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Jon Gosselin's New Habit

7/12/2009 9:37 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jon Gosselin and his new +1, Hailey Glassman, enjoy a smoke while aboard Christian Audigier's yacht in Saint-Tropez.



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what a dbag, like honesty. he disgusts me. those poor kids deserve waaaaaaayy better then that.

1926 days ago


LOSER...and I used to feel sorry for him...hangin with a 22 year old...grow up and take care of your family punk

1926 days ago


i think jonneeds to man up and take care of his! children instead of trying to hang out with a child im a motherof 4 and my kids come first not having fun with everyone eles you act so dum

1926 days ago


Jon's new show can be called "Jon and Whore Plus 4". Maybe if the children are lucky,he might try to think more about them and less about himself.

1926 days ago


Nothin' like some stained, rotten teeth and some stinky old smoker's breath to turn me on! This guy is really a sleeze bag! ...and so is his wife! TLC needs to get a refund on this group! False advertising in the worst way!

1926 days ago


OMG.He is soooo ugly anyways.Thats wrong what he is doiung.Throw thw book at his A$%^*

1926 days ago


Oh are 22 years old. What are the chances your new dirtbag boyfriend is going to want to have children with you? He doesn't look after the ones he's got! Good grief...Kate was raising 9 kids including Jon. No wonder she was such a B#@ch! Cut your losses Kate. Be glad the douche is gone and keep homewrecker whore away from your children! Not only am I done with their show but with TLC until they cancel it for good! I am done with helping them exploit their poor kids.

1926 days ago


Jon = Douchebag of the Year

1926 days ago


Now John thats a pic that all of your kids will be so proud of!!!!!!!!!! I was pretty sure when you so callously announced your divorce and declared "I'm only 32" that you were on the road to a tenny bopper wanna be. Now you have proven it by being seen with your teenage druggie girlfriend. You have no class, no morals and are probably one of the most vain men I've ever seen.. They are all better off without you!!!!!!!!!

1926 days ago


She looks like Jennifer Aniston playing Rachel on FRIENDS when they flashed forwarded to show what they could have become if life didn't play out the way it did. BIG hair - too much makeup - $$$$$ can't buy CLASS.

1926 days ago


You go Jon......just the DOG I always knew you were. I'll bet your new girlfriend's mom and dad are soooo proud! Yuck!

1926 days ago


Isnt that just that a respectible picture for a father of 8. Wonder what it is that he is smoking. What a douche is turned out to be. No wonder Kate was so mean to him, we dont know what he was like when he wasnt on camera. Shame on you Jon! I hope your children see all this publicity and see what kind of person you really are. You make me sick, and prior to all of this I was one of your supporters. Boy was I stupid!

1926 days ago

Elizabeth Rachel    

This is so sickening, that we put him in celebrity status. WOW America, what are we coming to when Jon Gosselin's whereabouts are posted rather than the troops over seas, sacrificing their LIVES not their children. Shocking that the only thing that they agree on is continuing to do shows, so they can get a ton of money from their children. It's wrong and gross that Jon and Kate are predominate than more important things. What a sad day for Christians, when this is a public example of a Christian. Sad, sad, sad day

1926 days ago


What a loser;(

1926 days ago


Wow it's a miracle she didn't have him lighting up a doobie. It's a shame that a man these days can leave the mother of their 8 children and just go on with life as if nothing has happened. It's no wonder he was distant, withdraw and moody. He's probably reliving his teenage years with the prodigal doctor's no good daughter. What a shame,I hope he knows that his kids will resent him when they get older. Do they not realize what this crap does to children??? Way to go Jon Gosselin you chose a real winner. Kate file for sole custody and let the loser try to grow up because it is highly apparent that he's thinking he's still a teenager..

1926 days ago
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