President Barack Obama checked out the, er, sights.


The Prez should know you never look back, only forward.


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Yeah Mr. President!! Do like the Romans do!!!

1911 days ago


Look at his left foot. It appears to me that he was moving and maybe going to pick something up off the ground. I've watched him when he talks to people, he's talking to someone outside the frame beside the girl and he's moving. There's a man's foot and shoe beside the girl. He's looking at whatever that is on the ground near the girls feet. He's not turned around far enough to be scoping booty.

1911 days ago

CALI girl!    

h there my name is celebutaunter77 im am a hick currently residing in the redneck hillbilly area of south side. i love to have intercourse with my relatives but above all i am a narrowminded conservative republican who loves to hate on those nonwhite folks. i belive that althou socialism has helped many countries and is in no relation to communisim i believe it is next to evil EVIL all socialists are dumb, as i a baby rapist white supremacist moronic beastiality lover wud say. dont mess with me! yeeeeeehaaaaaa im a stupid white hick, with no proper education, and do not know the actual meaning of socialism but choose to hate becaue it makes me sound BETTER THAN ALL YOU NONWHITES YEEEHAA I GOTS TO GO NOW I HAVE A DATE WITH MA SISTER!!!!

1911 days ago


i would be his taste tester on that one.

1911 days ago

blues fan    

LOL Dems are "Hippocrates"??? I believe the word you were reaching for was "hypocrites"!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1911 days ago


I ain't mad at the president. Must be hard having to look at that horse head wife of his , with massive over bite and size 15 shoes day in and out

1911 days ago


Ah did not hav saxual relations with that woman

1911 days ago


yeah, what a class act this guy is. we're so lucky.

1911 days ago


lol... thats a funny picture... but i bet he was telling her to watch her step.. didnt come out looking like that though... llol...too funny... hey i always tell my BF you can look but your ass better not touch!

1911 days ago


Hey now,,
I am glad we have a President who is not afraid to look..

Maybe He is More like Bill then I thought. He Should Be a Great President
Because Bill Clinton Was THE Best Since President Kennedy.......

Bill Could have WON again If He was allowed to Serve 3 terms..

I would Have LOVED to See Bill Debate W, It would have been a Slaughter. W would still be babbling ...

1911 days ago


HAHAHAHAHAHAHA THAT'S FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D XOXO

1911 days ago

Melanie Hoyle    

Haha, love the smirk on the other guy's face. :)

1911 days ago


Lets see his idol Jimmy Carter "sinned in his heart for desiring another women", Bill "The First Sleezer In Chief" we know "never had sex with that women"(Hilary that is No Monica); and Barak The First Wants to Taps Some EU Boot tah. I bet you Michelle "$6000.00 Purse/$2500.-- Afternoon Snack Queen" is going to tell her "Big Momma" who I swear lloks like Madea, ho is going to have a piece of the Big High Yellow BO

1911 days ago


Well.....everyone did say the Obama's were just like the Kennedys lol

1911 days ago

gaynel adams    

I love the look on Sarkozy's face.

1911 days ago
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