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Jon Gosselin's New Habit

7/12/2009 9:37 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jon Gosselin and his new +1, Hailey Glassman, enjoy a smoke while aboard Christian Audigier's yacht in Saint-Tropez.



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i think it's funny that ed hardy clothing was *sort of* cool until jon gosselin became the poster child for it. what a douchebag. it's not the fact that he's smoking, whatever, it's legal. but the fact that he and his haggard sig other are basically doing a family portrait for the paps. i understand that he's young and he got married and had kids young blah blah blah, but honestly, man up and grow the balls that i don't think you've ever had. oh, also, kate's in la right now. so as for the kids always being around at least one parent, unless all 8 of them are just chillin in some la bookstore with her (yeah right), then jon & kate's priorities have changed YET AGAIN.

1896 days ago


I think #4 is right on. What is Jon thinking? It's like you can't feel sorry for him anymore. Smoking??? That's the rebellious stuff you do when you are in middle school or high school...Not as an adult with 8 kids at home hurting!!! How can you walk away from 8 children??? He is a classic "stat"! Nice. Way to go Jon...Go home to your family and grow up!!!

1896 days ago


So you have a guy that has 8 kids, a nagging soon-to-be ex-wife, and no go-nads...Now you have the doctor's daughter who did Kate's tummy tuck, going out with the guy that has 8 kids and a soon to be nagging ex-wife...who is the losers in this whole mess, it the kids, because the kids have had their life on display how many seasons now and it seems to me the parents are enjoying the "good life". All the kids will have is a million dollar home to reside in...great parenting skills folks...Jon turned out to be an idiot just like his wife.....and life goes on without Jon & Kate minus 8....

1896 days ago


she should charge him with abandonment, and infidelity.. This man is a loser..... Men that cheat are such dogs, and women that break a marriage are cheap hoes..

1896 days ago


I hope Kate calls CPS! What a disgusting human being this guy is....a shameful excuse for a father!!

1896 days ago


WHO WANTS A MAN WITH 8 (EIGHT) 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 KIDS??????????????????????? AND AN EX-WIFE?????
W T F - No way! Stay with your wife and Kiss her A$$ - or whatever - who cares he's a moron and DONE!

1896 days ago


John go back to your wife and kids You idiot

1896 days ago


Ummm - she looks just like Kate in this picture...same expression and everything - the only difference is the hair lol.

1896 days ago


He's way too old for her. Isn't she like 19 or 20? Nasty!! He should've stayed with his family.

1896 days ago


So what the hell, now he's hanging out on yachts with fashion designers and young chicks? What happened to this guy? Those poor kids.

1896 days ago

So Disappointed_in_Jon_ and his mid-life Crisis    

Can we all say MID-LIFE CRISIS....grass is always greener on the other side Jon! In one hand you resent Kate and her style in trying to bring order to a large household and yet you are in kaos. You hate the media and yet you put yourself out there all the time for the media to find out what a dog you have become. No wonder Kate was frustrated with you. I am now beginning to understand Kate. At first I was not on her side, but the more I see you and your mid-life crisis way, I am starting to support Kate.

1896 days ago


Do you people even watch this show? Jon used to get up early and get the twins ready for school and make Kate's coffee before he
left for work. He came home at night and bathed all the kids and put them to bed. Kate was not a "morning person."
Kate has always had help during the day but it was not shown as it would be bad for her image on the show.
Why did not TMZ show Kate last week at the posh Beverly Hills Hotel for four days? Who was watching the kids? Probably the not-a-nanny, as usual. Why no nasty remarks about her leaving the kids?
Who looks the happiest with their mother or their dad? Is there a you tube showing Jon spanking a tup? No, just Kate
Is there a you tube showing Kate drinking water in front of Mady but would not give her any? Yes. Look at it.
Why are Kate's relatives out of her life? Why does she travel the country promoting the book that she did not write? Do you ever see her playing with the kids, reading to them? Why is she always sitting in the driveway where her picture can be taken?
You people need to get a clue. They are both selfish but Kate did give Jon permission to date last year as long as he showed up for the show and pretended like they were a happily married couple.

1896 days ago


hahahahahaha what a loser. he's smoking guys, look how cool he is. the dude's like 30 some and he's acting like a 13 year old "rebelling".

1896 days ago


Any woman who wants to be with him is crazy!! First he looks like a smurf with a bad hair weave, his hands are scary! Above all else, he has EIGHT kids to support!!!!

1896 days ago


dog eats dog. period. gross.

1896 days ago
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