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Jon Gosselin's New Habit

7/12/2009 9:37 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jon Gosselin and his new +1, Hailey Glassman, enjoy a smoke while aboard Christian Audigier's yacht in Saint-Tropez.



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Look what happened to the last married man with kids to sleep with a 23 year old. Bullet to the brain and 3 more for good measure. I don't understand these men. I used to be on Jon's side because Kate is so unbearable but it's obvious now that it should have been called Kate + 9 because this guy is pathetically immature. Futhermore, does anyone really think he wants custody anymore? I'm sure he'd be happier leaving that burden to the Mother, as usual

1837 days ago

Team Anniston    

Maybe he didn't inhale

1837 days ago


jon is smokin it up while his ex is looking after his kids whatta a dumbass

1837 days ago


Jon is the loser in all of gosh, that girl is NOT EVEN cute...I guess she has hidden talents that attracted him...What a mess, Such a mess from such a beautiful family for both Jon and kate to THIS ???? and then to pick up these horrid bad habits that yes ,his kids will even two, Jon and kate get real......straighten this mess out.................

1837 days ago


Monkey see....monkey do. Jon doesn't even know who he is anymore.

1837 days ago

Pat Gibson    

As for the reference to the "rolled cigar" in the mug pictures of Jon's new's a blunt! John has more than one new habit and good for him. Could take several habits to make the years of Kate's bitching at him go away. Live for today! and 420 Jon minus Kate plus whoever this week's babe is.

1837 days ago



1837 days ago

Pat Gibson    

And by the way...speaking from someone who has been married to the same man for 30 years. I don't have 8 kids, just the two, but I can tell you this much, you ride a man that hard and who could blame him. Kate's been calling all the shots thus far and poor baby, she picked the WRONG ROUTE...Nagged that poor guy into the ground. I have watched all the shows and it was sad more than once how she completely disregarded Jon's feelings, and publicly humilated him. She needs to work on Kate...chill out, and learn not to sweat the little stuff. This comes from a mother of 2 soldiers and we are currently wrapping up our 4th deployment. Let the little things go, put the bulk in God's hands, and do your best and be happy with that! That doesn't include ragging on your husband evern 5 minutes for things such as the way he breathes. Sheeesh. Cash those checks Kate and snuggle up to all that money. :o)

1837 days ago


This makes me sick Jon I do not know how you can live with yourself. Will these stupid men ever wake up. Look at the football player who wanted more than he got at home and then the girl friend kills him. They always think the grass is greener and then in the end it is the KIDS that pay the price for their stupidity. WAKE UP JON. What happened to your faith, what happened to councling, what happened to your kids. Do you think they are not seeing this or if they are not know they will one day. WAKE UP YOU FOOL.. I hope it will be worth it. I am sick about it, just sick. Those sweet children. Their whole world has been riped apart because their dad does not want to keep it in his pants and he thinks doing what he is doing is better. YOU CHOOSE TO HAVE THOSE CHILDREN, YOU DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO WALK AWAY> YOU have to earn the right to leave and I do not think you have done everything you could to make it work. You make me sick... Kate may be a tough women, but she sure is a better parent than you. SHE DID NOT LEAVE HER KIDS. I will pray for you cause you need lots of prayer I will also pray for Kate and those beautiful children you choose to leave so you could go off and have fun.. Hope it is all worth it in the end.

1837 days ago

Mary Ann    

So disappointing. He has 8 children to influence - and he's acting up worse than any of them. He make Kate look like a saint.

1837 days ago

Berkeley Liz    

Jon is a FREAKING DIRTBALL. This picture has totally changed any good thought about him as a father. If he TRULY is focused on his kids then he shouldn't be dating right now. He should be focused on taking care of the kids and finalizing his divorce. Who would want to date a LOSER, DEAD BEAT DAD WITH NO JOB AND 8 KIDS? The 8 kids should go to Kate's custody although she is more authoritative because at least KATE HAS HER PRIORITIES STRAIGHT and works to provide for her kids to the best of her ability and is just stressed out of her mind since Jon isn't very helpful in fathering the kids or being a good role model.

Even though Kate shouldn't have treated Jon like a mule sometimes, Kate had always love Jon. Jon should have tried to work at fixing the marriage by going to marriage counseling.

Christian Audigier's attempt to capitalize on a failed marriage of parents with 8 kids is DESPICABLE.

The girlfriend is a home wrecker. 5 years ago after Kate got surgery, this girl was STILL in HIGHSCHOOL. Jon is bordering pedophile/cradle robbing. He has to date younger girls because no self-respecting woman would date a LOSER like JON. And worst of all he makes Asians look bad because real Asians puts family first and are better role models for their kids.

They are smoking because they are too broke to afford food and trying to lose weight. Well when they get lung cancer, they deserve it for being dumb douchebags.

1837 days ago


I cannot believe that TMZ is giving such attention to this guy who is a NOBODY and do not give the importance that Michael Jackson's death deserves, THIS JON GOSS... IS A NOBODY

1837 days ago


You say its all about your kids Jon, but right now it looks like its all about you.. GO HOME TO YOUR 8 KIDS!!!!!!

1837 days ago

Sandy Mac    

How very sad that both of these parents feel the need to "find themselves" at the expense of shirking their parental responsibilitites. They might find out, though, that the grass isn't always much greener on the other side of the fence. It does sicken me to see what is happening - especially to watch Jon in his womanizing. Yuk. He SHOULD be home with his family, and both should be trying to save their marriage. Where has Dr. Phil been in this situation? Did they even try counseling? Wonder if it is true that Kate stepped out too. In any event, seems like fame has gone to their heads.

1836 days ago


jon is such a douchebag! kate may be a control freak, but at least she's not out tramping around in public!!!

1836 days ago
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