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Joe Jackson -- 'I Do Believe It Was Foul Play'

7/10/2009 2:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Joe Jackson continues talking to anyone who will listen -- and last night on "ABC News" he said he does believe there was "foul play" in the death of his son, Michael.

Joe Jackson: Click to watch
As far as drug use is concerned, Joe says he didn't know anything about it but said whatever Michael took he did so he could "relax and sleep."


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This man is in the dictionary under "FUGLY". He is foul, but EM did say something intriguing, that I've wondered myself: He did help make MJ who he was - but is that what an unbeaten, happy, healthy confident MJ would have CHOSEN for his life? Maybe he would have been happy, and unextraordinary, not an addict, not a pedophile? Who knows, right? BUT, there is no denying Joe is a low-life, sleazy, child beating slug. He needs to stay far away, Vegas is where he belongs amongst the dealers, pimps, whores, criminals and tourists.

1896 days ago


I dont wish death on anybody..but this man is a bit nuts to say the least.......maybe a coma is more fitting for him just for a lil bit

1896 days ago

Debbie B    

Looks like Daddy Jackson had an eyelift. And it would seem like Daddy Jackson is a media hound. 15 minutes is up.

1896 days ago

go away joe jackson    

He needs to change his Depends, get a bottle, and crawl back in his crib and stay there. Absolutely nothing he says has any merit with those who appreicate what Michael Jackson gave us and he obviously, at 80 years old, is at the end of the rope, barely hanging on. he's still chasing that dollar bill though, from a dead child who would have nothing to do with him.

1896 days ago

Ihma Khunt    

Yeah Joe, Bubbles the monkey did it for revenge, because Michael locked him up in a zoo. He escaped and injected him with a lethal dose of Diprivan.

1896 days ago

What the Hell?    

All about the $!

1896 days ago


He puts the "foul" in foul play! He shouldn't be allowed anywhere near Michaels kids!

1896 days ago

PJ Nelson    

Eeeep. Creep me out - now that is an abuser.

1896 days ago


PLEASE keep this evil away from those children. He will exploit them, too.

Sending much love and healing to Paris, Prince and Blanket.

1896 days ago


Like I said from the beginning, Michael never woke up that morning. I believe that whatever they gave him caused him to die in his sleep which explains the doctor performing CPR in his bed rather than on the floor when he reportedly (collasped). I think that the doc got there that morning and when he checked Michael and saw that he did not have a pulse he paniced. Instead of using a defiberlator he did CPR and then it took him 30 mins to call it in. If he was smart he wouldve cleaned out Michael's house before anybody got there. If you were giving him drugs and after all the money you've made off him they couldve at least have done that. I'm sorry but let me work for any of you and something happens while I'm there. I'm not gonna leave anything for people to tarnish your reputation around. That's just me.

1896 days ago


first off he says "foul pray",,,ignorant
secondly, he was out talking to the press and shaking hands out in front of the hospital within a few hours of MJ's death.

im sure lots of people can keep the kids together, feed them and make sure they get enough sleep Joe. he just doesnt get it. never has.

1896 days ago


Joe Jackson is a pig, and he will do and say anything to stay in the limelight. If anyone were to blame for MJ'S death, I think Joe Jackson played a big role, in the way MJ turned out in life. And he is the biggest reason MJ was such a mess emotionaly. Had he been a good father, maybe MJ wouldn't have made the choices in his life that he did, and maybe he may still be alive. If you ask me, Joe Jackson has done nothing but pimp out MJ and the rest his children, exploit them every chance he has gotten, and now since MJ'S death, he is doing the same thing.

1896 days ago


Oh Joe! Foul Play was you raising him! We shouldn't worry about you beating Michael's kids you're 82 now and i doubt you can beat your own meat!

1896 days ago

Think about it... You be the Judge...    

If anyone is responsible for Michael's problems in life, it only falls on one person..JOE JACKSON.

The only reasons Michael was medicating himself was because it was trying to forget all he went through as a child. In my opinion he was suffering from depression/anxiety brought on by PDSD . Years of abuse and no childhood.. My opinion only...

The plastic surgery was the only way he could escape his Father's abuse. If he didn't look like him then maybe the thoughts would go away. Poor Michael.. Even that didn't help in the end.
Michael and La Toya were the only one's brave enough to stand up to Joe Jackson and let the world know exactly what he did to them growing up.
He really has nerve to state, " Foul Play". He should have been prosecuted for child abuse and probably other actions against his children. ( My opinion only ) Michael made it quite clear, he didn't want his Father ( JOE JACKSON ) around his children.
It makes me sick to see Joe and Jermaine trying to get control of the estate of Michael. Joe is broke and Jermaine needs child support for 8 of his children. They want him buried at Neverland, ( a place he was trying to escape ) just so they can make money off Michael... just like in the past.. My opinion only....
Now here's a question? Just how many of the grandchildren does Kathrine have to take care on a daily bases? Joe and Kathrine's children have fallen on bad times and they need Michael's Money to take care of their family. That's probably why Michael only left a trust to Kathrine for the care of his three children.
Maybe the trust has rules on how Michael wanted his children raised. Home schooled.. Can you just see the craziness going on in this family now. They really need to be raised by their Mother , Debbie Rowe with the help of the Nanny. She needs to slap a restraining order on Joe Jackson ASAP to keep him away from the children. I bet, Michael is rolling over in his grave now, just thinking about what's going to happen with the most important treasures of his life... His Children.

GET THOSE'S CHILDREN AWAY FROM JOE JACKSON.... ASAP I wonder what Al Sharpen and Jesses Jackson would be saying at this time if: Michael was white and the children were black.. They don't feel like white people should be raising black children because of their history, so why is it ok for black people to raise white children. Are they going to be taught about their white history?

One thing I have to say about Michael is that he was very talented and very brilliant. He wrote his " Will " the way did because he knew that if any on his brothers or sister or his so called ( Dad ) contested it, his Mother would have to fight her own children. I sure hope.... this trust for Kathrine has rules for her to follow in the care of the children and only the care of his children.

The reason he made a point of stating Debbie Rowe is to get nothing, this way she can go after custody of her children if they were going to be used the children for financial gain by the Jackson family. She knew Michael well and she knew his wishes. The first thing she stated, " I want a restraining order to keep Joe Jackson away from my children". She knew what a evil man he was to his own children. Now he's talk about plans for Michael's children.... It's all about the Money.
my opinion only Michael wanted his children protested from the public and what do they do.. Put them on stage so the whole world could see them.. I bet Michael was looking down and crying.
The only way Kathrine is going to retain custody of Michael's children is to divorce JOE and I don't see that happening. After all she would scream at Joe about beating Michael, telling him he was going to kill him. Maybe Al Sharpen and Jesses should have a nice long talk with Joe Jackson about what he's done to his family. Instead of telling the public how wrong they are...

Poor Michael, maybe one day, he will rest in peace.
This is the true Man in the Mirror...

1896 days ago



1896 days ago
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