Jackson Docs Not Cooperating, Coroner Claims

7/10/2009 5:16 PM PDT

Jackson Docs Not Cooperating, Coroner Claims

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ two doctors who treated Michael Jackson have not been forthcoming with their medical records.

Sources say Dr. Arnold Klein and Dr. Conrad Murray have not turned over the medical records the L.A. County Coroner's office has requested. We're told both doctors have turned over some records, but the coroner's office has not gotten the complete file from either doctor.

And there's this ... We've learned a driver for Michael Jackson told coroner's officials shortly after Jackson's death that the singer was going to Dr. Klein's office multiple times a week in the months preceding his death and sometimes would spend 3 to 4 hours inside.

The driver told coroner's officials Jackson appeared disoriented when he left Klein's office. This is consistent with what a bodyguard told Santa Barbara County Sheriff's deputies in 2004 ... when Jackson left the offices of Klein and other doctors.